Broken Mirror

Cassidy Reese is a normal fourteen year old when disaster strikes,her mother dies. The government doesn't allow Cassidy to stay with her uncle Matt so she has to stay with her alcoholic,abusive father. She's not standing for it though. She makes a run for it. She collects all of her stuff and goes onto the street. She busks until she meets an old childhood friend, Niall Horan. She moves in with him and his friends. But her father starts looking for her,will he find her?


1. Chapter 1



No shouting.




Why isn't she calling me?




I climbed out of bed and turned the alarm clock off. The house was silent,only mum and me lived here but it would still be loud,the radio would be blaring. But nothing.




I walked across the hallway,the door was still closed. A rotten stench swarmed around me.




I opened the door,there she lay. I bent down to the floor and brushed her golden hair out of the way,spit was cascading out of her mouth,blue eyes wide open. Her face was freezing,no movement,breathing. I sat down next to her and stroked her hair. No,she's not gone,she's not. She can't leave me,no. Not now. 


"Stay with me please,I need you."


I shut her eyes in a sign of respect and wiped my tears. I grabbed my phone and called my Uncle Matt,we're so close and he's always there for me.




"She's gone."


"I'll be right round."


Him and me both knew this was coming so it wasn't a shock,the miscarriage,divorce,abuse. She was strong but we knew she wasn't strong enough. We did what we could to help her but she broke I guess.




"Her addiction to drugs led her to overdose and I guess she couldn't handle it,I'm sorry for your loss." 


I nodded. What will this mean? Who will I stay with? Not my dad,he's a recovering alcoholic and used to abuse mum,she never went to the police though,she was as tough as steel. Well,we thought anyway.


"Would you like to see her?"


A nurse knelt down next to me,I swear I would've choked on her perfume if she didn't move away. I nodded and she led me and Uncle Matt to the room where she was.


She looked so beautiful even though she was stone cold. I never got her golden brown locks or baby blue eyes,I got my dads dull brunette hair and green eyes. I engulfed her tiny hands in mine and sat next to her bed. She believed in this man,God. She said he took away people when he needed them he doesn't need her though! I do.


Stupid bastard doesn't need to take her now. Her and Uncle Matt were the only ones there for m,I guess I only have Uncle Matt now. Fuck sake,why does it all happen to me? What have I ever done to deserve this shit? I blinked away the tears threatening to spill and stepped outside the room.


I get these disgusting looks,an abuser of a father and now,no mum.


"I have important news Cassy."


I looked up at my uncle,his eyes full of sorrow and guilt.


"They won't let me stay with you,you have to stay with your father."


My breath hitched,no. I need to tell them about the abuse!


"I'm so sorry,I tried as hard as I could to get custody!"


'Whatever you do or whatever happens you have to promise not to tell anyone'


Mum's words flew around in my mind,I promised.




I can't break promises. I stood up,Uncle Matt was talking to the nurse finding out what happened to mum,this was the perfect moment. I ran,far away from the hospital. Towards home.





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