Can Jealousy Ruin Friendship

Laura is just starting her year as a freshman is high school and she's finding it pretty hard until this sophmore guy called Harry comes into her life by just one accident. They become really good friends, but later on not just friends ;) Harry also has 4 best friends: Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall. Harry and Laura start seeing each other almost every day and things lead to another.... Until one day Harrys best friend Niall falls in love with Laura and tries to get closer to her. How will Harry react if he finds out?

If you want to find out more start reading this movella what are you waiting for? But just warning you there are some inappropriate things in this fan fiction so if you're under 12 you probably shouldn't read this :)


24. The Note


Laura's P.O.V

As the cold breeze hits my face I slowly creek my eyes open and I realise that I'm laying on my bed in my PJ's. Wait what? As I remember last night, Niall came over because I got mad at Harry after I saw him kissing that random girl. We started watching the Titanic but as we were getting to the middle part I drifted off to sleep on Niall's chest.

God how the fuck did I get from my party dress to my PJ's? Did Niall undress me or did I sleep undress myself. Ok this sounds weird. I'm just going to stop thinking about this and ask Niall myself. 

Wait where's Niall? As I turn my face to see where Niall was he was nowhere to be found, but there was a note with a rose on it laying in his place. I slowly picked it up and put the precious rose on my bed side table. 

Dear Laura,

I didn't want to wake you since you were sleeping so peacefully. I don't want to cause trouble between me and Harry so I decided to leave. But don't worry, I still enjoyed last night, wait that sounded weird. I didn't mean it that way sorry if you thought of it that way. What I meant was that I enjoyed watching the Titanic with you while you cuddled with me. Anyways, hope you have a great weekend call me if anything happens with Harry or you need a good friend to talk to because I'm here anytime you need me.

Love Niall xx

That was sweet. But what did he mean my not wanting to cause a fight between him and Harry. I mean Harry's the one who cheated not me. Plus me and Niall didn't do anything but cuddle and watch the Titanic together. Shit. that sounded like me and Niall were a couple. Fuck.


A/N: So sorry guys that I didn't update in a very long time. It's just that I was quite busy this week and I'm going to watch This Is Us today which is really exciting. Anyways, I know this was a short chapter but I hope you like it. write in the comments below on what you think will happen. Love you guys loads.



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