Vip Pass Forever

Adrienne is persuade by her sister Angie to go to a One Direction concert. She doesn't know which types of passes does her sister has, all that she knows is that she has to go to a concert full of screaming girls. Not recognizing what was really going on, she and her sister get the chance to meet the forever famous band. After meeting the band something happens that they become inseparable friends. Not mentioning that she is now best friends with Demi Lovato. As an addition, Adrienne is a plus size girl. She is not really big, she just has some extra pounds and curves that kill. The thing is that she really doesn't know how much attention she gets with her eyes and killer curves, but Harry Styles does.


4. Chapter 3 Meeting the Girls

-Adrienne's POV

I got home and took a quick shower. My hair is naturally curly so I just put a little of moose and let the soft waves fall on my shoulder. I decided to wear a floral dress and brown wedge heels, with a denim jacket over it. I really don't like being without sleeves, I feel like my arms are huge.

"MOM! I am heading out to dinner with the boys!" I yell from my room to hers.

"Ok sweet heart! Be safe, don't sleep with any of them."

"Really mom?" I say while she walks towards me from her room. Is not like I have any chance with any of them. I mean, most of them had girlfriends that look like models and here I am looking like a cow.

"Just to make sure sweetie." She says kissing my forehead.

"Don't get in too late alright?"

"Yes mom..." I say grabbing my purse and car keys to jump into my grey Range Rover.


I get to the restaurant and go to the host.

"Hi, I'm Adrienne Lockwood. I am here with the big group of people from the band."

"I'm sorry they are a private party. I can't let you in until they say is ok." You are kidding me! Harry was right, I should've gave him my phone number. What is wrong with me? I begin to look around to see if I can find any face that could recognize, to my luck Liam was heading towards the bathroom.

"LIAM!" He turned to me startled.

"Hey love, you look lovely!" He said looking at me head to toe and giving me a small kiss on the cheek. I know my cheeks were flushing a bit.

"Thank you. Hey can you tell this lady that I am with you guys?"

"Regret not giving Harry your number huh?"

"Liam I-"

"She is with us love, nothing to worry about. Although I thought that one of us gave you her name, so she could come in?" Her faced transformed to fear.

"Emm, Emm, Yes! Oh! Sorry... I couldn't find the paper." LIAR! This girl got me irritated.

"Come with me Adrienne. I'll bring you to our table, so I can go to the toilet." I nodded.

We walked a long corridor and ended up in a private room. In this room, there was only the big table with a bunch of people sitting around it. As I scan around the faces I see the girls, and I saw Harry standing up. His eyes looked a bit worry, and his posture told me he was nervous.

"Hey guys!! Adrienne is here! Take her in, I really need to go pee now." The girls giggled to his expression.

"Hello Adrienne." Harry says kissing me on the kiss.

"Hi..." I say shyly.

"WOW! You look..." He took my hand and gave a turn to look at me completely. I giggled a little.

"Beautiful." He said in awe. I felt my cheeks on fire to his word. I wasn't expecting that, I was expecting pretty or cute.

"T-Thank You." Great... now I was stumbling with my words.

"Leave her alone Harry, you have plenty of girls looking for you." Perrie said walking towards us. I loved Perrie, I am even one of her fans from Little Mix. How could I forget that her boyfriend was Zayn? Harry gave her a look and stayed in his position, not even moving an inch.

"Hey love, I'm Perrie. You must be the famous Adrienne, the boys don't stop talking about you." She said extending her hand out for me to shake.

"Really? I hope is good what they've been saying." I giggled.

"Yes love, they are all in love with you!" I hope she meant personality wise.

"Well Perrie, I am a huge fan of yours. I think your voice is fantastic."

"Thank you so much! I will make sure you meet the rest of 'Little Mix' one day."

"That would be awesome thank you!" I said giving her a hug. When I looked up, I looked to Harry. He seemed happy with the situation of me making Perrie my friend already. Demi Loves 'Little Mix' too, Oh! that reminds me I have to call her tonight.

"Come with me Adrienne, let me present you to Danielle and Eleanor." Shed said pulling me to where everyone else was. 

"Hello, you must be Adrienne?"

"Yes, and you are?" I say shyly.

"I am Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend."

"Nice to meet you Eleanor." She nodded.

"Adrienne right?"


"Oh my! I see why Harry layed his eye-"

"Shh." Harry came behind her and covered her mouth with his hand.

"Having fun girls?" He said letting go of the other girl.

"Of course!" Perrie said.

"I am guessing you are Danielle?" I said, giving Harry a confused look.

"Yes I am." She said fixing up her hair and lips.

"Perrie and Eleanor, would you mind coming to the toilet with me?"

"Sure, we are going to be right out Adrienne."

"Don't worry take your time." I replied.

I make my to the table and see if there is an empty seat. The only empty seat is the one by Harry, but he's been acting weird. I really don't know if I want to sit down next to him.

"You are sitting next to me love, come with me." Harry says startling me, giving me a little push on my lower back to follow him.

God, please help me survive tonight...

A/N: I know this chapter was a bit boring, and short. I promise to kick it up a notch on the next one. Comment Please!! ♥

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