Everything Changed *Completed*

Hello i'm Christy Evans, read this story so you can learn a little about me and how new boys can change my life.


18. He's Back


We are sitting in the living room when there is a knock on our front door. We all looked around at each other, I looked at the lads and then the girls and then I jumped up and I go to answer the door. I just stand there in shock. Standing in front of me is a man who looks like my dad.

"Dad?" I ask and he smiles. He tries to hug me but I back up and he frowns.

"I'm not going to hurt you." He says and I just shake my head.

"You can't just come back thinking you are going to hug me like you never did any of those things to me!" I say to him and he backs up and I hear footsteps and I turn and everyone is behind me.

"I know what I did and I am sorry." He says and I step back.

"You can't just apologize! I went to the hospital because of you!" I say, backing up a little more and someone grabs my arm and I turn and it's Zayn.

"I know but I was drunk, that is why I went to rehab." He says and I close my eyes.

"I don't care what excuse you say to me! You are the reason I did the things I did, the reason I became a mute!" I snap at him, getting tears in my eyes.

"I-" He starts but I cut him off.

"You are the reason for the cutting for me getting bullied! My life was hell until I moved in with the only family that I have left, who actually loves me!" I say and I start crying and I turn and I cry on Zayn. I shake my head and I go upstairs.

Shyann's POV

I look at my dad and he has tears in his eyes and I go outside with him.

"You have to give her some time, she is just a little shook up." I say and he nods.

"Call me tonight." He says and I nod and I hug him and I go back inside.

Later That Night/My POV

I am going to my room when Shyann calls me downstairs and I find her in the living room, laying on the couch and I just look at her weird.

"Just lay on the other couch." She says and I lay on the couch across from her and there is a chair in between the couches. It reminds me of the flashback I had. I look over at Shyann and then I look towards the kitchen and in walks my dad. I start to sit up but Shyann stops me by telling me to stay. I lay down and my dad looks at me.

"I'm really sorry, I thought maybe I could do the thing I know you have always wanted me to do." He says and I look at him crazy and he sits in the chair and he starts saying the story about the shooting star and I get tears in my eyes and I actually get to finish the story this time and by that time, I am crying my eyes out. This is how he finishes the story. "You know what I wished for?" He asks, looking at me and Shyann.

"What?" We ask and he smiles.

"Two beautiful girls." He says and that is why I am crying.

Authors Note

Hey Lovelies, I hope you liked this chapter because this is how I am ending it! -Doug/∞StyPayHorLikSon∞

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