It was only yesterday

Wiley winterhood was always friends with Justin Bieber until he left her to be famous but then Justin comes back. What will she say when he figures out she erased her mind from everything they ever did together to be best friends with someone else. Will he try to get her to remember everything they did together or will he just have have to let her be happy with someone else. That's a mystery for you readers to figure out!


13. Who's She?!?!



Zayn's P.O.V.



I was chilling with my sister when the doorbell rang. "Mum the door!" my sister and I both hollered from the living room. "Zayn can you get it I'm busy!" my mum replied. So I got up and opened the door. "Oh Zayn, hi! How are you?" my sisters friend Tess asked. "H-hi Tess I'm good, want to c-come in? It's a surprise to see you!" I said nervously. "Hmm I wonder why because you see her everyday??" My sister teased. I looked at my feet and could feel my face turning red. My sister was the only one that knew I had a crush on Tess. "Yeah well I'm gonna leave you girls to it and uh head to my room." I said scratching the back of my head, "Tess I'll ring Liam for you."

*****end of flashback*****

I woke up with sweat running down my back; trembling with fear. Why was a thinking of Tess? As far as I know my sister doesn't even know her still. I shook it off and got up, and went into my bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. Wiley left a huge bruise. SHIT Wiley I need to talk to her. I felt stupid because earlier. I ran to my bed and jumped on it like a little kid, like when I was with Tess.

Wiley's P.O.V.

My phone buzzed against the wood on my dresser. "What the hell is that?" Harry asked angrily, covering his ears with his pillow. I grabbed my phone and saw Zayn calling me, what does he want? "Nothing babe it's nothing." I said getting out of bed and walked to my living room. Looking at my phone I slid the 'slide to answer'. "Wiles is it you?" Zayn asked. "Who else would it be Zayn? Why do you sound, troubled?" I answered/asked. "Oh come on love don't be a hard ass!" He sassed. "Sorry you woke me up at three in the morning and I'm a little tired, pissed, and my face hurts. So tell me what the fuck you want!" I yelled into the phone hearing something shuffle in mine and Harry's room. "Well I just wanted to talk to my Wiley bear." He said in a kiddy voice. "Honestly Zayn? I'm hanging up this is bullshit!" And I hung up. "Wiley lay with me I'm cold!" So I walked into my room, lied down, and cuddled with my hazza bear, because at least he didn't give me shit.

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