Everything Changed *Completed*

Hello i'm Christy Evans, read this story so you can learn a little about me and how new boys can change my life.


6. The Surprise Visits


"It looks like all of your stuff is packed." Shyann says and I nod.

"My room looks nice. Thanks for giving up your office for a room for me." I say and she smiles.

"She's fine I just go in here and munch on Twizzlers and look at funny videos." She says and I laugh.

"Awesome I would." I say and we laugh and we go to the living room. We hear a doorbell and I get up and go to the door and I open it and instantly go mute. Valerie is standing on my sister's doorstep.

"Here is the bill for my nose job and dentist." She says and hands the receipts to me but I just rip them up.

"You have to pay those." She says and I shake my head and shut the door on her and I walk back to the living room and I sit with Shyann and I watch TV with her for a while until I start getting hungry so I cook some tacos, her favorite.

"Yum!! Tacos!!" She yells and I laugh and I finish making them and make her a plate and me and we sit and eat.

"I didn't do that bad of a job on these." I say and I laugh and put up my plate.

"No but I totally cook better than you." She says and we laugh.

"True." I say and yawn and look at my clock. "Bed time." I say and say goodnight and go and lay down.

Next Day

I sit up and yawn and I get out of bed and I get dressed and I walk to the kitchen where Shyann is dressed nicely and is cooking pancakes.

"I have work today." She says and I nod and she finishes the pancakes and then starts on the bacon.

"Oh ok." I say and she finally finishes and we sit and eat.

"Got to go." She says and waves and then leaves.

I go sit on the couch and look through the channels and see nothing good on and I just lay down and fall asleep.

5 Hours Later

I sit up to a noise. I don't know what it is but I have to find it to make it stop. I get up and I find myself at the door after looking for the source of the noise. I open the door to two blurry figures.

"Hey girl!" Garriyn says and I smile.

"Can we come in?" Alexis asks and I nod and they walk past me and I shut the door and I sit on the couch with them.

"So you finally decided to move?" Garriyn asks and I nod.

"Especially after she punched Valerie." Alexis says and I nod.

"Well are you still going to be going to the same school as us?" Garriyn asks and I shake my head.

"What!!!???" They yell and I cover my ears but I shake my head.

"You will still hang out with us right?" Alexis asks and I shrug and give a little nod and they sigh a sigh of relief. I hear another car pull up and then there is a banging on the door and I freeze. I slowly get up and head to the door and I open the curtains a little to see it isn't my dad's car so I open the door and standing there is One Direction, all five members.

"Hey!" They yell and I turn to Garriyn and Alexis and they are smiling and I realize they invited them and I sigh and walk to the couch.

"Is she ok?" Louis asks and everyone comes in and gathers into the living room around me.

"Yeah just grumpy." Garriyn says and I roll my eyes and I turn on the TV and football (soccer) comes on and the lads instantly turn and stare at the TV and I start flipping through channels and they look at me and groan and whine and I turn it back and then me and Zayn get in a fight with the remote because he is trying to take it from me.

7 Hours Later

I hear the front door open and I get up and Shyann walks in and looks around at the lads and the girls and then at me.

"Um." She says and then I see her glance at Liam and he did something and she blushes madly.

"Shyann you know who they are, lads this is Christy's sister Shyann." Garriyn says and she smiles and waves a little.

"Hi." She says and I snort and then cover my mouth, I have never seen her at a loss of words before.

"She is pretty just like her sister too." Liam says and she blushes.

"Who's hungry?" Shyann asks, face turning it's regular color.

"Me!" Niall and Alexis yell at the same time and look at each other and blush.

Shyann walks into the kitchen and starts to make spaghetti. I smile and look up at everyone and they are all staring at me and I lose my smile and look down at my lap.

"Got it!" I hear Harry yell and I look and he has his phone out showing people the picture he took. He shows me and I take his phone but he grabs it and saves the picture and runs and I run after him but he hides behind Garriyn and Louis.

"Ok break it up." Louis says and I go and sit back down.

"Dinner is done!" Shyann yells.

After Dinner

"Who wants to watch a movie?" Shyann asks and everyone says yeah and they start to discuss movies. They finally decide on Pitch Perfect and were singing some of the songs and I sneak out on the back patio and I sit on the porch swing out there. The door opens and I look up to see Zayn coming out and closing the door behind him.

"Hey why are you out here alone?" He asks, sitting next to me and then almost falling in my lap by falling sideways. "Sorry." He says and we swing in silence for a bit and I sneak a glance at him and he is staring at the sky and then he looks at me.

"You have really pretty eyes." He says and then puts his hand under my chin and lifts up my head a little and toward the moon.

"The moon makes them look really pretty." He says, staring into my eyes. I blush and try to turn my head but his hand doesn't move from my chin and then I see him slowly leaning in, I try to move but can't and he kisses me. At first I just don't move and then my lips move in sync with his and I close my eyes for a moment. He finally goes up for breath and I take this moment to get up and go inside. I turn and see Harry looking at me with a sad look on his face and he walks away from the window and sits next to Garriyn. I get a confused look on my face and then I run upstairs.

Harry's POV

I hear the door close and I see Christy and Zayn missing so I go to the back window and I stare out and Zayn is sitting with Christy on the swing. I see him turn toward her and put his hand under her chin and then soon enough they are kissing. I am crushed. I just stare and when I come back to reality they are coming in. I look at them and Christy is looking at me but I just shake my head and sit down next to her really pretty friend Garriyn. I don't even know why I like her I should like Garriyn she is so much like me.

"Hey Harry." Zayn whispers and I look at him. "Can I talk to you?" He asks and I nod and we step outside.

"What do you need mate?" I ask, sounding slightly irritated and I try to cover it up by smiling.

"Well see I went outside to have a cigarette and I see Christy out there so I sit with her and for a while I talk to her and then we look at the stars and well..." He trails and I already know what happens but I play along.

"Well what?" I ask, feeling heat rise in my stomach.

"Well I kind of kissed her." He says and all I did was nod and I walk inside and sit where I was and I try to forget about what he said.


I put on my headphones and listen to 'Skyscraper' by Demi Lovato because I am in a iffy mood. I close my eyes and nod my head along with the music. I don't hear anyone come in so I jump when someone sits next to me. I open my eyes and pull off my headphones. Sitting there is Louis, looking strangely calm.

"You kissed Zayn?" He asks quietly and I am puzzled and then mad. HOW DOES EVERYONE KNOW ABOUT THIS!! I get up and storm downstairs and I stand in front of Zayn and slap him and then I walk outside. A second later he bursts out and I turn and stare at him.

"What was that for!?" He asks and I glare at him. I text on my phone:

You told everyone we kissed!!!

"No I didn't!" He says and I look at him confused and text:

Did you tell someone?

"No... Yes." He says and I look at him. "Harry." He says and I storm past him and walk in and I grab Harry by the arm and try to pull him up but I can't and he just stands and I pull him outside.

"What?" He asks, looking at Zayn and then at me then back over at Zayn.

"You told everyone I kissed Christy?" Zayn asks, almost frantically.

"No I only told Lou but now everyone might know." Harry says and I look around them and everyone is in the doorway and I start to blush.

"You kissed her?" Shyann asks, looking happy.

"Um." Zayn says and I blush harder.

"He did." Harry says and I look at him and I see him staring at me with hurt in his eyes.

"You guys are too much drama!" I yell frustrated and I run to my room and I close my door and sit in front of it. These lads are too much to deal with, I think to myself.

Authors Note

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