Girl alone

H, E, B and S (HEBS) are doing this play at school and here is the story behind it! Gracie is told not to go any where near the woods because of Dusk, the vampire. Gracie doesn't listen and gets lost but will her friends come to save her from the monsterous creature? Or is Dusk only looking for a friend?


2. Scene 2: In the woods

Dusk was sat alone. It was so lonely being on your own. No one ever came to see you. Despite the fact that she was a vampire, she was actually a lovely person. But no one ever cared enough to come and meet her. Well, that wasn't true. A lot of people had come to try and get videos and pictures of her on their phones to upload to Youtube and Pinterest. But they had died coming along. Either of accident or had been hunted by an animal and eaten. Dusk was a vegetarian. She didn't eat meat and the thought of blood sickened her; it was wrong to take lives even in the most extreme of times. Even though she wanted people to be friends with her, she was shy and  always ran away when she heard something. Like now there was obviously someone walking towards her so she hid behind a tree and climbed up it.


Gracie wandered through the forest calling "Mr. Orange!" It was futile talking to an orange but she didn't know that. She was getting sick of the same type of tree and stick and branch. It was soo boring out here! Suddenly the loneliness was starting to get to her and she was feeling scared. Being on your own meant you were vulnerable and that meant you could die. 

          Despite being incredibly hungry, Gracie sat down and softly cried ; she was going to die looking for an orange! How stupid was that! Suddenly, everything went black. 


Dusk looked around to see a girl lying on the ground. And then there was another girl and another, both looking over her. She had to help! This creature was dying and taking lives was wrong! Why was the forest taking lives? She jumped out of the tree and shocked every one. The little girl on the ground got up and ran behind the other two.

   "Gracie!! We told you to stay out of the forest other wise THIS happens!"

   "You didn't make that clear" Gracie said in a clear and surprisingly not scared voice. "Any way, this so called monster don't look to bad. She got her.. well... she's got her pretty red eyes... and ...pale skin... lovely chap" she laughed a nervous laugh.

         One of the girls lunged at her with a knife.

   "Don't hurt me I promise I'll be good" shouted Dusk.

   "Can you die?" asked a girl.



          Out of the blue, two black figures jumped out from behind nowhere. And the girl, who afterwards every one was calling Charlotte, was killed. With no reason. For no reason at all. Taking lives wasn't right! Dusk ran after them with no self respect for her own safety. It may be wrong to take lives but revenge rocks.


Everything that happened next was a blur. People crying, except for Gracie who didn't understand what was happening. They were thanking Dusk for killing those evil people. 

    "Hey I found Mr. Orange!" shouted Gracie.

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