Everything Changed *Completed*

Hello i'm Christy Evans, read this story so you can learn a little about me and how new boys can change my life.


11. Karaoke Anyone?

"I'm bored we need something to do." Harry says, laying on Garriyn's legs.

"Hide and seek?" Liam suggests and everyone groans and disagrees.

"Truth or dare?" Harry suggests but everyone shakes their heads and he grins.

"Karaoke? I have a machine." Shyann suggests and everyone nods and shrugs and she goes and gets it.

"Who is singing first?" Zayn asks, looking around at everyone.

"I will." Alexis says and sits up from Niall's chest.

"Ok sexy Lexi first." Niall says and she turns and slaps his chest and he smiles and winks at her.

"PG 13!" I yell and laugh and Louis laughs too.

"We aren't kissing!" Alexis says. "Yet." She adds and looks at Niall and he blushes.

"Oooo la la." I say, leaning back against Louis.

"Ok all we have to do is hook it up." Shyann says, coming in and Liam immediately gets up to help her.

"Ok now it's hooked up Alexis get up there and pick a song." Liam says and she grabs the microphone.

"Clarity." She says and Liam turns on the music and she follows along to the words and she is pretty good.

"Good job!" Everyone says and claps their hands and Zayn gets up and he sings his X Factor song and I smile.

"You should go up." Niall whispers in my ear and I look at him. "Christy wants to go!" He shouts and I am pushed up and I pick up the microphone.

"Who You Are." I say and Liam nods and turns on the music and I close my eyes and I start singing the words.

"Whoa." Everyone says and I just sit back down against Louis.

"Good job love." Louis whispers in my ear.

"Thanks, it is just from the heart." I say and he smiles and kisses my cheek.

"Well it was beautiful just like you." He whispers and I smile and lay my head on his shoulder and all the lads sing their X Factor songs. Garriyn sings Lights. Shyann sings Fly On the Wall.

"Wow you are some talented girls!!" Harry says and I put my thumbs up.

"We should all just stay the night down here." Zayn says and everyone nods and they start getting blankets and pillows from Harry's upstairs and we pretty much make a fort. The order of us all go: Louis, Me, Zayn, Niall, Alexis, Harry, Garriyn, Shyann, Liam.

"Goodnight everyone!" Me and Louis yell at the same time and we look at each other and laugh and Zayn bumps me and I cover my mouth but I keep giggling. I lay on my back and Louis grabs my hand and I close my eyes and then I feel someone else grab my other hand and I peek out of my eye and it's Zayn's hand and I just leave it there and I soon fall asleep.


I look up into the eyes of the woman who just had me and I can tell she is going to be the best mum ever. She reaches down and tickles me.

I fast forward into my teen years and all I see is intoxicating smoke and her and my father on the couch and they don't see me. I just wish my parents would go back to the way they were before.

Dream/Flashback Over

I wake up and I shudder and I close my eyes again and I fall back to sleep without any dreams.

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