Divided Soul

A dark and gritty character study. Won't elaborate more, because I don't want to spoil the twist at the end!

Cookies for anyone who can figure out the meaning of the twist ending! :P (Look in the title and the dialogue for a clue.)

*Original Idea was not from me, it was from a machinima I really enjoyed, so I added my own spin to it and distilled the story so everyone could understand. Link to original video in description.


4. Epilogue


Anna Paquin was woken by the sound of her son Corey crying. Corey was desperately tugging on her hand, hysterical.

Anna sprang up, hugging Corey and pulling him close to herself. “What’s wrong, baby? What’s wrong?”

Tears were cascading down her face as well.

“I-it’s Daddy…” Corey managed to choke out, his voice a whimper. “In the kitchen…”

Anna frantically looked behind herself at the spot where her husband usually slept on the bed. It was empty.

Anna stood up, still hugging Corey as tight and as protectively as she could. “Did he do anything to you?? What happened?”

Corey was sobbing uncontrollably, so Anna decided to investigate herself. She cautiously stepped out of her bedroom, on alert for any sign of danger to herself or her son. She could see light from the kitchen from the bedroom door.

She turned back to Corey, hushing him. Holding him by his tiny hand, she brought him back to her side of the bed, and tucked him in, making sure he was well covered by the blanket.

“Stay here, okay?” she whispered to Corey. “Mummy will be back in a minute! Stay under the covers!”

Corey nodded, fear written all over his face. Anna gave him a kiss on the cheek, and it took every ounce of willpower she had to pull herself away from him. Anna exited the bedroom, grabbing the nearest item she could find – a TV remote – to use for self-defense. She crept towards the kitchen.

She did not expect the sight that greeted her eyes. The kitchen was trashed; tables overturned, pots and utensils all over the floor, food containers crushed. The glass doors leading to the outdoor balcony on the far side of the kitchen had been smashed, and the chill night wind blew in from the opening.

The wind brought the copper smell of blood to Anna’s nostrils. She ran to the balcony, cutting her feet on broken glass, but the pain didn’t matter to her anymore.

The balcony was covered in blood. The sight disgusted her and she felt like she was about to throw up, at the sight of her husband lying facedown in a pool of his own blood.

There was no other body to be found.


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