Everything Changed *Completed*

Hello i'm Christy Evans, read this story so you can learn a little about me and how new boys can change my life.


15. He Visits...

Shyann's POV

I am home alone since Christy went out with the girls, she invited me along but I decided not to go. I start to make some brownies for when they get back, if they're hungry. There is a knock on the door so I put down the bowl and I go and open the door.

"Shy, is Christy here?" My dad asks but I just stare at him.

"Um no." I say and he sighs and hands me a piece of paper.

"Give this to her. I want to apologize to you, you didn't have to go through what she did but I am the reason you moved out." He says and he actually leans in and hugs me and I actually get tears in my eyes. I haven't hugged him since I was about seven.

"Ok, bye." I say, after he lets go but he stands there.

"Shy." He says and the tears stream down my face since he is and always has been the only one to call me that.

"What?" I ask, wiping the tears.

"I love you." He says and with that he leaves. I close the door and I start crying, I sit in the corner and I just cry. I remember the note and I open it and start to read it.

Dear Christy,

I am sorry for not being a father to you and your mom is sorry. We are going to rehab and I hope maybe you can forgive me. I wish I could have raised you better. I seen the stuff that is in your room and I found the razors. I am sorry for making you feel so bad that you had to do that to yourself. I am just happy you didn't go too far with it. I love you so much and I will see you after rehab, I hope.

I am sorry and I love you,


I wipe my eyes. Christy used to cut herself? That bastard, I think to myself and I cry even harder.


I get home from shopping all day with the girls and I go inside and all the lights are off. I hear sobbing and I get worried. I turn on the hallway light and Shyann is sitting in a corner crying.

"Shyann! Are you ok?" I ask, running and sitting with her.

"Dad came to visit." She says and I instantly look for bruises.

"What happened?" I ask and she hands me a piece of paper and I start to read it. I cover my mouth and I look at her.

"We tell each other everything." She says and I sigh.

"I know and i'm sorry but I stopped." I say and she nods.

"Good." She says and I reread the note an I start to cry too. I can't believe my dad is going through all this trouble, for us.

Authors Note

How was this chapter, sorry if it is sad but I saw this picture today about animals and it got me thinking about my dog, she died a year ago, I've had her since I was little and now it's not the same, so I am not in a very good mood. -Doug

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