Can Jealousy Ruin Friendship

Laura is just starting her year as a freshman is high school and she's finding it pretty hard until this sophmore guy called Harry comes into her life by just one accident. They become really good friends, but later on not just friends ;) Harry also has 4 best friends: Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall. Harry and Laura start seeing each other almost every day and things lead to another.... Until one day Harrys best friend Niall falls in love with Laura and tries to get closer to her. How will Harry react if he finds out?

If you want to find out more start reading this movella what are you waiting for? But just warning you there are some inappropriate things in this fan fiction so if you're under 12 you probably shouldn't read this :)


13. What Happens in Detention Stays in Detention


 Laura's P.O.V

Finally the day was over and I can have the rest of the day just for myself and Harry of course. Wait and Panna too. I can't forget about my best friend now that I have a boyfriend. Wait shit! I forgot I have detention this afternoon after school which is now. SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! And just when I thought I could have some alone time with the people I loved, but no I have to have stupid detention just because I was late for 5 fucking minutes. My thoughts were interrupted by my boyfriend.

"Hey there. Ready for our detention?" He asks looking at me with his beautiful green eyes. It's like someone can get in lost is them, they are just that pretty. OMG I think I just got lost in them. Lord help me. Actually I take that back don't you dare help me I'm perfectly fine.

"Umm hello is anybody there." Harry says jokingly waving his hands in front of my face, as he realises I was starring into his eyes for a few seconds now.

"Oh yeah I'm fine. It's just that I got lost in your beautiful green eyes." I say still looking into his beautiful green eyes as if I was hypnotized. Again.

"Well thank you. I can say the same thing about your eyes except that yours are way more prettier than mine." He says flirtatiously as usual but I like it. In fact I like it a lot.

"So you ready to go to your first detention?" He asks nudging my elbow.

"Yeah of course I am. It won't be that bad like in some movies, right?" I ask curiously before entering the room C17.

"No it's gonna be fun. especially when it's only you and me there. Oh and the stinky guy. I need to get rid of him somehow." He says as we enter the room.

"Sit down and be quiet. This detention is for a hour and you better not talk. I will come back in a hour to dismiss you, and if anyone is missing I will be giving them double detention. Understood?! And no TALKING" She says almost shouting.

"But how can she know we are or aren't talking when she's away, this is so stupid. I whisper into Harry's right ear.

"Quiet there the two of you. Mrs Murkova just because you're new here doesn't mean you can do what you want. You better follow the school rules or you'll be having double detention! Understood?!" She says as she walks away, I'm not even bothered answering her back. And by the way I should seriously work on my whispering skills. 

"Pssst Hey you." Harry says across the room to the other guy in the room.

"Who me?" Says the guy (I'm guessing is the stinky guy Harry was talking about earlier) in a surprise that Harry was even calling him.

"Yes you dummy, who else would I be talking to. Anyways I will give you some advise but not to offend you ok? So I advise you to shower everyday and brush your teeth like once or twice a day. Use deodorant please and shave. Now these tips will get you a girl trust me I know. Since we're talking about girls can you please pretend that you have a upset stomach so you could go to the bathroom and leave me and my beautiful girlfriend some privacy. And could you please be away for the whole entire hour. It would mean a lot to me mate." Harry said to the guy. When he said 'my beautiful girlfriend' he looked at me which was really sweet and to be honest it made me blush a little.

"Ok sure what ever you need. Thank you for the tips by the way hopefully I can follow them. He says exiting the door to the hallway.

"So what now?" I ask 

"This." He says before leaning in to kiss me passionately. Wow and I thought that the kiss we had yesterday was passionate but this.. this is passion. Harry's leading the way with his tongue. His tongue is searching through my mouth and I'm enjoying it. And then next thing I know he's taking off his shirt. His abs are just amazing. He started unbuttoning my blouse and things lead to another and we were both naked. (We obviously locked to door, you know in case) When you think Harry Styles is hot with clothes on gurl you should see him without any clothes on.. actually don't he's mine not yours so BACK OFF!

Anyways I knew he wanted to take my virginity and so I let him. He pushed me on the desk and slowly got inside of me. Oh the pleasure I had was  indescribable. He started kissing me while moving his hips up and down. I had to let out a moan and so I did, and as soon as Harry heard it he put his hands over my mouth so no one can hear us. It was just so amazing I wish it would last for ever. All of a sudden I feel like something exploded in me but it was just the reward of the please Harry was giving me.

After he was done he wrapped me up in a blanked and we laid on the ground. He was most deffinatly prepared for this. He tried to make it as romantic as possible since he knew it was my first time and he tried to be gentle. And all those things he said to me during the sex like "if you want to stop I'll stop don't worry" and all those things in case I wasn't secure enough about it.

"It was amazing." I say still panting.

"Yeah it was, and I'm glad you feel the same way." He says turning around that we are face to face now.

"We have 15 minutes left., let's make the best of it." I say as I kiss him again with my tongue as passionately as I can and we resume the sex. Today was probably the best day of my life and I wasn't even expecting it.

*15 mins later*

"Well time is up." I say looking at the clock.

"Yeah I guess you're right."Harry agrees with me.

"Well thanks for the fun time." I say putting on my clothes.

"No problem any time for my wonderful girlfriend." He says smiling.

"Well call you later than." He says before the teacher comes in with the stinky guy. ( She knows that the guy has a excuse to leave the classroom by the way)

Harry's P.O.V

Today was the best detention I ever had and Laura had fun too. I wish this could last for longer but the time was up and the teacher came back and so I told Laura I will call her later. I can't believe I'm dating this wonderful girl. I'm like the happiest man walking this earth.

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