Ab Initio

A collection of 13 poems,
a drug for the desolate,
a salve for the disheartened and
a respite for those in anguish . . .


2. 2.Expectation


Mother of all evil,
Suckler of seven sins,

Cavorting with the devil,
Thou 'art so proficient with pins.

Willingly puncture the soul so bare,
With wicked strokes so deep,

Bleeding distress, emotions creep,
Its hopelessness that we weep,

For sin nurtured under thy loving care.

Giving pleasure before pain,
Indulgence so sweet, insufferable to abstain,

Making hope such a potent bane,
Dying Aslan bore a flowing mane,

Wherein lies his ultimate gain?

Calling her the ultimate sin
Would not be uncalled for my dear

For crossing the river Styx again
Shall drench thy in bloody fear...


It’s the criticism and the comments that keep a poet alive, so please oblige me with your opinion. All reviews positive/negative appreciated.Thanking you in anticipation of your valuable critique.


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