Vip Pass Forever

Adrienne is persuade by her sister Angie to go to a One Direction concert. She doesn't know which types of passes does her sister has, all that she knows is that she has to go to a concert full of screaming girls. Not recognizing what was really going on, she and her sister get the chance to meet the forever famous band. After meeting the band something happens that they become inseparable friends. Not mentioning that she is now best friends with Demi Lovato. As an addition, Adrienne is a plus size girl. She is not really big, she just has some extra pounds and curves that kill. The thing is that she really doesn't know how much attention she gets with her eyes and killer curves, but Harry Styles does.


6. Chapter 5 Like a Dog to His Master

-Harry's POV

We got to our hotel after a beautiful long day at the park, Adrienne was my focus in the whole entire day. I discovered that she likes indie music just like me, and that we have more things in common than what I expected. During the football match she was sitting between my legs on the grass, and using my chest to support her back. Her hair has this distinctive smell of honey and her body smells like vanilla. There is no way I am going to forget the smell of hers. Sometimes I would try to put my arms around her waist during the match, but she would snap my hand out quickly. It wasn't a movement of don't touch me, it was more like I am scared of you touching me kind of move. That made me curious, I want to know what is she hiding. Although when I picked her up bridal style I had the chance to feel her skin and her amazing curves. Her skin is so soft and her lips... I won't get started on her lips, but her curves are something I would love to see without any clothes on. If they are so tempting with clothes on, imagine if I see her torso naked? My first instinct would be to go touch, rose it with my finger tips and kiss it as many times as I want. UGH this girl is killing me, but there is something about her that makes me want to protect her, not only protect her but make her mine. I want to have some sort of way that she would walk around and people would know she is mine. But we are only friends, and I think that is the way is going to stay for a really long time.

-One year and a half later...

-Adrienne's POV

It's been a year and a half since I met the boys and Little Mix. I graduated with honors and experience on my field. I am now a certified beautician and fashion stylist. Now like every other graduate student, the biggest struggle is to find a job. Well thanks to One Direction and Little Mix I have 4 permanent jobs. Yes, it is a little stressful at times but I love it. I am Demi's, One Direction, Little Mix stylists and Rachel Zoe's assistant for good. I wasn't gonna leave Demi out she even got jealous when I told her I met the boys and they wanted me all to themselves. I stayed with Rachel because sometimes the boys and Little Mix have to go to Europe and I don't have the enough money to go, they always want to pay it for me but I refuse. I think that is even the idea of being in a plane for 11 hours doesn't captures my attention. I am not scared of flying, it just gets me nervous. On the other hand, dad was so excited that he got me my own apartment and brand new Range Rover, I was about to kill him but the good thing is that with what I earn I can sustain the bills and treat myself just fine.

Right now One Direction and Little Mix are my best friends, not forgetting their girlfriends and Demi of course. I discovered that Liam has always been the protective one and a father like figure. That Zayn just wants to fill up his body with tattoos, and he has persuaded everyone else to get tattoos. That Louis is the sassy one and doesn't care what you think he just says whatever is in mind. That Harry is always the flirty womanizer, and that Niall keeps eating my food everywhere we go!

We are now in San Diego getting the boys and Demi ready to go on stage, they decided to do a tour together, so I am doing everything that Rachel needs online. I can't say there is a day where I can do nothing, busy bee is my middle name. Backstage I am sitting in the couch with my laptop organizing all of the invitations for Rachel's fashion show, and trying to get all of the other assistants to work hard while I am not there. Rachel doesn't mind when I am out, because I get the interns and the other assistant to work very well. I am not a bitch to them, always trying to solve everything by talking, and breathing in and out when stress is knocking at our door. I only had the chance to grab a doughnut today, guess that is my breakfast so healthy.

"Niall... give me. my. doughnut. BACK!" Aaah I can't believe I have to chase this boy for my breakfast.

"Come on Niall! That's my breakfast! GIVE IT BACK!" I say running around backstage until I stumbled with somebody and hit my head on the hard cold floor.

"Woo Adri, Adri, are you alright?" I look up and I see a familiar pair of green worried eyes.

"URG Harry..." I say putting my hand on my head, I am feeling a little sting of burning at the back.

"Here let me put all of these drinks down and help you up." Harry had eight cups of coffee in two cup holders from Starbucks. Mmm Starbucks.

"Come on Adrienne." He took both of my hands and helped me up, I got dizzy really fast.

"Oh uh Harry... I think I am going to faint." I say looking at my hand full of blood, I can't look at blood and my eye sight getting more fuzzy by the second.

"Woo don't faint Adri, stay with me alright? Don't close your eyes you hear me?" He said picking me up bridal style, I loved when Harry did that, but right now I am just passing out.


"LIAM! LIAM! CALL AN AMBULANCE RIGHT NOW." Harry yelled to Liam and I saw him rushing to his phone.

"Adri? Adri? What happened Harry?" Demi asks.

"She fell and hit her head hard on the floor, she's bleeding. WE NEED THAT AMBULANCE NOW LIAM!"

"I KNOW I AM TALKING TO THEM CALM DOWN MATE." All the screaming is just hurting me more.

"DON'T SCREAM IDIOTS! MY HEAD IS HURTING MORE!" I yell and hit Harry on his chest.

"Good to know you are still awake." Harry says giving me a small kiss on my forehead.

"SSSSS OUCH! Gentle Harry..."

"Sorry love." He says pulling me closer to his chest.

"Adri? Adri? Are you ok?" Demi says looking at me with worry eyes.

"I think so Demi. Urg my head is burning."

"The paramedics are on their way, stay with us Adri ok?" Demi says with a tear running down. I extend my arm and clean it off.

"I'm ok Demi, you don't have to worry, don't cry."

"You look pale Adri and you are bleeding a lot, it doesn't look good."

"Hey I haven't passed out I am still conscious. There is nothing you should worry about." I then feel something wet on my arm, when I look up I see that Harry's nose is red and his eyes are too.

"Harry? Are you crying?"

"No, no, no, I'm not, allergies."

"You don't fool me you know." I say cleaning up the tears and cupping his face on my hand.

"I know I can't. Don't close your eyes ok love? They are on their way." I am sitting across on his lap, and he pulls me closer every time I say something.

"I think I was going to pass out because of the blood Harry. Demi??"

"Yes Adri?"

"Can you get a napkin and clean the blood off my hands, I think that is what is getting me so bad."

"Yes of course."

"Is is still hurting?" Harry asks softly.

"Yeah it stings really bad."

"Why were you running?"

"Niall took my doughnut." He chuckled.

"He will be paying for this don't worry."

"Thanks." I giggled.

"Here, let me see Adri." Demi says coming back with napkins in her hands. I extend my hands to her and she starts cleaning off everything.

"Who is the person that has been hurt?" A tall man in a uniform says running through the door, with four more guys behind him.

"Over here!" Demi says.

"Ok what happened?" He says coming towards me.

"Hand her over young man, he got her." He says to Harry and I know why. He doesn't want me out of his embrace, he wants to make sure I am ok with him.

"Is ok Harry, they have to clean me up." I say looking into his green orbs, he looks at me worried.

"Is ok man, we don't want her hurt anymore than you do. Hand her over to us." Harry gives me a little kiss on my forehead and puts me in the paramedic's arms.

"Good, good, good. Now I see you've been bleeding, let's check your head shall we?" I nod as he puts me on the couch and starts putting my hair away from my face.

-Harry's POV

Niall is going to pay for putting her life in danger. The sight of her bleeding and almost passing out left me shattering with fear. Adri can be the strongest girl I have ever met, but when I took her in my arms she looked fragile and vulnerable.

"Ok, I think it was just a little cut on your forehead sweet heart. The only thing is that you can't go to sleep any time soon, one of us is going to stay here for 2 hours with you ok? Then we will come back and pick him up and check you are still doing ok." The paramedic says to her.

"Ok good, because I have to start working with these guys in a few. They have to look good for the show." She answers with a week smile.

"Ok but no working with sprays or anything that can get into your lungs and make you dizzy ok?"

"I guess you guys have to wear hair gel today." She says looking at me with a playful smile. I go next to her and pull her in a hug. I am so glad she is ok.

"Of course love, don't worry." I say, playing with her hair and the smell of honey comes into my nostrils. She more like my drug now after one year and half.

"Ok Ms. My partner Neal is going to keep an eye on you for two hours ok?" The paramedic says signaling a handsome man with blue eyes. This gets me irritated I can take care of her, they can leave.

"With all do respect Sir, but I can take care of her of just fine. You can go back to emergency duty." I say firmly.

"He will just stay here for two hours Harry. Is only if my head decides to fail on me." Adrienne says taking my hand in her small one, and this gave me comfort. But how is that even at times when she needs comfort, she is the one giving it?

"Fine, but I am not letting you out of my sight either."

"You are so stubborn." She says a little annoyed. 

"I don't care." I say pulling her close to me.

"Is she ok? What happened?" Niall says walking by.

"I am so beating you up Niall!!!" I say standing up and running to him.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHH HELLP!" I hear Niall scream.

"AHh OUCH." Adrienne says. I stood up so quick that I almost forgot I had her in my arms. The paramedic came close in high alert.

"Ah Sorry love, you ok?" I say turning around and checking on her, she nods.

"What were you saying about taking care
of her huh?" Demi says and I just gave her a look, and just shoot after Niall.

I have longer legs than Niall so I grabbed him quick and pinned him to the floor.

"What the hell were you thinking?"

"Sorry mate can you tell me why you have me pinned down to the floor? What happened? What did I do?"

"Your gluttony happened! You made her run after you and she fell, can't you see you almost cost her life?"

"Sorry mate... So what's the lesson here?" He asks and I just want to beat him up so bad, but I know that if I start I won't stop so I just yell at him.


"Fine, fine, calm down mate don't kill me."

"HARRY EDWARD STYLES GET OFF FROM HIM." I hear somebody yell across the corridor and see that is Adri, I follow her orders like a dog follows his master. Is really scary to find out the power she has over me.

"Sorry Adri..." I say walking next to her.

"Are you ok Niall?"

"Yes I am."

"Say you are sorry for heaven's sake Niall!" I say frustrated.

"Harry..." She warns with her small hand squeezing mine with all her strength.

"Sorry Adrienne." Niall says.

"Is ok, but you are not allowed to come close to me when I'm eating." She says and I chuckle to her new rule with Niall.

"Fine..." He says ashamed and walks away.

"And you young man, what were you thinking going after him?"

"He hurt you, I told you he was going to pay."

"I didn't know you were literally thinking about it."

"Yeah I was. But anyways how are you feeling?" I say putting my arm on her shoulder.

"I feel better."

"Do you want me to carry you?" I ask. I know she loves when I pick her up nobody else. Liam tried to picked her up once and she wanted to break free from him in any way that she could. Sometimes is like I am the only allowed to touch her that way.

"Piggy back ride?" She says excited and I bent down.

"Hop in." I say and the biggest smile comes on her face. Her legs wrapped around my waist and I am holding her by her lower thighs, as her arms are holding on to my neck and her face resting on my shoulder.

"Thanks for taking care of me Harry." She says softly to my ear and it gives me goosebumps.

"No problem Adri, I am always here for you."

"I know Harry." I have always love the way my name moves on her lips, I guess that is why every time she calls my name I am running to her like a dog to his master.

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