Everything Changed *Completed*

Hello i'm Christy Evans, read this story so you can learn a little about me and how new boys can change my life.


14. Is He Changing?

I shake and I finally stand up after everyone backed up and I look at them and I give them a reassuring smile.

"Thanks." I say and I go up to my room. About a few minutes later there is a knock on my door and then it opens and I look up and I start laughing.

"Hey honey." Zaynica says and I smile at him, I mean her.

"Hey Veronica." I say, trying not to laugh.

"Everyone wants to know if you are ok, especially Zayn." She says and I bite my lip.

"I'm fine a bit shaky though." I say and she hugs me and I just burst out laughing. "Please get your 'boobs' off of me." I say and she stops hugging me and pulls the wig off. "VERONICA IS FAKE?!?! LET ME GUESS YOUR GOING TO TELL ME SANTA IS FAKE TOO!" I yell and Zayn just grins at me and pulls off 'Veronica's' shirt.

"Enjoying the show?" He asks since he is now shirtless.

"Yup totally but hopefully you don't charge me for it because I have no money."  I tease and he smiles.

"No I won't charge you as long as you kiss me." He says and I laugh.

"Never in your wildest dreams. Thanks for cheering me up." I say and I hug him and he kisses my cheek and I go to the kitchen and I scream and then I fall backwards. "My eyes, my precious eyes!" I yell because Harry and Garriyn were making out in the kitchen.

"What's with all- AHH!" Louis yells and falls backwards next to me.

"GO TO YOUR ROOM!" I yell and all I hear is laughing and I sit up and I open my eyes and they are walking past us. "Phew!" I say and I get up and I help Louis up. "EEEEKKK BATHROOM!" I say, running to it and I throw open the door. "SERIOUSLY IS THIS MAKE OUT DAY, COME ON THIS IS A BATHROOM!" I say and Alexis and Niall get out and I use the restroom and then I do everything and I leave.

"DANCE PARTY!!" Shyann yells and turns up the radio and 'Best Song Ever' instantly fills my ears. I forget what happened with my dad and I dance with everyone.

Authors Note

Hey sorry if this wasn't that good.

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