It was only yesterday

Wiley winterhood was always friends with Justin Bieber until he left her to be famous but then Justin comes back. What will she say when he figures out she erased her mind from everything they ever did together to be best friends with someone else. Will he try to get her to remember everything they did together or will he just have have to let her be happy with someone else. That's a mystery for you readers to figure out!


10. Our little secret



Wiley's P.O.V.

"Goodnight Lou!" I said excitedly after having a conversation with him and Justin over carrots. I'm so happy at least two of them are getting along. "Goodnight love" he said and then he fell fast asleep. "Justin can we talk?" I asked curiously "Yeah sweetheart anything!" He said quickly shooting up in his bed wincing. "Well don't hurt yourself!" I said with a giggle "What are you laughing at?" he said with a small smirk on his face. "Well you!" I said sarcastically.

"Okay, okay you got me what do want to talk about?" Justin questioned "Well one I just wanted to say thanks for being so nice to Lou and I also have I question," I stated "Well ask me and your welcome." He replied. "Ok-" but he cut me off "Sit with me?" he asked giving me a very cute puppy face. "Uhh I guess I will!" I said sarcastically walking towards his bed sitting at the opposite end of the bed facing him.


Justins P.O.V. 

"Okay we ready?" I asked her as she finally got herself comfortable "Yeah well okay," she said nervously. "Sweetheart you can tell me anything don't be nervous," I said softly "Okay well um you know how you left me and all and..." she paused "Well long story short did you actually mean what you said you know about loving me and all." she pushed out picking at her nails. "Sweetheart I meant everything I said and don't be so nervous it's just me Justin," I said grabbing her hand to stop picking at her nails "Well Justin you've changed!" She said a little louder than usual before turning her head from me and I saw a year fall down her cheek.

"No don't you dare cry over me I can change!" I said loudly but I don't know what happened after they she just pecked her lips on mine and so I licked her bottom lip begging for entrance. She let me in so I grabbed her waist and pulled her even closer to me turning her around having her back against my chest and we stopped kissing. "Justin did you also mean what you said when I told you I was pregnant?" She asked "Honestly no I was just a little pissed but don't let that ruin our relationship okay sweetheart." I answered "Can I lay with you?" She asked "yes yo can" so she did facing me her blue eyes looking in mine. I think I falling for her again. 


Harrys P.O.V. 

"I'm awake in awake," I said expecting to see my dad he has always given me bad dreams. Why am I panting I need Wiley I thought. I got up without waking the boys and walked to the opening it running into a nurse. "You okay sir?" She asked biting her lip "I'm Rosella or Rose for short," "Married!" I replied. "No it's me Rose Nialls girl haven't he said anything about." she said "Yes, know I have to go know bye-bye!"I answered quickly "Bye!"she said. 'Thank God she's gone!' I thought.

I rushed to Wiley's room bumping into everyone one who got in my way not even stopping to say sorry. 'Thank god I'm here' I thought "Justin quit" I heard Wiley giggle. "Wiley what the fuck love" I screamed slamming the "Why are to laying with that faggot!". "One he's not a faggot he's my best friend so you can stop" she yelled back at me while getting up from the bed but Justin grabbed her arm. "Let her go you faggot!" I yelled "Justin let me go I can handle this I have before," she said calmly with a tear coming out of her eye.

"Why are you crying you slut going around cheating on me!" I yelled "I am not cheating on you with Justin!" She screamed back. "Whatever your a cheating slut and if we have a daughter she's going to be a cheating slut just like you!" I screamed "Harold Edward Styles how date you your an asshole that's what you are!" She harshly yelled back at me. "I'll show you asshole!" and that was all I said before I ran over to Justin and started hitting him "If your gonna hurt Justin your gonna have to go through me first!" Wiley screamed "Okay no problem!" and I back handed her. She fell to the ground "Wiley love I'm sorry I did-" but she cut me of give me a blow in the face then she ran out the door balling. 'What did I just do' I thought "You are an asshole!" Justin said reminding me. 


Louis' P.O.V.

I woke up to Justin calling Harry an asshole and Harry walking out the door I guess chasing Wiley. "Justin?" I asked "Huh what Lou whats up?" He asked/replied. "What,what happened?" I questioned turning over looking at him with blood on his sheets. "Well if you really wanna know Harry accused Wiley that she's a cheating slut because she was laying with me and they got into an argument where Harry hit me, back handed Wiley and then chasing Wiley after blowing up and hitting her!" He said "Well what a night," I said turning over and going back to sleep.'WHAT A NIGHT!' I thought! 

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