Follow your heart

Lexi gets kidnapped by one direction, the number one rule is : No Feelings!! She falls in love with Louis and he falls for her too. They break the rules and love grows but not without their ups and downs.


14. Movie and a little too much bacardi

I'm wearing a sweater of Louis which was lying in the house.
I'm wearing my own sweatpants.
Louis was wearing sweatpants to but no sweater or shirt.
It is really sexy.
“Babe, which movie do you like to see?” he asks.
“I saw on the internet that Safe haven a beautiful movie is so can we see Safe haven?” I ask.
The boys their Xbox stands next to the Tv.
On the Xbox there is an app or something so you can watch movies free.
“Found it” he says.
“How long takes downloading?” I ask.
“Ten minutes, we can go to the kitchen and look if there i popcorn or chips” he says.
“Okay” I say
We walk out of the game and Tv room.
It's like a cinema with a huge couch.
I open the freezer.
“I found ice babe” I say.
“I found cookies” he says.
I grab two spoons and two bowls.
“Got everything babe?” he asks.
“Yes” I answer.
We walk upstairs and the movie is already downloaded.
Louis goes sit while I lie on his chest.
He starts the movie.
It goes about a woman named Erin Tierney.
In a fight with her alcoholic husband Kevin Tierney she decided to run away but he is a police detective in Boston and would do anything to get Erin back.
Her old neighbour Mrs Feldman helps her getting out of town.
Erin travels with a bus to Atlanta but by a stop in Southport in North Carolina she decides to stay there.
She befriends her neighbour Jo.
She tells everyone her name is Katie not Erin.
She also meets Alex Wheatley, the manager of a little local store.
He has two children.
Lexie and Josh.
Alex's wife died of cancer and he keeps letters written by her to be given to their children at important moments of their lives.
With Jo's encouragement, Katie and Alex begin a romantic relationship. Lexie immediately accepts Katie, while Josh is initially resistant, believing Katie to be his mother's replacement but eventually accepts her as well. Meanwhile Kevin continues to search for Katie using his authority as a police officer and forges reports that she is a wanted murderer. Upon seeing her picture in the police station. Alex confronts Katie because he is angry and tells her to leave town. He then realizes that he should have given her a chance to explain herself calmly and goes to find her at the ferry dock. She reveals that Kevin has abused her for years and is trying to find her. Alex promises to protect her from her husband no matter what.
Meanwhile Kevin's precinct captain finds out about the forged wanted poster, and also discovers the water bottle Kevin always carries is actually filled with vodka. He suspends Kevin for misuse of police resources and being intoxicated at work. After breaking into Mrs Feldman's home and listening to a phone message that Katie had left for her, Kevin discovers where Katie is hiding and he heads to Southport to confront her.
During the Fourth of July fireworks show, Kevin breaks into Alex's convenience store while he and Josh are away and attacks Katie. Katie hides Lexie in her mother's old office and notices Kevin dousing the store with gasoline. In an attempt to stop him from igniting it, she goes out and tells him that she will return home with him. Katie manages to knock Kevin into the water, but sparks from nearby fireworks land near the store and set it on fire. Alex sees the fire from his boat and rushes to the scene, rescuing Lexie, while Katie finds herself in a physical struggle with Kevin. He takes out his gun and prepares to shoot her; a struggle ensues between them and Katie manages to shoot Kevin, killing him.
The next day, Alex retrieves his wife's letters from the remains of his store and gives Katie the one that his wife had written "To Her" - the woman that Alex would fall in love with. Katie is surprised to learn that Alex's wife is Jo, and that she had been interacting with Jo's ghost, who was guiding Katie to be with Alex. After Katie promises to love Alex and his children, Jo's ghost leaves the corporeal realm, and Katie reunites with her new family.
The movie :
He gives her a letter.
She starts to read it.
To her.
At the end of the letter stands : From Jo.
In real :
I started to cry.
Louis feels his chest getting wet.
“Are you okay” he whispers.
I nodd.
He puts his arms around me.
I start even cry louder.
“Lexi...” he says.
I look into his eyes.
“Why are you crying baby?” he says very gentle.
“They are... So perfect... I want to have kids too... I want to have my own house too... But one thing I know... If were stay together I will get it all” I say and smile.
“Of course babe, Niall would love playing football and Fifa with our son” he says and smile.
“And smoking with Zayn or not?” I ask.
Louis laughs.
“It was a joke but if he smokes, I don't really mind, I would be disappointed but yeah...” I say.
“And what if we get a daughter?” I ask.
“She will be my princess while you are my queen and I will treat her like the best just like I treat you” he says.
“Thanks babe, let's go downstairs, I'm thirsty” I say.
“I will turn the Tv and Xbox off, I will come soon” he says.
I give him a quick kiss and walk downstairs.
I open the refrigerator.
I see some whiskey.
I hate whiskey.
I see some vodka.
I don't like vodka too.
I see some water.
'Don't drink' stand on it.
I open it and smell at it.
I close it again and put it back into the refrigerator.
“Found something?” Louis asks while he walks downstairs.
“I have a question, what is this?” I ask and grab the water bottle.
“Drink it” he says with a cheeky smile.
“Okay...” I say.
I take a little nip and don't really fell something.
I chose to take a bigger nip.
I drink it.
“What is it?” I ask.
“It's just water” he laugh.
“Louis!!!!” I scream.
“Prefer alcohol?” he asks.
“God thank, I tough you would never ask it” I say and wink.
He grabs the Bacardi.
He knows me.
He knows I love a good baco with a little bit too much Bacardi.
“When are we going back? You said tonight but I hoped we could stay here a bit longer” I say.
“Maybe the boys can come over” he says.
“No, I don't have to see Harry's face” I say.
“We can go swim” he says.
“Yeah... I'm going to change, I will bring your things with me too” I say.
I run upstairs.
Grab the two towels I brought with me.
I put my bikini on.
It a strapless top so it's easy to put it on.
I run downstairs.
“Here is your swimming trunk” I say while hand it to him.
He puts his trousers off and stand there is his sexy Calvin Klein short.
He pulls his shirt off.
“I have an idea” I say and smile a naughty smile.
“You don't need anything” I say.
I take his hand and run to the pool.
“How warm is it?” I ask.
“I guess 40°c just like a Jacuzzi” he answers.
“Undress yourself and jump into the pool” I say.
“Why?” he asks.
“Were going to swim naked, need help?” I ask.
Without waiting for an answer I pull his boxers off and click my top off.
I pull my undie down and jump into the pool on the same time as Louis.
“It's hot” I say and try to swim away from Louis.
He see's I try to swim away so he swims after me.
Before I know it a strong hand grabs my leg.
I sink a bit under water.
I turn around and see Louis smiles.
“I love you so much” I say and kiss him while putting my legs around him.
The swimming pool isn't that big and isn't that deep.
“You're hot” he says.
He kisses my neck.
A little moan escapes from my mouth which make Louis laugh.
“You're teasing me” I say.
“No I'm not... Now I'm teasing” he says.
His fingers walk up and down by my clit.
“Lou, stop” I say.
“What’s wrong babe?” he asks.
“Stop teasing” I say.
Out of nowhere his fingers enters me.
I let a little scream out followed by a moan.
I dug my nails in his back.
“Relax babe” he says.
“I wasn't prepared” I say while his fingers slowly goes up and down, in and out.
“I know” he says and stops.
“You're so mean” I say.
“I know” he says.
He gently puts his lips on mine.
“I love you so much Lexi” he says.
I look into his eyes.
He really means it.
“But I'll always love you more” I say and kiss him.
“Babe, do you want some more bacardi?” he asks after a while.
“Yeah thanks” I say.
He swims to the side and pour some bacardi in my glass.
He turns around and give me a wink.
He makes a glass for himself too.
He swims to me again.
“If you’re not drunk after this one you'll never get drunk” he says and laugh.
Well, I was already a bit drunk.
I took a big nip.
I feel the alcohol burning into my body.
I didn't know what Louis has done but I guess it was pure bacardi

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