Follow your heart

Lexi gets kidnapped by one direction, the number one rule is : No Feelings!! She falls in love with Louis and he falls for her too. They break the rules and love grows but not without their ups and downs.


5. Smoke and fifa

“Lexx... Do you know where my cigarettes are?” Zayn asks.
“I don't know but I'm coming downstairs in a minute” I say.
Zayn walks downstairs.
I grab his cigarettes.
I really can't steel them.
That makes me feel bad.
I pack my clothes and dress up.
I brush my blond hairs.
I walk downstairs.
“Zayn, I found your cigarettes” I scream and run downstairs.
“Thanks” he says and kiss my forehead.
“ Let's play Fifa, I saw that you have that game” I say and smile.
“Okay but I want to smoke first” he says.
“Me too... If you can smoke, I can” I say.
“Okay, smoke inside then?” he asks.
Zayn lights a cigarette for me and then for himself.
I start the game and grab the controllers.
After we played the whole day Fifa and smoked a bit the boys were coming home.
“Iew, Zayn you can't smoke inside” Liam screams.
“Sorry but I did too, don't judge him” I scream.
“Lexi, your horrible” Louis says.
“I'm sorry” I scream.
“You played Fifa? I like you, why didn't you played it with me, I'm the king” Niall says.
“We can play sometimes, I like Fifa” I say and smile.
“Lexi, can I talk to you?” Louis asks.
“Yeah sure” I say.
I walk upstairs with Louis.
“So whatsupp?” I ask.
“I really don't want that you smoke” Louis says.
“I'm sorry babe, I will never do it again, promise you” I say.
“Okay” he says.
I kiss him.

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