Transposition: A Guide To Turning A Song Into A Story

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So, there's a song you love, and you want to turn it into a story. Yet, you're not exactly sure of how to do it. Here are my tips.


4. The Pros And Cons Of Music Videos

This isn't exactly a rule, but it's an extremely good piece of advice: Don't watch the music video of your song!

I'm serious, don't do it if you want your story to be original! Music videos have their place, but in the case of original transposition, that place is Mars. You want to create your own characters and your own settings, not copy what some producers and choreographers came up with.

Continuing with my example, here's a photo of the lead in the video for my song choice:

I admit they made a good choice, but that's the problem. It's too easy to base a main character off the character in the music video. We're looking for originality, not just a copy.

It's the same with locations. Come up with your own, instead of describing locations in the music video. Originality is the key to the door of a successful transposition.

Not to mention, have you seen a music video that doesn't seem to fit the song? There are a surprisingly large amount out there, including One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful.

Hate me all you want for that, as you can't deny it doesn't quite fit.

Anyway, if your song has one of these videos, the chances of mixing up your transposition are much greater. That's why I strongly recommend not watching the music video for your song whilst your creating your transposition.


So, like I said. Music videos have their place, but that place is Mars.

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