Facing the Red Flag - An Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Fanfic

Another crossover piece, this time for the gaming competition. Captain Edward Kenway clashes with a captain from another version of history, who has a deadly “secret”.


4. Chapter 3

Edward took down the immediate threats and faced the new voice.

Standing above the battle, a cutlass in his hand stood a pale-skinned man wearing a tricorn hat and a long, black coat with red lining. There was a hint of a hood hanging down his back, and his hair was tied back in a ponytail. His eyes were lined with black, and a thin line travelled down each cheek, over a horizontal scar on his left.

“Let me tell you something,” said the frigate’s captain. “I don’t like it when people fire on the Shadowrunner. Even if they are fellow pirates.”

“You fired first,” Edward retorted as the battle continued.

“It’s how I greet people,” laughed the captain. “Cannon fire makes greetings noticeable. So call off your crew.”

Edward frowned at this man, and pointed a pistol at him. “Who are you?”

“Why, I’m Danté Ombraspada. And trust me, I didn’t really want to fight you. Tell me. Why did you attack me?”

Edward sighed. “Men, cease your attack!” The crew stopped fighting, and Edward put his pistol away. “We haven’t had a good haul in weeks, and your ship looked ripe for the taking.”

Danté laughed and sheathed his cutlass. “Fascinating. Well, let me tell you something. We have too much plunder. We’ve been sailing without a chance to use it.” The first mate approached Danté and handed him a golden goblet, which he drank from. “So, let’s settle on an accord. I’ll give you some of my takings, and we’ll part ways.”

“You’ll just give me some of your plunder?” Edward asked, suspiciously.

Danté nodded. “Of course. You’ve defeated me, really. Look. You’ve killed a lot of my crew, and yours seems rather intact.” He laughed. “I can sweeten the deal, somehow.”

“Tell me, Captain Ombraspada. Why shouldn’t I shoot you and send you off to meet Davy Jones?” Edward asked.

Danté laughed and leaned on the railing. “Unless you’re confident you can hit my heart or my brain, you won’t stop me, and my hidden blade will be in your chest before you can say, ‘How?’”

“Hidden blade?” Edward exclaimed.

“Also, I can hand you over to Davy Jones personally, and come back straight away.” Danté stood up straight again and smiled. “So. How can I sweeten this deal?”

Edward stuttered for a moment, and then cleared his throat. “Well, we’re getting a bit low on resources…can you spare anything?”

Danté beckoned Edward up to the wheel. “We can give you wine and ale, and some food and water.”

Edward reached the Captain of the Shadowrunner and presented his hand. “We have a deal.”


One hour later, the ships parted ways. Captain Ombraspada had given Edward enough food and drink to last a month, and enough gold to fill a small house. There were also five casks of ale and many bottles of wine.

The captain had even given Edward a bottle of what he called ‘special wine’. What that meant, Edward wasn’t sure, but he had taken it in good favour.

Upon departure, Captain Ombraspada gave Edward directions to a nearby port, and bid him a good voyage.

Edward smiled at the positive outcome of the battle and left the wheel to his first mate. “I’m going to my cabin,” he informed him.

He jumped down to the deck and headed into his cabin, hoping to relax for a short time. Sitting in his chair, he propped his feet up on the table and opened the drawer he had placed the ‘special wine’ in.

“An interesting fellow, that Captain Ombraspada,” Edward muttered, uncorking the bottle and smelling the liquid within.

It smelt familiar, but in his semi-exhausted state of mind he could not place the smell. Not thinking about it, he took a swig and placed the bottle on the table.

As the drink’s taste settled on his tongue, he spat it out on the table and coughed. It was a strong drink, and he instantly knew what it was, and why he recognised the smell.

It was blood. Human blood.

“No, no! It can’t be!” he exclaimed, hurrying out of his cabin and to the bow of the ship. He put the spyglass to his eye and looked out at the red flag of the Shadowrunner, which was slowly disappearing over the horizon.

With a final mutter, Edward said, “No. That’s impossible.”

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