It was only yesterday

Wiley winterhood was always friends with Justin Bieber until he left her to be famous but then Justin comes back. What will she say when he figures out she erased her mind from everything they ever did together to be best friends with someone else. Will he try to get her to remember everything they did together or will he just have have to let her be happy with someone else. That's a mystery for you readers to figure out!


7. The Breakdown


Justin's P.O.V. 

After being kicked out for the second time in history I thought I should just give up and let her be happy with Mr.Hairball."Hello lad you ready go and tell Harry because me and Liam we saw all of that and Louis heard." Niall said cockily "Fine I'll go what else do I have to loose?" I said sarcastically. On the ride I was tempted to jump up and grab the steering wheel. I don't know what came over me but I did it, I grabbed the steering wheel knowing after I did we would all be in danger. Then it went black and the last thing I saw was glass in Nialls chest and blood on the dashboard.


Wiley's P.O.V.

I was absolutely pissed off! I don't know what I just did I probably could've been nicer to him but it just didn't go as I expected. As I thought I went over to the T.V. and turned it on the news. "And for today breaking news, the weather, and sports. Now to John with our breaking new" the reporter stated in a cheerful voice 'nice to know she's in a good mood' I thought. "And for our latest update the world pop sensations 1 Direction and the pop star Justin Bieber have been in a tragic car accident with two of the idols in critical condition and to Quantè for a recent update on the boys condition." He said. "Well John the hospital they're located is St. Jose-" she said before I turned the T.V. off and quickly got up from the couch. 

I put my shoes on and got my keys ran out the door then quickly got in mine and Harry's SUV then drove to the hospital very recklessly. Damn a red light I thought as I stopped the vehicle. I turned up the radio and then I heard irresistible by my one and only fiancés band. I was on the urge of having a mental breakdown. It was on my nerves I changed it at Harry's solo then it was I would by Justin. That's it I started balling not even paying attention to the light, knowing it would change anytime. HONK HONK, BEEP BEEP I heard their horns screaming.


Harry's P.O.V.

"Damn people what's the fucking hold up!" i yelled while looking at the car at the front of the row of honking vehicles. But then caught my eye "Zayn stay in the car," I strictly stated as I hopped out of the drivers side "But Haz-" but I shut the door on him I think Wiley's in the car up at the front of the row of cars. I ran to the window of our other SUV yup it's her. I tapped the glass and she didn't look so I opened the door and she was in a breakdown. THE CRASH!!! I thought to myself silently one of our songs were playing . "Love, love, LOVE!!! I screamed as I shook her until she was senseless, waiting for her reaction. 

"Hazza" she looked up and jabbed her lips on mine "Love you've got to move we've got to get to the hospital let me drive I'll call Zayn." I said softly but very husky and strict "Okay" she said and she moved to the passenger side. I hopped in and called Zayn "HAZZA WHAT THE FUCK!" he screamed on the other end "Zayn it's okay it was Wiley she had a breakdown just drive" I said calmly "Love do you want to talk to Zayn?" I questioned waiting for response. "Yes and please hurry!" She answered.


Zayn's P.O.V.

"Z-zayn a-a-are y-you t-there?" I barley heard Wiley say weakly to me I just smiled and said yes. I'm so glad she's okay and wasn't in the car when they lost control. This plan was all mine and Hazzas fault we sat this up and look at it now. "Stay strong love" I said to her making sure she didn't brake down again "I will Zaynie I just heard one of your and Justin's song." she said "I love y'all" she said as we pulled in the hospital. "Love you to love!" I said excitedly hopefully cheering her up and we hung up. 

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