Follow your heart

Lexi gets kidnapped by one direction, the number one rule is : No Feelings!! She falls in love with Louis and he falls for her too. They break the rules and love grows but not without their ups and downs.


20. Truth or dare

“Goodmorning beauty” Louis says as he discovers I'm awake.
“Goodmorning handsome” I say back.
After twenty minutes spending talking in bed we dressed ourselves.
Louis needed to do anything so I walk downstairs.
“Hi Niall” I say.
I walk over to him and hugg him.
In front of Niall sits a girl.
“Hi I'm Lexi” I say.
She has beautiful brown hair.
“I'm Ashley, you're Louis girlfriend right?” she asks.
“Yeah, he is upstairs doing something... Probably waking up my brother with his girl” I say.
We all laugh.
Instead Louis wakes up Zayn he wakes up Zayn, his girl, Harry and Liam.
“Lexi, why do you love Louis?” Liam says with his sleepy head.
After everyone is downstairs we sit on the kitchen table.
Harry decided to make pancakes because everyone just love pancakes.
After we ate Zayn asks Perrie, his on night stand to stay a bit longer.
Ashley stayed too.
We all just watched movies all day.
Louis and I decided to go to the MacDonald’s for dinner because after our last movie it was six o'clock.
We ordered all the food in the mcdrive.
After we got home we ate and Zayn and Perrie did the wash.
I look at the clock and it's almost half  past nine.
“Let's play truth or dare” Harry says.
“I love truth or dare” Louis yells.
We go sit in a circle while of bacardi and two bottle's of cola.
Liam would just take a glass with cola as usual.
I grab eights glasses and walk back.
So as usual Liam asked for a glass with cola.
I pour some cola in Liam's glass.
Niall and Zayn wanted a baco but a light one, not with much bacardi.
Perrie and Ashley followed them with a light bacardi.
Louis wanted a bit more as Niall, Zayn, Perrie and Ashley and I took the most with Harry.
“I'll begin, truth or dare to Perrie” Louis says.
“I chose dare” she says.
“Well, I have something’s bad in my mind so you never should've picked dare” he says.
Everyone laugh.
“Okay, come on” she says.
“You have to kiss all the boys and guess who is who” he says.
“And what if its' not okay by Ashley and Lexi?” Perrie asks.
“It's fine by me, I kissed everyone here to” I say.
“It's okay by me” Ashley says.
“Okay than” Perrie says.
Perrie's P.O.V.
“Okay than” I say.
The first boy kissed me.
“This is... Uhm... I guess it's Niall” I say.
“Nope I'm here” he says.
He is in the background.
“I'm Liam” he says.
I kissed Liam.
I was almost forget him.
The second one is Zayn.
I recognize his kiss.
“Zayn” I say.
“You're right babe, you win an extra kiss” he says and kisses me again.
The next one is Harry.
“I felt you curls” I say and laugh.
“Niall, I smell snacks” I say after kissing the fourth boy.
“Louis you're going to be the last and she knows who she kisses but still you have to kiss her” Niall says.
After Louis kissed me we continue.
Lexi's P.O.V.
“Truth or dare to Harry” Perrie says.
“The truth” Harry says.
“If you would gay... Who of the boys would you like?” she asks.
Everyone laughs included Harry.
“I guess I would fall in love with Louis because he's my best friend” Harry says.
“Awh, love you too bro” he says and hugs Harry.
Harry and Louis are best friends, whatever happens.
“Okay, truth or dare to Lexi” he says.
“I think I'm going for dare” I say.
“I dare you to…” he says.
“To drink a little glass vodka” he says.
“Okay, in one time?” I ask.
“Yepp” he says.
I walk to the kitchen and grab a glass and pour some vodka in it.
I walk back.
“Enough Harry?” I ask.
“Yes” he says.
I go sit next to Louis again and take a deep breath.
I drink the glass in one time.
The alcohol burns in to my body.
“Jesus... That is so strong” I say.
“Next one” Niall says.
“Do you want? I pick Niall” I say.
“Truth” he says.
“Would you have an affaire with Perrie or me in a relationship with Ashley without telling her?” I ask.
“No because she wouldn't thrust me anymore and I would hurt her” he says while grabbing Ashley's hand.
“You're a good guy Niall” Perrie says and smiles.
We played truth or dare a little longer and then went to sleep.
I open my eyes and look on my iphone.
It's eight o'clock.
I walk downstairs.
Nobody is awake yet.
I'm wearing my sleep shorts with Louis t-shirt.
I make a latte while I walk upstairs and quickly dress myself.
Louis is still peacefully asleep.
He stretches his arms.
“Morning” he mumbles.
“Did I wake you up?” I ask while brushing my blond hairs.
“No, I woke up by myself” he says.
“I'm going downstairs to my coffee, I'll see you downstairs soon I guess” I say.
“Sure” he says and I walk out off the room.


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