Can Jealousy Ruin Friendship

Laura is just starting her year as a freshman is high school and she's finding it pretty hard until this sophmore guy called Harry comes into her life by just one accident. They become really good friends, but later on not just friends ;) Harry also has 4 best friends: Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall. Harry and Laura start seeing each other almost every day and things lead to another.... Until one day Harrys best friend Niall falls in love with Laura and tries to get closer to her. How will Harry react if he finds out?

If you want to find out more start reading this movella what are you waiting for? But just warning you there are some inappropriate things in this fan fiction so if you're under 12 you probably shouldn't read this :)


18. Good Morning.. More Like Good Afternoon.


 Laura's P.O.V

I let Harry sleep over because well I love him and I wanted him to keep me company. After he finished singing last night, (by the way he has a amazing voice!) we watched 'The Notebook' and we snuggled the whole night. Words can't explain how wonderful it was! Anyways as I woke up I look next to me and Harry is still sleeping, so I decided I might just make breakfast for the both of us. 

As I make my way down I bump into my mom.

"Hey mom, how was work last night?"

"It was boring and long. Wait you never ask me about my work..What do you want?"

"Nothin it's just that I let Harry sleep over here again last night and I just don't want you to be mad. I wanted to ask you last night but I figured you were at work and I didn't want to disturb you. After all you're a really good worker."

"Ok it's fine. But tell me about it the next time ok? And by the way when is the party?"

"It's today at like 7 p.m. I was thinking to get a cab there with Harry."

"Ok sure, that's actually better for me because I'm tired and I want to rest."

"Ok you go have your rest."

"Now if you don't mind I'm going back to bed. Bye honey."

"Bye mom." I say as we both go different directions.

Today is going to be a wonderful day and with a wonderful day comes wonderful breakfast. "Hmm what should I make for breakfast?" I say to myself as I open the fridge.

"Maybe something good and tasty." Says Harry from behind me grabbing me and kissing my neck softly. Oh that feels so good.

"Oh hello there Mr. Styles." I say flirtatiously.

"I love it when you say that. It turns me on."

"And you know what turns me on?" I ask as a cheeky smile grows on my lips.

"What?" He says curiously.

"This." I say before passionately kissing his soft warm lips.

"Now where's that breakfast of mine?"

"Patience boy, patience." I say as we both let out a laugh.

"Listen is your mom ok with this?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well me sleeping here and stuff."

"Oh yeah she is. I just bumped into her when she was coming from the bathroom and she said everything was fine but that next time I should tell her about you sleeping here."

"Ok good. Now where's that breakfast? How many more times will I have to say this before you make me breakfast?"

"Oh right, I'm sorry."

"Good. So I want scrambled eggs and bacon on the side. Oh and some orange juice freshly squeezed please."

"Who do you think I am? Your personal cook. No all you're getting is scrambled eggs and toast."

"Arggg fine." He moans as he slowly approaches the chair.


"Here's your breakfast Mr. Styles." Oh thank you my lady.

"So when are we going to the party?" I say asking curious about when I should get ready.

"About 6:30 p.m. What time is it by the way?"

"It's 1:45 p.m" I say looking down at my phone.

"Wow we slept for a long time."

"Well obviously, it was so cozy snuggling with you."

"Yeah it was I enjoyed every minute, every second of it." He says as we both smile at each other.

We calmly finish our breakfast. While eating breakfast we talk and talk. Trying to get to know each other better and better. I found out a lot of interesting things about Harry, and he found out a lot of interesting things about me. Wow this boy is perfect.

Harry's P.O.V

This girl is amazing, and she cooks well. As we were eating breakfast we talked and talked, and I found out a lot of interesting things about her and she found out a lot of interesting things about me. Wow this girl is perfect.


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