Ab Initio

A collection of 13 poems,
a drug for the desolate,
a salve for the disheartened and
a respite for those in anguish . . .


6. 6.A Thought

A Thought

When the chains break,

The links shatter,

The veil implodes,

Everything you hold close leaves you alone . . .


Alone to die, Alone to perish,

Alone to perhaps fragment,

The twisted soul picks up the pieces,

All alone seeking the nemesis. . .


Relationships crack,

The phoenix seems to cry,

The tears have ceased to heal;

It’s finally time to lie . . .


The Burning is now the only way,

To begin anew and find a few,

Reasons to go on and let go,

Those you held close,

Those you held dear,

Actually it’s their fate that breeds in the fear . . .


Thousands have lost everything,

A hundred have gained a dime,

Thoughts are potent shards of soul that can even mime . . .


A thought can win you a game,

A thought can give you pain,

A thought can claim you fame,

A thought can give you shame,

A thought planted well can enable full control,

A thought my friend, Can wager away your soul . . .


But a thought is what I have,

A thought is what I seek,

Forgive me now though I have to cheat . . .


Navigating the mystery forever,

Divine help is bleak;

A positive thought is now a rare feat. . .


It’s in the Darkness now I feed,

The negativity is what I desperately need. . .


It’s the criticism and the comments that keep a poet alive, so please oblige me with your opinion. All reviews positive/negative appreciated.Thanking you in anticipation of your valuable critique.


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