We Were Both Young

'He was a wallflower, I could tell that much, but I had a weird desire to find out more than just his social status. He met my eyes and mouthed, "Hello,"...'


6. We were both young


“An eighteen year old boy has been found in a critical condition just outside a club in London. Police suspect it was an attempted murder-”

I flicked off the radio. It reminded me of a guy I used to know.

I loved him so much – we were really close friends. But he became distant. He said he wanted to meet me, but didn’t show. I gave up after that. We both moved on, separately. He said he loved me, but of course it was a lie. I bet a hundred pounds I’ll never see that guy again in my life.

“Nice ring,” someone complimented.

“Erm, thanks,” I said to the passerby who had slowed to inform me through my open car window that he approved of my jewellery.

“So, when do you want the wedding ring?”

“Sorry, do I know you?” I said, a little aggravated, staring hopelessly at the face smiling at me, eyes shielded by Ray Bans.

“Yeah, it’s been a while though. Remember how I said I’d deal with any guy who ever hurt you? It’s done, so I can come back and be with you again.” He reached in my car and turned the radio back on.

“The man found outside of the club has now been named as Freddy Crusher. He died this afternoon in hospital.”

“Now all that’s left to do is... run,” said Sam, opening the passenger door and clambering in.

“Oh, and I cleared things up with your Dad. He says to go pick out a white dress.”

I laughed. “You’re not serious, are you?! It seems to me that you’re just quoting a country singer or something.”

It was his turn to laugh, tipping his head rakishly and meeting my eyes. “Just say yes, will you?”

“Don’t tell me how to feel.” I started the car, a smile on my face. “Where to?”

“Wherever you’re going is fine.” He slung his guitar from his back to the floor. I looked on enviously, just like old times.

Had it been six years since we first met? Woah, we were both young...


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