It was only yesterday

Wiley winterhood was always friends with Justin Bieber until he left her to be famous but then Justin comes back. What will she say when he figures out she erased her mind from everything they ever did together to be best friends with someone else. Will he try to get her to remember everything they did together or will he just have have to let her be happy with someone else. That's a mystery for you readers to figure out!


12. Mixed emotions



Wiley's P.O.V.

I walked out of Zayns flat furious with both him and Harry. "Love you know the SUV is this way right?" Harry said to me. "Yeah I know but I'm not leaving with you I'm walking home!" I said calmly but with a furious tone "No your not." He fought. "Yes I am." I said even calmer then I did last time "Yes you are!" He fought again. "Look I'm a grown woman I can do whatever the fuck I want so just leave!" I screamed back. "Fine!" He yelled back me throwing his hands up in defeat "Can you at least get a c-". "No" I said cutting him off "Whatever!" He said walking to the SUV "I love you". "I love you too babe." and he hopped in our SUV and drove off.

I walked up to the door of Zayns flat. I knocked on the door and heard shuffling on the inside of the door. "Who is it?" He asked from the other side "It's Wiley." I answered. "Go away!" He said sternly "No!" I said back "Please let me in. Please Zayn." I begged. I heard more shuffling, and then he opened the door. "What?" He said with a blank look on his face "I'm sorry Zaynie, please forgive me?" I said giving him my puppy face "Please!".  He looked at me for about a minute then he did something I never thought he would do.


Harry's P.O.V.

"I love you too babe." Wiley said before I walked to our SUV and hopped in. I can't believe she said no to me but I guess she was just gonna walk up to see Zayn. Maybe I should check. I drove around the corner really slow. Wiley was saying something to Zayn then he did something that surprised Wiley and me. He slapped here straight across the check leaving a red mark that I could see. Oh hell no. I was still just watching and then Wiley grabbed her face. She looked at him and turned cherry red then she punched him in the face. Zayns nose started bleeding. Holy fuck! I hopped out of the car and walked closer to them. "Wiley!" I yelled getting her attention and she looked at me with tears in her eyes.

"Hazza?" She asked giving me forgiving eyes. "Wil-" but I couldn't finish I just looked at Zayn trying to restrain myself from grabbing him and choking him to death. But I didn't I was tired of seeing Wiley's hurt eyes, they killed me. "Haz can we leave?" Wiley asked "Of course love." I said pulling her to me and wrapping my a around her waist. "Let's go baby." She said putting her head on my shoulder and we walked to the car.


Zayn's P.O.V.

Harry looked me with fire in his eyes I just looked at him giving him a small smirk wiping the blood off of my face with the rag I had. "Haz can we leave?" Wiley asked 'gladly!' I thought to my self silently. "Of course love." Harry replied before looking at me one more time before they turned around and walked off. I heard Wiley say something but I couldn't remember. I took my phone out and dialed one of my old friends I've known since the first grade. The phone rang a few times "Hello?" A voice said from the other end "Who's this?". "It's Zayn remember me from the first grade?" I questioned "Uh no but anyway bye!" The voice said cheerfully. Shit!



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