Vip Pass Forever

Adrienne is persuade by her sister Angie to go to a One Direction concert. She doesn't know which types of passes does her sister has, all that she knows is that she has to go to a concert full of screaming girls. Not recognizing what was really going on, she and her sister get the chance to meet the forever famous band. After meeting the band something happens that they become inseparable friends. Not mentioning that she is now best friends with Demi Lovato. As an addition, Adrienne is a plus size girl. She is not really big, she just has some extra pounds and curves that kill. The thing is that she really doesn't know how much attention she gets with her eyes and killer curves, but Harry Styles does.


5. Chapter 4 Stare at Me

-Dinner Continue...

"So Adrienne? Are you going to give me your phone number so I can meet up with your sister tomorrow?" Niall asked across the table, with his mouth still full of food.

"Oh! I forgot about that."

"Yeah, I would like to see the whole match if you don't mind?"

"Of Course! I would pick up in your hotel at 9:25am? Her game is at 10:15am."

"Mind if I come?" Harry asked next to me. Why are they picking up interest in our family all of the sudden?

"No... actually you all could come. I just have to get a bigger a car." I joked.

"There is no need, we can show up on the field. We have plenty of cars with us all the time." Harry kept saying.

"Actually, I think it would be just Harry and Niall really. The rest of us have plans with the girls, if that's ok with you Adrienne." Zayn said.

"Oh Yes, don't worry. By all means enjoy the time you all have together."

"Then you want us to be ready at what time?" Niall asked again.

"9:20am I would be there at 9:25am" I reassured.

"Deal, Oh! and your phone number?" Niall ask.

"Oh..." I guess I have no option now do I? What happened with the host can't happen again.

"Sure here." I say taking a piece of the napkin.

"Does anybody has a pen?" I ask.

"Here you go Ms." The warrior says handing me his blue pen.

"Thank you." I wrote down the phone number and gave it to Harry. He seemed surprised I didn't gave it to Niall.

"I don't want to be left outside one more time. The host almost didn't let me enter. I'm sorry for being stubborn Harry." I say in a lower voice tone directed just for him, but I guess everybody heard it.

"Don't worry love, I understand." He replied with a small nod, taking the piece of napkin and putting in it inside one of his pockets.

"Oh! Remember the time guys, I don't do late."

"Don't worry I'll make sure they both get up on time Adrienne." Liam said.

"Thanks Liam."

"Hey Adrienne?" Perrie asked.


"What are you studying? You are in Uni right?"

"Yes I am, and I am doing fashion. I am a fashion stylist."

"Oh that's wonderful! Are you working already?"

"Yes I am actually. I have done a lot of things for my best friend Demi and a couple for Anne Hathaway, and right now i am waiting on the approval of a movie director. They are planning to the second movie of "The Devil Wears Prada," have you seen that movie?"

"Yes I have! Like millions of times, and wait a second. Demi Lovato is your best friend?"

"Yes she is, and I am sure she'll kill to meet you."

"Are you joking? She is like my idol." Sometimes is hard to think of Demi like that, but I guess she is in the place to be one. She has gone through some much, she really deserves it.

"We should set up a date so guys can meet Demi, and Demi and I can meet Little Mix, and One Direction of course."

"Absolutely! And Adrienne? Would ever like to work with us? To style Little Mix I mean."


"Yes!! We would love to have you with us!"

"That would be a dream come true."

"Would you like to work with us as well?" Harry says putting his arm on the back of my chair.

"I don't have a lot of experience styling boys, but I am sure I can pull something off. Just to make sure, I work with Rachel Zoe and I am not just working by myself she is the one that helps me get all the designer clothes. She is a designer as well, so it becomes even easier. I think I can tell her what you all have in mind, I am sure she would love that I'll work with you guys in her name."

"Make it a deal then! And if we really like your work we will pay you extra without letting Rachel know." Perrie said.

"I don't think she will like that."

"Then how about I get you with our current stylist? You will be working with her, and if we really like your choices... Maybe you will become permanent."

"I am speechless Perrie, thank you so much!!" I say going over to her side and giving her a hug.

"Then you will have two jobs love." Harry says, as I come back to my seat.


"You will be working with Little Mix and with us One Direction at the same time."

"Guys? Are you really offering me this? You guys haven't even seen my work yet!"

"Pull up one of Demi's outfit that you styled on you phone, I will tell you." Danielle said, and I nodded.

"I styled and did her make up in this one." I say showing her my phone with Demi's picture.

"Oh my! That is gorgeous! You are hired."

"Thank you!"

"I will make sure that our managers contact you Adrienne." Harry says.

"Thanks Harry." I say looking at him. His cheeks were a little bright pink, his green eyes had this glow, and his lips were this plump pink that I really haven't seen anywhere. He was biting it too, nerves or habit? Maybe a bad habit, I do that to when I'm nervous without noticing. I didn't noticed we were staring at each other until somebody cleared their throat.



-Next Day...

The alarm went off at 7:00am, we are girls and we take a lot of time to get ready. I decided to take one of the big shirts that Angie uses to go around from One Direction and through it on. To my surprise it fits perfect, marking my curves with the ripped shorts, I grab my red sunglasses and do a messy pony tail. I am lazy to really dress up today and I don't care what the boys say. I got ready and saw the clock and it was 7:40am, Angie is not out of her bed yet great.

"Wake up Angie!! Come on, you have a game in a few hours." She moaned in complain to me opening her blinds, letting the sunlight come in.

"Come on Angie!, you need to eat breakfast as well. We are also picking up the boys in their hotel..." She snapped out of her bed and ran to the bathroom when I said that. I knew that would help me.

I go downstairs and get just a yogurt for me, and begin cooking some scrabbled eggs for Angie. A half hour later Angie comes down in her uniform.

"Are we really picking up the boys? Or did you used that to get me off bed?" Angie asked, sitting down to eat her breakfast.

"Both." I laugh.

"Awesome!! Those girls are going to be so jealous."

"Come on Angie, don't be like that."

"Is true though. How was last night?"

"it was good, I might have 3 jobs now."

"Why is that?"

"Well you know how I am working for the fashion company now?"

"Yeah.." She said chewing on some toast.

"Well, last night I was offered a job to style both, One Direction and Little Mix."


"I am not Angie, and keep eating. We have to go in a few, I said I was going to pick them up at 9:25am.So chop, chop."

"Is that my one direction shirt?"

"Yes, one of many."

"You like them now don't you?"

"Kinda, they are good and a little weird. But yeah I guess I like them."

"Harry is going to be so happy to see you with that shirt."

"Why do you say Harry and not the whole band?"

"Oh please Adri, you can't be this stupid. I am 13 and I know when a boy is undressing me with his eyes."

"What did you just say Angie?"

"Don't worry big sis, I already took health class. Flash news! I know what sex is." I shook my head, and my face was burning up. She is way younger than me and this seems to be just another topic for her to talk about.

"Shut up and get your shoes, we are going."

"Shut up and get-" She says imitating me in a high pitch voice.

"Angie..." I warn.

"Fine, fine, fine, let's go get our boys."

"Our boys?"

"Yeah! Niall is mine, you can take Harry, but I think he chose you first. Are all of the boys coming?"

"No Angie just Niall and Harry."


"Get your dirty shoes and get in the car."


My phone rang and I knew it was one of the boys. I turn the Bluetooth on from my car and answer the call while I am driving hands free. This is one of the reasons I like my car so much.


"Hi love good morning." Harry...

"Good morning Harry, are you ready to go? I am on my way."

"Yes I am and Niall is too."

"Hi Harry!" Angie yells from the back. She likes to go on the back, she always lays there playing with her new phone.

"You have me on speaker?"

"Yes, you are on my car's speaker. I am driving right know."

"Oh... Hi Angie. How are you today? Ready for you match?"

"I am good thanks, and yes so pumped up!"

"Good that's good. We will see you both in a few alright?"

"Yeah." we answered together.

"Ok get here safe girls."

"We are turning on the light to enter your hotel Harry can you go to the lobby with Niall please?" I ask.

"Yes ma'am."

"Bye Harry."  I hang up the phone and turned into the hotel's drop off area. I get off my car and Angie does too, we head to the lobby and we see a bunch of guards and screaming girls in the lobby. Great... more screaming.

"Hi I'm Adrienne Lockwood. I am here to pick the two boys up." I say to the guards and he nods. I get a few looks from the other girls but I just brush it away. A few minutes later the two boys come out from the elevator and the screams become louder by the minute.

"Hi Adrienne." Harry says pulling me in a hug, forgetting about all of the screaming.

"Happy to see you too Harry." I joke in his arms. MMmm he smells nice.

"I like your outfit, you look sexy, and thanks for the support."

"Yeah well, I kinda like you guys now." He just sexy right? I am not going deaf?

"Good." He replies. I look behind me to find Niall hugging Angie and picking her up in a piggy back ride.

"Hahha I guess we are ready to go?" I say to Harry.

"Yes, after you." He chuckles. I take a second look behind me and see that the guards are holding the fans back.

"Come on guys." I say a bit nervous.

"Don't drop her Niall." Harry says to him.

"I won't mate relax."

We get to my car and Niall walks to the passenger seat up front with my sister.

"Na ha Niall, put her in the back." He nods.

"Nice ride." Harry says jumping into the front passenger seat. I knew Niall would stick next to Angie.

"Thank you."


-In the park.

We get to the park and Angie shoots off running while Niall goes chasing her, I laugh at their behavior.

"So you like football Adrienne?" Harry asks, since we are left alone.

"Emm not that much, I mean I am only here because of Angie."


We then walk side by side to the main park where that game is going to be held. We get a few looks since I am with two members of the most famous band in the world.

"Come on let's sit down." Harry says sitting on a shaded part of the park on the grass. I follow his steps and sit next to him.

"You know, is going to get harder to go out with you guys." I say to Harry.


"We are even getting a bunch of looks right now."

"And? Do you care about what they say?"

"I don't know, I mean I only have to deal with this kind of thing once or twice with Demi."

"I understand, but don't worry nothing is going to happen. Even if they try something on you I'm here." He says putting his arm around my neck and pulling me closer. I giggled to his move on me.

"Good." I say looking at him. We stared to each other one more time like in the dinner, he is indeed attractive. His face was getting closer to mine, his eyes are moving from mine to my lips. I know what he is going to do so snap out and challenge him.

"I'll beat you to Niall and Angie." I say getting up and running to them, I know he is chasing me I hear his heavy footsteps behind me. Before I could run a few more yards to Niall and Angie, Harry grabs me by my waist and stops completely picking me up bridal style. I am laughing to much and so amazed at his strength, he picked me up completely. He was now giving me a small kiss on my cheek. I was holding on to his neck terrified of falling.

"I won't drop you, relax on my neck love ok?" He said giving me another kiss on my cheek. By this time I don't know if I am burning of heat or blushing.

"You are strong." I say.

"Thank you, and here we are but I am not putting you pack on the ground."

"Why? Harry let me down." I say a little annoyed.

"Not until you give me a little kiss."

"Excuse me?"

"Fine, I want a small kiss on my cheek, then I will put you down."

"Harry!" I say punching his chest playfully.

"Nop, kiss me."

"Urg... Fine!" I put my hand on his cheek and gave him a soft kiss on the other one.

"Thank You." He said kneeling down, with me still in his arms. He sat down on the grass and I sitting between his legs. I didn't break free from him I was comfortable in here.

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