Transposition: A Guide To Turning A Song Into A Story

Recommended for anyone taking part in the contest.
So, there's a song you love, and you want to turn it into a story. Yet, you're not exactly sure of how to do it. Here are my tips.


1. Introduction

So you're planning to take a song and turn it into a story, eh? Lyrical-to-literature transposition is one of the most freehand, and relaxed kinds of writing there is. There are so many different interpretations of songs, that two people could be transposing the same song, and get completely different stories as a result.

However, there are a few key things to remember when it comes to lyrical-to-literature (or L2L) transposition. They're easy to remember though, and once mastered, you'll never forget them.

Want to find out more? Simply read on...

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