Everything Changed *Completed*

Hello i'm Christy Evans, read this story so you can learn a little about me and how new boys can change my life.


8. Courage

I get up and I get dressed slowly, I wasn't in a big hurry to go to hell. I grab my bag and I go downstairs and I just leave and start walking to school. Might as well get this over with.

"Look who actually decided to show up." Valerie says and I just keep my head down. "You are lucky." She says and I turn toward her and I simply laugh at her and she looks confused and I go inside.

"Did Valerie mess with you?" Garriyn and Alexis ask me as I walk to my locker and I shake my head.

"She is just a bitch, she thinks I am lucky. Like she can even hit me." I say and they sigh and roll their eyes.

"Yeah, you are like a ninja!!!" Alexis says and I laugh and the lads walk up.

"Hello loves!" Liam says and Harry stands unusually close to Garriyn.

"Hey Liam, guess what!" Alexis says and I get out my books and I close my locker and I look over at my little group and Harry is staring at me. I look at the ground but I listen to the conversation.

"What love?" He asks, smiling and Niall stands close next to her too.

"We are friends with a ninja!" She says and he laughs and so does everyone and I look back up and I smile.

"Let's get to class." Niall says and everyone agrees and we go to class.

Skipping School

"Hey Evans!" Valerie calls to me and I turn and look at her. "Maybe now we can finish our fight!" She says and I sigh and I hand my bag to Garriyn and I give my rings to Alexis and I walk up to her and she punches me and it doesn't even make me flinch. I grab her hair and I punch her in the nose again and she screams and backs up.

"Are we done?" I ask and she blinks.

"Mute freak speaks." She says and then she punches me in the gut and I actually doubled over but I recovered quickly and I punched her in the gut and then the cheek and I walk off.

"Nice job." The girls say when I come back and I smile and I take my things and the lads come up this time all of them.

"Hey we are going to get pizza, want to come with us?" Zayn asks, putting his hands in his pockets and looking at us but then keeping his eyes on me.

"Sure." Alexis and Garriyn say in sync and I just shrug and we go to their car and there are girls at it and they see the lads and they run to them and Alexis and Garriyn try to get them out and I just go to their car and I sit in the back. They finally appear next to the car about 10 minutes later and they pile in. I sit in between Alexis and Garriyn. Then it is Niall, Louis, Harry. Zayn driving and Liam in the passenger seat.

"Hey Christy, is your sister single?" Liam asks from the front and everyone busts out in "ooooooo's" and he blushes but I just nod and he smiles.

"So are we." Garriyn says, winking at Harry and he smirks. I look up and Louis is looking at me, he smiles when I look at him and he makes a silly face and I laugh.

"Lou got a chuckle out of her!" Zayn says and everyone starts cheering.

Louis' POV

I decide to make a funny face at Christy to see if she would laugh and I guess I succeeded. I love her laugh. We finally arrive at Pizza Hut and everyone gets out and I wait for Christy. She gets out last she sees me and stares and I put out my hand. She takes it hesitantly and steps out and we go in.

"Table for nine please." Harry says and the hostess just stares at the lads.

"O-o-ok." She stutters out and takes us to our booth. I sit next to Christy and Garriyn. The sitting was like this: Zayn, Liam, Niall, Alexis, Christy, me, Garriyn, and Harry.

"What can I get to drink for you?" The waitress asks.

"Us five mates would like some tea please." I say and they all nod.

"I would like a Sprite and she-" Alexis says, pointing at Garriyn. "She wants Sprite and she-" She says, pointing at Christy. "Wants a Dr. Pepper." She says and the waitress writes it down and leaves.

"Two large pepperoni pizzas!" Niall says and everyone laughs but agrees.

"Here are your drinks." The hostess says, putting down the drinks and then she sets down a piece of paper. "Will you sign this for me?" She asks, shyly and we nod and I sign then Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn and even the girls signed. She smiles and then glares at the girls.

"Hey if you are going to glare then maybe we will take that paper back." I say and she swallows and looks around the table.

"Sorry." She says and I smile.

"We would like two LARGE pepperoni pizzas please." I say and she writes it down.

"Ok two large pepperoni pizzas, got it." She says but I shake my head.

"No two LARGE pepperoni pizzas." I say and she looks confused and everyone in he booth starts giggling even Christy.

"I said that two large pepperoni pizzas." She says again and I laugh.

"No two LARGE pepperoni pizzas, we are hungry." I say and she walks away and everyone busts out laughing.

"Oh Lou messing with the waitress." Harry says and I laugh.

"She made it so easy!" I say and everyone is laughing and the manager walk up.

"You are being too lou-" He starts but then looks at us. "One Direction? Welcome!" He says and I start laughing again.

"Hello Kevin. Wait Kevin. KEVIN!!!!" I start yelling, standing up and the mates are laughing.

"What?" The manager asks, looking around at our table.

"KEVIN COME TO DADDY!!!" I yell and everyone in the restaurant is laughing.

"Sir..." The manager says, putting up his hand and looking around.

"NO I WILL NOT TAKE MY PANTS OFF!!" I yell and the manager starts adjusting his collar.

"Sir I am going to have to ask you and your friends to leave." The manager says and everyone sighs and gets up.

"PEASANT!!" I yell and I get out of the booth and we all leave.

"And this is the story of how we got kicked out of Pizza Hut." Zayn mutters and I smile

We all pile into the car and we take Christy home first.


I get out of the car and I wave at everyone and I walk inside.

"Shyann, i'm home!" I say and I walk into the living room and I stop dead in my tracks. Sitting there in my living room are my mum and dad.

"So you decided to move in with your sister?" My dad says and I nod. "Speak to me when I am talking to you!" He yells and I jump.

"Yes, I decided to move in with her." I say and he gets up.

"Well pack your stuff because you are moving back in with us." He says and my mum stands but then goes outside.

"No I am staying with her." I say and that clearly surprises me and it surprises me too.

"What did you say to me?" He asks, slowly coming toward me.

"I said! I am not coming back with you, I am living with Shyann." I say and he walks up and slaps me.

"No you aren't!" He says and I nod and he hits me again, in the face.

"She cares about me!" I yell at him and I actually kick him and he falls but he gets up quickly and looks at me with fire in his eyes.

"I don't care, you little bitch! YOU ARE COMING HOME WITH ME!" He yells, grabbing me up by my hair but I bite him. I start running to my room but I fall and he starts beating me. After he is done he just leaves me. I can't even move, he beat me half to death. The last thing I remember is Shyann running in and then I was out.

Authors Note

Hey sorry if you didn't like this chapter but I still might update it. So if you like heart and comment please and if any of you who are reading this have any stories you want me to read just comment it and I will look it up and read it. Good day now!

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