Everything Changed *Completed*

Hello i'm Christy Evans, read this story so you can learn a little about me and how new boys can change my life.


5. Moving

"Christy what are you doing here?" Shyann asks when she answers the door.

"I'll explain just let me in." I say and zoom past her after she moves.

"Ok explain." She says.

"Ok so I got to school and there was a group around my locker they saw me and left I walked up to my locker and Valerie put 'MUTE FREAK' in spray paint on my locker, I go to the bathroom and lock the door but Harry makes me open it and we sit and talk and then go to first hour. Valerie starts making rude remarks and I finally get tired and I go back and I punch her in the face twice and ran out and came here." I say in a rush.

"I don't know what to say." She says and I bite my lip. "But why did you come here?" She asks.

"If I were to go home dad would beat me up because you know he would here about it." I say and she nods.

"Well I won't let that happen to you because if he touches you again I am sending him to jail." She says and I nod.

"I was thinking about actually maybe moving in here with you." I say and she smiles.

"That would be great." She says and I giggle.

"I think mum and dad are gone and I can go and get some of my clothes." I say and we both get up.

"What about your friends?" She asks and I sigh I don't want to leave them.

"I don't know let's just get my clothes and I will figure it out later." I say and we leave.

Skipping Car Ride

I go inside and up to my room, I get out my suitcase and I pack fast. I am walking out the door when someone's car pulls up. My heart stops because I think it's my dad but it turns out to be Louis and Zayn. Shyann squeaks and they smile and then look at me.

"Are you ok you seemed to be in a rush and I wanted to know if you were ok." He says and I squirm under his warm blue gaze and I just nod and put my stuff in my sister's car.

"Well the lads were worrying about you, so I thought I would check on you." He says and I nod.

"Thanks." Shyann says and Louis turns to her.

"You are?" He asks with a smile.

"I'm Shyann. Her sister." She says and I look at them.

"Oh well nice to meet you. You obviously know who we are." He says and she nods.

"Well we should get going." Shyann says and I get in the car and the lads wave at me and I wave and Shyann gets in and we go back to her house.

Louis' POV

"She is a very pretty girl. She is quiet and mysterious." I say and Zayn nods.

"That's attractive." He says and I nod.

"Definitely." I say and pull into our driveway. We go inside and the lads look up from watching football.

"How is she?" Niall asks and I sit by him.

"She is fine but I think she is moving." I say and the three look at each other, confused.

"Where?" Harry asks.

"I am guessing with her sister." I say and they nod.

"Oh well." Niall says and he looks thoughtful as well as the other two.

What are they up to? I ask myself and then shrug it off, I think they like her. Whatever it is they can leave me out of it. Unless you like her too, a little voice says in the back of my mind. Great now I am hearing voices. But I think I like her just like the other lads. This is going to be interesting.

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