The Heart of A Fighter

Just a character study of a professional fighter and the reasons why he fights so hard for himself in the ring.


2. "Good-for-nothing"


The back of my father’s fist made a dull thud as it struck the side of my head. It hurt like hell, and I instinctively held a hand up to fend off any further blows.

“You useless boy!” My father literally roared at me. “I pay to send you to school, and you get into fights and get into trouble almost every single day!”

“Curt was bullying my friend!” I yelled back at him, trying to justify my actions, but my words seem to just go through him.

“Don’t make excuses! You’re just a rebellious brat!” My father retorted as he hit me again. “Violent and good-for-nothing!”

“Well I guess I inherited that from you, didn’t I?” I spat, spite curling around every syllable of my words. This must have struck a nerve and my father started hitting me non-stop for a good ten minutes.

When he was done, he glared balefully at me and left the room without another word. My mother, who had been watching mutely from the side the whole time, stood up from her chair, prim and proper as always.

“You should learn to conduct yourself as a proper gentleman,” was the only thing she said to me, her lips curling in a slight indication of the disdain she felt towards her son, before she left me alone in the cold, empty room.

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