Divided Soul

A dark and gritty character study. Won't elaborate more, because I don't want to spoil the twist at the end!

Cookies for anyone who can figure out the meaning of the twist ending! :P (Look in the title and the dialogue for a clue.)

*Original Idea was not from me, it was from a machinima I really enjoyed, so I added my own spin to it and distilled the story so everyone could understand. Link to original video in description.


2. Every Beginning...


When I was a boy, I was constantly being bullied by the other kids on the block, for being the smallest and weakest of them. But on that chilly autumn afternoon, another kid I had never seen before, stepped between me and the bullies, and fought them off.

After the bullies ran away, he turned back to me and offered me a hand to help me up. “My name’s Edrick,” he introduced himself, and that was the first time I saw that magnetic look of his.

From that day on, Edrick and I spent almost all our time together. He always had my back. Whenever I was bullied, he would always, somehow, show up, and protect me.

I didn’t have a lot of friends back then, so I would stick to Edrick. Edrick, despite his strength (and he was the better looking one among the two of us to boot), always seemed like the lonely one. Whenever I tried to ask him why, he would brush the question aside.

Edrick and I spent our childhood and teenage years together, and we were inseparable. We were like opposites who’d complement each other. We would sit at the beach and enjoy the wind and the waves; talk the day away as we watched the sun set; and he often stayed over at my house.

Edrick also taught me how to fight and defend myself. “You must never let yourself be weak, or others will take advantage of you,” he lectured me.

As we both grew up, we joined a fighting ring together. We figured it would get us some quick money. As it turned out, I was almost beaten to death several times; but Edrick came to my aid and saved me countless times.

The year or two we spent in the fighting ring both strengthened and soured the friendship between us. I eventually realized that I had had enough of all this fighting, and decided to quit. Edrick left with me, but when our “fans” lamented only my departure from the ring and not his, he was furious. He was obviously the superior fighter, so why did I get all the praise and acknowledgement, while he was ignored?


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