Facing the Red Flag - An Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Fanfic

Another crossover piece, this time for the gaming competition. Captain Edward Kenway clashes with a captain from another version of history, who has a deadly “secret”.


2. Chapter 1

Captain Edward Kenway looked out over the expansive blue sea and sighed. Three weeks without plunder or a friendly ship to share resources with was making the crew uneasy.

And an uneasy crew meant an uneasy captain.

It was a long way to the next port, and there was no telling how it would receive the Jackdaw and its crew.

A cry came down from the crow’s nest. “Ship ho!”

Edward turned on his heels and looked out to the ship’s prow. True enough, there was, just on the horizon, a ship, and to make things better it was headed for them.

Supposedly better, at least. If the crew wasn’t working as well as they could, the ship could sink them in no time.

Edward knew that it might be down to him to keep order.

“Beat to quarters, lads! We might be in for some plunder!” he shouted.

The crew cheered, though not with their usual enthusiasm. Nonetheless, they went about their business, preparing the cannons and arming themselves.

Edward tested his hidden blade, ready in case his swords were knocked from his grasp, and checked that his pistols were loaded. With a determined smile on his face, he took the wheel and steered for the ship.

“I hope this goes well, lads! There’s sure to be plunder aplenty on that ship, and it’s ours for the taking!” he yelled encouragingly.

The crew cheered again, their enthusiasm growing, and Edward knew it would take one more short speech for them to be raring for action. He just had to choose his words carefully.

“Today our fortunes change! With the plunder we will be getting, think of the women and drink we’ll be getting! So stay alive lads! You won’t get ‘em if you’re dead!”

The crew let out an incredible cheer; their enthusiasm peaked, and readied themselves for battle.

Edward smiled, and left the wheel to his first mate. He made his way to the prow and ran up to the end, and although it was difficult to keep his balance above the waves, he drew out his spyglass and put it to his eye.

The ship was moving fast, but they were moving faster – they had the weather gauge. However, the other ship was bigger – evidently a frigate – which gave it the advantage in power.

The trick would be to get onboard before the frigate could fire any shots, find the captain and take him down, thus destroying the morale of the crew.

Edward smiled and focused on the ship’s colours – black sails, suggesting pirates, but the flag that flew above seemed to be plain red. Edward could not think of any ship that sailed with a pure red flag. Therefore, this ship would be considered a threat.

The distance began to close, and Captain Kenway ran to the bow of the ship; he took the wheel and with a definite decisiveness turned the wheel.

The ship was bigger now, no longer far away, and there came a loud thud – cannon fire.

“We’re under fire, Captain!” cried the first mate.

“I am aware! Are we hit?” Edward cried back, steering the ship away from the frigate’s fire.

“No, Captain!” the first mate replied. “It seemed to be a warning shot!”

Edward smirked. “If they’re going to fire on us, we’ll fire on them. Attack!”

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