Vip Pass Forever

Adrienne is persuade by her sister Angie to go to a One Direction concert. She doesn't know which types of passes does her sister has, all that she knows is that she has to go to a concert full of screaming girls. Not recognizing what was really going on, she and her sister get the chance to meet the forever famous band. After meeting the band something happens that they become inseparable friends. Not mentioning that she is now best friends with Demi Lovato. As an addition, Adrienne is a plus size girl. She is not really big, she just has some extra pounds and curves that kill. The thing is that she really doesn't know how much attention she gets with her eyes and killer curves, but Harry Styles does.


7. Chapter 6 Get Ready

-Harry's POV

Is like 2:30am in the morning and I really can't go to sleep, an idea has come up and there is only one thing in my mind... Adrienne.

"Mate? Liam!" I say waking him up.

"What mate? It's late go to bed."

"I can't do that."


"I got an idea."

"What is it Harry?"

"Well, you know how much I love Adri?"


"I am going to get all the passes, airplane tickets, and equipment, so she can come with us on tour next week." We are leaving back to Europe first thing Monday of next week, and after 2 European tours I refuse to leave without her.

"If I were you, I would sit down with our manager first thing in the morning Hazz."

"I know."

"Now go to sleep mate! Leave me alone."

"Fine..." I say walking away back to my room.

- In the Morning

I wake up and the first thing is to go and grab our manager Joe. He is always up even before Jesus!

"Joe?" I knock on his door.

"Come in, is open!"

"Hey Joe is me Harry."

"What's up everything alright?"

"Yeah I just wanted to ask you for a favor."

"Yes tell me."

"I was wondering if you can get Adri on the next European tour."

"You mean for next week? You want her on tour?"

"Yes please, I refuse to leave America without her."

"You really like her don't you?" I am not going to deny it to Joe, I want him to bring her along and I would declare my love to her to the 7 seas if I have too.

"I do... I love her."

"I know mate, I haven't see those eyes sparkle like they do when they are in front of her. But, Promise me you won't get distracted."

"I promise! if not I would be even more excited to jump on stage as she watches me perform. Is just the comfort of having her there Joe."

"Fine...She's coming."

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!" I say jumping into him and giving him a hug.

"Do you want me to put her sleeping in your same room?"

"Yeah... I mean NO! I would love too, but I know she wouldn't like that."

"You haven't said anything to her, I am guessing?"

"No I am waiting for the right time."

"I'll help you out, I have a plan."

"Which plan?"

"I will get all the passes, tickets, and accommodations electronically and by paper. You go to her and tell her she's coming on tour, our first stop is Paris." We both smiled and its like we both read each others minds.

"Good, thank you Joe."

"No problem, everything will be ready soon for her."


"Now, you guys have this day free go and talk to her and cuddle with her." I chuckled.

"Yeah see you soon with Adri Joe!"

"See you Harry." I head out the door and make my way to Adri's room.

-Adrienne's POV

"Who dares disturb my slumber?" I ask in a British accent as somebody knocks on my door. I hear a deep voice chuckle.

"It's me Medieval Ages! It's Harry!" I laugh and open the door.

"Hi Harry!"

"Hey love." He says with kiss on my cheek.

"Come in, can I help you with something?"

"Actually yeah, I have news for you."

"Are they good or bad?"


"Ok... Spit out Styles."

"As you please my lady."

"Now who is the medieval one?" I joke.

"Anyways, you have to come with me to Joe's room."


"He is going to help me tell you the news."

"Fine let's go then." I say taking his wrist and my room key to head out the door. I wonder if this is important, that I have to go to Joe's room to talk about it. Harry said it was good news, so hopefully I am not being fired.

- Joe's Room

"Ok Joe tell me what is going on." I say impatiently.

"You didn't tell her mate?" Joe asks Harry and he just shakes his head no.

"Well you see all of this paper work?" He sighs pointing to the desk full of organized papers.


"This paper work is saying that you are traveling to Europe next week with the boys."


"Yup, everything has been taken care of. The money, accommodations, transportation, food, passport, visa, ID, everything."

"Y-You are k-kidding right?"

"No I am not Adrienne, you are going to meet all of our family in the UK."

"O-OMG!" Tears were threatening to go down, I am in shock. How could this be possible? All of my dreams are coming true! Europe, I am going to Europe!

"The first family you will meet will be Niall's, we have to stop in Dublin, Ireland for an interview before jumping into Britain. But we have to do other places before Ireland as well." Harry says behind me.

"I-I can't believe this. You guys payed everything for me?"

"Yes and we are not taking no as answer." Harry replies.

"OMG!" I start to sob holding myself together by my belly and holding my long hair up.

"I thought this was going to make you happy." Harry says stepping in front of me.

"YES, YES, I AM HAPPY!" I say jumping into Harry's neck and hugging him with all I have.

"You ok love?" Harry says moving his hands on my back up and down, trying to make me stop crying.

"Yes I am, I am so sorry. Is just that this is one of my dreams come true and, and, I am going with my 5 favorite guys in this world." I say still wrapped in his arms.

"We love you too Adri." He says putting our bodies closer than before in a tight hug.

"Oh! But I forgot one thing." Joe says.

"What is that?" I ask letting go of Harry and turning around to face Joe.

"You are coming with us, but you still have to work on the guys for the show and Little Mix as well."

"That's no problem." I say and Harry wraps his arms around my waist and puts his chin on my shoulder. This doesn't bother me really, I've had to know this boy so well by now that I would even let him see me naked. Well he is the only one I trust like that of course.

"You are going to be gone for about 3 months and half, is that alright with you?" Joe keeps asking.

"Yes, yes, I just have to make sure that Rachel knows this."

"Oh! She does already! She said that it was fine, as long as you bring her a pair of Jimmy shoes from London." I giggled. I love Rachel and this is one of the reasons why.

"I will make sure you will bring her the shoes." Joe says.

"There is no worries I can take care of that."

"Ok... get ready you are going all over Europe."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" I scream and hug Joe as hard as I can.

"Thank you so much Joe! Thank you!"

"No problem, and can you please let go? I can't really breathe."

"Ooo Oh ok sorry." Harry chuckles at my reaction.

"No you're fine love."

"OMG!! Harry!! I am going to Europe with you! Aren't you exited?"

"More than exited love! I am super happy you are coming with me."

"Me too Harry, me too."

"I love you Adri!"

"Love you too Hazza!" I giggled and he picked me up in a piggy back ride. Jeez I love Harry's strength and the way he always picks me up, makes me feel like I am a normal, pretty girl.

-Harry's POV

I said I loved her, but I know she took it as if a friend or a brother is saying I love you. She really doesn't have the minimal idea of the influence and power she has over me. She doesn't know that I have rejected a billion of girls because I can't kiss anybody without thinking of her hazel eyes. That every time we go clubbing, I can't dance with any girl because all I want are her curves moving in front of me and for me. That I would do anything, so when I come to my hotel room at night, she would be waiting to cuddle with me the whole night. That I refuse to sleep with any other girl, because I only want to wake up next to her. But I guess I can arrange something in Paris like Joe said. Paris is the city of love, so why not give it a try and confess my love to her there? Make her wake up and see me as her lover, as the one she has been waiting for so long, because I have waited my whole entire life to find her, and now that I have her I don't know how to tell her all of this.

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