Divided Soul

A dark and gritty character study. Won't elaborate more, because I don't want to spoil the twist at the end!

Cookies for anyone who can figure out the meaning of the twist ending! :P (Look in the title and the dialogue for a clue.)

*Original Idea was not from me, it was from a machinima I really enjoyed, so I added my own spin to it and distilled the story so everyone could understand. Link to original video in description.


3. ...Has An End.


“So that’s why you left?” I asked Edrick, my mind snapping back to the present.

“Wrong.” Edrick murmured, giving himself a tour of the kitchen. “I was used to being ignored my entire life. That was nothing new for me. I didn’t give a damn about some rabid fanboys at some stupid fight club!”

He stopped walking, turning to face me. “After you quit the fight club and got a proper job, you met Anna; got married to her.”

My eyes ticked towards the direction of my bedroom. My heart was in my throat. I prayed that Anna was fine. I didn’t even notice if she was conscious in the bed just now, if she was still breathing….

“You started having a normal life, and that’s when you started ignoring me as well!” Edrick’s eyes blazed with anger and indignation.

“That’s a lie!” I cried. “You have always been my best friend!”

“Don’t be silly,” Edrick disagreed. “Our friendship was based solely on need. You no longer needed me! So why stay?”

I took a step towards Edrick. “Then why did you come back after so many years?”

Edrick laughed. “Because you needed me again, of course! You needed me to help you get your family under control.”

His eyes narrowed at the look of confusion on my face. “Don’t feign ignorance. Whenever you came back from work, Anna was always away. How her clothes always smelt like someone else’s cologne? Those mysterious calls she always has to take, out here on this balcony?”

Edrick paced back and forth. “I could figure out what she was up to, even if you couldn’t. I taught her a lesson, on your behalf.”

Everything fell into place. “Those bruises on her body? She was too scared to tell me who inflicted them. It was you?!” I asked.

Edrick nodded. “You should thank me. You were too weak to even handle your own wife!” He sneered.

“You have no right to touch her!” I yelled. “How dare you? She’s my wife!”

I balled my fists in anger. Edrick noted my posture in amusement. “Finally growing a spine?”

“Get out now, or I’ll call the cops,” I threatened him.

Edrick slowly ran his fingers over the handle of a kitchen knife, sitting in a holder on a countertop beside him. My gaze followed the slow, deliberate movement of his fingers.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. You see, I’m tired, Aricke; tired of seeing you take everything that should be mine. It pained me to do it. I loved Anna as much as you did!” Edrick’s voice trembled with rage and emotion. “It’s about time I took everything back.”

Swifter than my eye could follow, Edrick scooped the knife out of it’s holder and flung it through the air at me. I was anticipating it and ducked. The knife flew past my head and slammed into the wall behind me.

In the next instant, Edrick’s body slammed into mine as he tackled me, knocking the breath out of my body. We crashed to the floor in a tangled heap. Edrick raised his fist to pummel my face, but I raised my knees and slammed them into his stomach first.

He grunted in agony and I used the moment to throw him off myself. We scrambled to our feet and Edrick rushed me again, slugging me in the face. I recoiled and retaliated with a right hook to his face, fueled by my anger at him. I hit him another few times until his foot lashed out and caught me in the solar plexus. I gasped and my vision blurred, and Edrick sent me to the floor again with a powerful backhand. My lip tore from the impact of the blow.

I gasped and wiped the blood from my mouth, getting up. “Stop this madness, Edrick! Spare a thought for my family! Do you really want Corey to grow up without his father?”

Edrick retrieved another knife from the counter. “What can you offer him? He is going to grow up weak and pathetic like you! I could be a better father for him!”

I just lost it at that moment. I wasn’t going to let him take over my family. I charged Edrick, taking him by surprise, grabbing his hand that was holding the knife, and the force of my charge threw him backwards. I kept going, driving him forward, and the two of us crashed through the glass balcony door. Glass shattered and we fell onto the cold stone floor of the balcony.

The two of us had cuts all over our bodies from the crash through the glass door. I broke apart from Edrick, wrenching the knife away from his grasp.

“It-it’s over…Edrick,” I gasped, trying to catch my breath.

He calmly stood up. “You can’t kill me,” he declared.

“No,” I interrupted him. “Everything ends tonight.”

I raised the knife-

Edrick’s eyes widened. “Wait!”

-and drove it into my own chest. Blood spurted out of the wound and splattered all over the floor. I cried out in pain and fell to my knees.

Edrick was horrified. “Y-you knew…”

I slowly nodded while my vision blurred. I knew this time when I fell asleep I wouldn’t wake up again. “I-I’d rather take my own life…than watch you take over my…f-family.”

“You’re a fool!” Edrick’s voice was trembling, his breath short. “What have you done?!”

“…freeing everyone,” was my soft reply.

“Didn’t we promise each other, we wouldn’t die a pathetic death like this?” Edrick whispered to me.

I closed my hands around the handle of the knife, sticking out of my chest like a cruel joke.

“It’s not pathetic. I die, because you made my life worth living.”

 Those were my last words before I pushed the knife deeper into my chest. Blood flowed like a river out of the wound, and I collapsed into a bloody heap, sprawled all over the floor.

The last thing I ever saw was Edrick falling to the floor beside me, his lifeless eyes meeting mine.


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