Vip Pass Forever

Adrienne is persuade by her sister Angie to go to a One Direction concert. She doesn't know which types of passes does her sister has, all that she knows is that she has to go to a concert full of screaming girls. Not recognizing what was really going on, she and her sister get the chance to meet the forever famous band. After meeting the band something happens that they become inseparable friends. Not mentioning that she is now best friends with Demi Lovato. As an addition, Adrienne is a plus size girl. She is not really big, she just has some extra pounds and curves that kill. The thing is that she really doesn't know how much attention she gets with her eyes and killer curves, but Harry Styles does.


2. Chapter 1 Horrible Luck

I would thank my mother later for pushing me into this. I really don't want to be in this place. The arena is huge, I like the structure of it, is all modern, clean and very organized. I think that would be the only thing I am going to enjoy from this concert. We got to enter the arena early, before anybody else could. Angie said that our ticket required that we would be at this time in here, which is 3 hours before the show. The merchandise for the boy band was already being pulled up and hanged for display.

"OMG Adrienne!! LOOK, LOOK!"

"What Angie?" I said annoyed.

"These shirts are so cool! Can I please get one?" It was a pale pink shirt with the faces of the five boys.

"How much is it?"

"Emm..." She checked the label.

"Is... $36.00"

"WHAT? 36 bucks just for that shirt? No Angie, you will have to look for something cheaper. Look for a key chain or something small. " This is why these boy bands get so rich, so fast, they still their startruck fan's money.


"If you are here early means that you are either an employee of this arena, a crew member from the band, or a VIP ALL ACCESS MEMBER. VIP ALL ACCESS members please proceed backstage." A guy said through the speakers, and I heard a few screams from every single floor. At least I only heard a few and not a crowd.

"That's our cue Adrienne! Let's go backstage!"

"Woo wait a second Angie! We are all access VIP members?"

"Yes, I didn't want to tell you, because I knew you would pull off a bigger fight with mom and dad. So c'mon let's go Adrienne! Here is your pass. She says handing me one of the neck hanging passes with big bold red letters saying:1D VIP ALL ACCESS.

"Ugh... Mom and Dad are dead after this one." I say putting the pass over my head.

"You overreact Adri."

"Enjoy today little sis, this is the only day I am going to be at your total disposal."

"Stop complaining and move those feet."  She said pulling me through the arena to go backstage.


We entered backstage and all I could see were crew members with headsets, people were passing by us so quick that they could knock any one of us down to the floor. I could see exhaustion and pressure in their faces, this job must be really hard, and by the tasks they have to do? I don't think the pay is that good.

"Adri c'mon! What are you looking at?" Angie said pulling me back to her. We had to make a line to enter through a door, and I guess this is the meet and greet that the VIP pass includes. I wonder how much these tickets costs to the other girls, we were lucky the boys themselves gave them to my dad.

"You know I feel sorry for these girls Angie."

"Why is that?"

"I can only imagine how much these VIP all access tickets costs them, and they are only getting a Hi and Hello from the boys, Oh! and a picture. Think about this, almost maybe 1,000 bucks which is my estimation to this, for 10 minutes and hang around backstage. Having in mind that none of the boys will remember you, because guess what? There are a million girls that do the same." I said sarcastically.

"Shut up Adrienne! Do you want any of these girls to jump on you and kill you by cold blood?" I looked around me and I had 5 girls giving me death looks.

"Sorry girls, I won't say another word." I said looking at them and my sister, doing a zipping gesture to my lips.

"You better keep your mouth shut! I don't want to have any problems here because you like to say whatever comes to mind."

The line was moving in now. We could now see a mini stage set up and the boys on top taking pictures with the girls. The environment at least is not that bad, I am not going deaf yet.

"Don't talk to your big sister like that! Have some respect for the elders." I say, and we both start into laughter. We laughed loud enough to catch the boys attention, without wanting too. They all turned to us and some gave us a 'shut up' look, others just gave us the 'oh! they are having fun there' look.

"Shut up Adri!" Angie said still giggling.

"Your turn Angie, go up!"  She ran to the stage and gave each of them a hug. When they took the picture one of the boys stopped her and asked her something in her ear, this was weird. She nodded a couple of times and I read her lips with my name. What in the world is happening. They pulled her to the side and the same guy talked to security. Then, one of the security guards called my name.

"Ms. Lockwood?"

"Yes?" I say walking towards the guard.

"Follow me with your sister please."

"Is everything ok?" I ask grabbing Angie's hand.

"Yes ma'am, nothing to worry about."


I think Angie must know what is going on, and she doesn't want to tell me as usual.

"Angie? What is going on?"

"I don't know."

"But that guy talked to you! What did he say?"

"Harry just asked for my full name and who were you. I think he remembers that we are his lawyer's daughters."

"Maybe, but why would they puts us aside?"

"I don't know Adri."

"You are being directed into a private club window. Which are the seats you see in the arena that have a closed room with the big windows towards the show." The guard said answering our questions.

"But why? We didn't pay for that." I say.

"I know Ms. Lockwood, is a Mr. Styles request." So that's what he was saying to him in his ear.

"Does Mr. Styles know who we are?"

"Apparently he does Ms. Lockwood."

We keep walking into a private corridor, and see the big elegant wood doors. The body guard opened the third one for us. We walk in and this space is pure luxury. There are drinks, food, snacks, fruit, leather seats looking towards the stage, and a private bathroom. This guy must be joking.

"Are sure this was in Mr. Styles request Sir?" I ask.

"Yes Ms. Lockwood, now enjoy the show."  I nod and say thank you.

"Angie this is a horrible luck."

"Thank you daddy!" She says amazed leaning on the big window.

"Do you think this was dad Angie?"

"Nop, we have seats outside, look." She said showing me the admission tickets.

"Would you like to give it to somebody else? Since we are sitting here now."

"No, because when the show starts I am going outside."


"Because I want to scream and dance with everybody else. You can stay here if you want."

"I don't think so sis. You have to be at my sight all the time."

"There is no need, a guard can be there with her while she is enjoying the show." A deep voice said behind me. When I turn around two of the guys from the band, including the one that talked to my sister were here.

"Excuse me, but I really don't think any of this is necessary. We can go outside and I can keep an eye on her." I say looking at Angie, she was pale and speechless.

"Our treat, please don't reject it." The blond guy said in an Irish accent, walking towards the bowl of fruit.

"I'm sorry, but I am curious. You guys don't even know who we are, and you are giving us all this." I say looking at my surroundings.

"You are wrong love, we know who you are. You are Mr. Lockwood's daughters. We are forever grateful with your father." The curly, tall guy said in a British accent.

"Thank you." I answer.

"On that note I think I can take the offer of a guard looking after my sister. I really don't like all the screaming next to my ears."

"Absolutely." The blond one said, calling one of the guards in.

"Thank you so much, I really don't know how to pay you this." I say a bit ashamed.

"How about your friendship?" The curly one said, which I think is the Mr. Styles.

"Excuse me?" I say in disbelief.

"Would you like to be our friend?" He explained.


"Yes, really!"

"Sure." I say with a big smile, and Angie was about to make her fan girl reaction. I gave her a look so she could calm down before she exploded. She understood.

"The show will start in about half an hour. Mr. Stefen here and I are going to take your little sister shopping for merchandise now, then she would be right back with you until the show starts. When the lights go out, she would be in her assigned seat with the guard. Although you still are going to have your own guard here watching over you." The Irish boy said walking to body guards in.

Angie lost control and jumped to hugged the blondie screaming.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Your welcome love." He answered hugging her back.

"I don't need a guard with me, I am not famous."

"Is not a matter if your are famous or not love, is safety concerns, the arena is sold out today. Do you know how many seats are here? About 8,750 so the guard is staying here, some people already know you are with us. We don't want to run any risks with you, we want to bring you home to your father in one piece." The curly guy said.

"Thank you." I say a little embarrassed.

Oh! I totally forgot, my name is Harry Styles and this is my friend and band mate Niall Horan, which is a little busy with your sister. I'm sorry we didn't introduce ourselves before, I thought you knew who we were." He said extending his hand for me to shake.

"Don't worry, my sister is a fan, she knows who you guys are. I don't know any of you, no offense."

"None taken."

I look to my sister and she is still hooked to Niall's neck.

"Angie! That's enough! Let the poor guy breathe!"

"Don't worry he is used to it by now." Harry chuckled.

"Well I have to go get ready, and Niall is taking your sister shopping for merchandise. Enjoy the show Adrienne."

"Thank you..."

"Harry! Call me Harry."

"Thanks Harry."

"No problem, OH! And don't leave after the show would ya? We are coming back here to chill out. Is that alright with you?"

"Yeah no problem, break a leg guys!"

"Thank You!" The two boys answered.

"Be careful Angie! Call me if you need me!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah..."

"I'm serious Ang!"

"Bye Adri!" She closed the door before I could say anything else.

Boy, what is going on? I think I really have to thank dad when we get home. I will surely be taking Angie to future concerts.

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