Can Jealousy Ruin Friendship

Laura is just starting her year as a freshman is high school and she's finding it pretty hard until this sophmore guy called Harry comes into her life by just one accident. They become really good friends, but later on not just friends ;) Harry also has 4 best friends: Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall. Harry and Laura start seeing each other almost every day and things lead to another.... Until one day Harrys best friend Niall falls in love with Laura and tries to get closer to her. How will Harry react if he finds out?

If you want to find out more start reading this movella what are you waiting for? But just warning you there are some inappropriate things in this fan fiction so if you're under 12 you probably shouldn't read this :)


22. Lets Get The Party Ended Part 1


Laura´s P.O.V

I was just in the middle of a steamy dance with Harry when all of a suddden Harry said that he needed to go to the loo. I said ok even though I wasn´t familiar with the word loo but I guess it has something to do with maybe hunger or thirst. Anyways it has been like  minutes since he left of the the loo, or however you say it in a sentence, and so I decided to go looking for him. I was looking for a long hard nasty 2 minutes till I found him...and a girl...making out...

Wait WHAT?? I didnt understand. I thought he liked me only me.. Or maybe Im going crazy.. I hope I am..





I cant stop the tears from coming. And the adrenaline is now everywhere. Ok I need to calm down. And of course the place I go to calm down is the bathroom.. where else. As I open the door and I see Niall in front of the mirror.

"Hey" He says and then continues "Whats wrong?" He could obviously see that I was crying since my face looked like I borrowed the clowns face and never gave it back.

"Oh nothing.."

"I can tell somethings wrong, so please tell me Im your friend." Niall says and shifting his head towards the toilet showing me to sit there.

"I saw H-H-Harry with another g-girl.." I stumble a little bit at some words.

"OMFG IM GONNA KILL HIM" Niall says nearly shouting.

"No its really nothing Niall." I say trying to calm him down a bit. It worked because after that he said: "Ok well let me at least take you home."

"But what about that girl you were dancing with earlier?"

"Mira? She isnt that nice as I thought.. She called me a asshole when I mentioned you.." He blushed a little.

"Oh, and what did you say?" I ask out of curiosity.

"Oh nothing. How about that ride?" He said trying to change the subject. Typical guys...

"Sure. I bet the others are pretty drunk so they wont be giving me a ride home any time soon and I forgot my wallet at home." I say taking his hand as he reached out for me.

He dragged me throught the drunk and sweaty crowd almost like a lightning.

"Lucky I didnt drink." Niall says opening his car.

"Yeah true." I say hopping into the car. After I said that Niall started the engine and off we went.


A/N This is the end for part 1. I will put part 2 tomorrow and hope you will enjoy that as much as you enjoyed this (Well I hope you enjoyed this one) I know this seems short and I wanted to put this into one chapter but I am really tired today and so I decided ill split it into two parts.

I am also on another laptop and so I dont know where certain things are thats why I dont spell the grammar correctly but I will get my own laptop back soon and I will write from there. Until then, BYE GUYZ AND ENJOY YOUR NIGHT...OR DAY... WHEREVER YOU ARE :) *Oh and Im gonna start doing authors notes because someone told me its better to do it so I might aswell. See yah*


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