Follow your heart

Lexi gets kidnapped by one direction, the number one rule is : No Feelings!! She falls in love with Louis and he falls for her too. They break the rules and love grows but not without their ups and downs.


9. Love and sex

Warning : sexual scene!!


“Shh... Be quiet” I hear Liam say.
They are probably going to wake us.
“What do you want to do?” I hear Harry whispering.
“I have ice cold water with ice” Niall says.
I hear Liam and Harry laugh.
I don't hear Zayn.
He is probably still mad at me.
“I want to throw it over them” I hear a familiar voice say.
I recognize Zayn's voice.
He wants revenge.
Okay, before they are throwing water over me I have to stand up before I'm getting wet.
“Goodmorning” I say and try to stand up.
I stand and fall again.
“Aauuww” I scream.
“Shh... What's wrong Lexx?” Zayn asks.
“Yesterday... Louis...” I stutter.
“Did he hurt you?” Liam asks.
“No it's just... We had really... I'm not going to share that with you” I say and blush.
“I know what’s wrong, you had really rough sex and now it hurts” Harry says and laugh.
“You right” I whisper.
“I need to stand up, help me pleas” I say.
The boys helping me to stand up.
“Just wak Lou up” I say.
“As you want” Harry says and throw the ice cold water over Louis.
“Dude, what the fack” Louis screams.
I throw the towel that Niall grabbed to Louis.
“We will let you alone, Louis hold her” Liam says.
Louis holds me and the boys are walking downstairs.
“Are you okay?” Louis asks.
“It hurts, yesterday was... A bit too rough” I say and smile.
“I'm sorry babe, we can do it again” Louis jokes.
“Louu” I scream and laugh.
Harry's P.O.V.
It's quiet annoying that they are together all the time watching movies, cuddling, kissing, having sex.
I admit I want sex with Lexi too.
I want to kiss Lexi too.
I want to shower with her, cuddle her, watch movie with her.
Am I in love with Lexi.
“Shit” I mumble.
“What is it Bro?” Liam asks.
I can tell him everything but still...
This can't I share with him, can I?
“Hazza?” Liam asks.
“Yeah, what?” I ask.
“You said shit” he says.
“Oow haha, no I just thought about something” I say and try to fake a laugh.
Lexi's P.O.V.
“Louu... Where the fack are my clothes” I scream from the shower.
“Earlier I said that we can do it again, this is a good moment” he says.
“Louis, I don't want sex right now, it still hurts and...” I say.
“But I know you can't resist me” he says with a playfully smile.
“The boys will hear us” I say.
Louis comes closer and give me a hug.
I feel my bra fall on the ground.
“Louis, stop it” I say and laugh.
“I can resist you but can you resist me?” Louis asks.
“You know the answer is no” I say.
“Still, I want to check it” Louis says.
He gently pushes me up against the wall and his hand disappears into my undies.
“No Louis, I really can't resist some... Fingers!!!” the last word I almost scream followed by moans.
“Lexi, behave” Louis jokes while adding speed.
“Loouuiiss!!!” I scream.
“Lexi, shh, the boys can hear you... they will know I finger you” he says.
On the way he says that making me moan louder.
“Louis its... Your fucking own... Fault” I say.
On the way I say it makes Louis laugh.
“Louis I... Your stone hard... You can't resist me moaning” I say and l moan again.
This time express for Louis too.
“My hand is getting tired... We can use my lower parts” Louis says.
“We have a beautiful wet bed” I say and laugh while Louis puts his fingers for the last time in and out.
“You did that pretty good” I say.
“I know what you like with your wet pussy” Louis jokes.
“Louis, shut up and just... Do it” I say.
Louis who isn't wearing more that his boxer lies next to me.
“You came ready when I were you fingering, weren't you?” Louis asks.
“Louis just pull your boxer off and take me right now pleas” I say.
“I really didn't know this side of you, you look like the horny Lexi I didn't know before” Louis says.
“Maybe because you made me horny, come on Lou” I say.
He pulls his boxers off and starts really slow.
“Not as hard as yesterday” I beg him.
“I liked how you were screaming and having pain and pleasure one the same time” Louis says.
“Let's take a short break” Louis says and stops after fifteen minutes of sex.
He has a point.
I really needed to catch my breath.
“You really need to give me a blowjob sometime” Louis says.
“I never gave anyone a blowjob before” I say.
“Who was there before me?” Louis asks.
“Someone who I deleted from my life so if you want to excuse me I'm going to dress myself up or we continue where we were” I say.
“Okay sorry for asking” he says.
“Go stand” I say.
“Okay but...” Louis says.
“Shut up” I say.
I kneel down and look at Louis' huge erection.
I don't wait for a sec and start licking his erection.
His hands goes through my hair.
“Lexii...” Louis moans.
I stop for a sec to say something.
“Now you feel how I feel when you sweet fingers went inside me” I say on a horny way.
I continue licking.
“You naughty girl” Louis screams.
“Need a break? Want to finger me again?” I ask.
“Well actually my fingers have had their rest now” Louis says playfully.
“I never taught that you would give me such a great pleasure but I like the way how you can finger me and making me so fucking wet” I say.
Louis gently pushing me up against the wall and I expected him to finger me but instead of his two sexy fingers he carries me to the bed.
“Were going to play a game and you're the dog” he says.
He wants doggy style.
Doggy style was something that I liked.
Fingering was the best thing and I guess for boys having an blowjob is the best thing.
What the hell am I thinking.
It's crazy to think like this.
“You like fingering the most, don't you?” Louis asks.
“Yeahh...” I mumble.
“Baby, you can get what you want” Louis says.
He carries me to the wall and licks his fingers.
“Louis!!” I say and laugh.
“We will go really slow” Louis says.
He know his slowness annoy me.
He laughs.
“Louu...” I say and laugh.
I feel two fingers by my pussy but they don't enter me.
Louis is playing this game pretty good.
I feel three fingers go inside me which made me scream in silent.
Louis laughs.
“Louis, we need to go to...” Harry says while walking inside.
“I'm coming Hazza” Louis says.
Harry walks out of the room.
Lou and I start to laugh loud.
“That was... Your fault Louis” I say.
I laugh again.
“Still want my fingers or finish another time?” Louis asks.
“Do it now, I won't moan” I say.
Louis enters me again and add some speed.
Both of my hands are on my mount.
“I'm almost done” Louis says and laughs his flirty laugh.
A tear escapes from my eye.
“Louis... You make me feel perfect” I say and moan.
As fast as I can I cover my mount again.
He laughs.
“Relax your legs” he says.
“Louuu... It's okay” I say trying to whisper it.
“Stop?” he asks still don't stopping.
“You need to go somewhere” I say.
I'm released I could say that without a moan.
“And we need to explain some things to Harry” Louis says while stopping.
“This was the best morning sex ever” I say and laugh.
I kiss him and start to dress myself up.
“The wall... Pff he gives me great memories” I say and laugh.
“I think my fingers make the memories” Louis says and laugh too.

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