Follow your heart

Lexi gets kidnapped by one direction, the number one rule is : No Feelings!! She falls in love with Louis and he falls for her too. They break the rules and love grows but not without their ups and downs.


18. ...

Hello, before I`ll update my new chapter I want to let you read a little some text of `things that stay in Paris`


"I like talking with you but the sky looks really grey, I think it's going to rain soon soo I think I need to go home" I say and give him a sad face. "Well, I will walk with you so we can talk a little bit longer" he says. I smile. He is so nice. We stand up and continue the walk to my home. Five minutes later. "I think you're right, I feel raindrops" Zayn says. "Yeah me too, let's run otherwise we're going to be pretty wet" I say. We run the last end. I open the door and jump inside. Exactly on time because the it starts to rain pretty hard. "Come in, you can stay here till the rain is over" I say. "Thank you Noa" he says and walks inside.
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