Follow your heart

Lexi gets kidnapped by one direction, the number one rule is : No Feelings!! She falls in love with Louis and he falls for her too. They break the rules and love grows but not without their ups and downs.


21. Leaving you

I grabbed my hot cup latte.
I sit on the couch.
I love watching outside with a cup of warm coffee.
“Hi babe” Louis says while walking downstairs.
“Hi” I say.
“You know... I was thing about our manager and what he told us” he says.
He sit down on the couch in front of me.
He blocks me way to look outside but I didn't mind.
“Yeah and...” I say.
“Maybe we can take a break... Just to get our job back. You can still call us but don't see us any longer, I think it maybe is our best option” he says.
“So you're dumping me?” I ask.
“Well, it's not for forever and we only do it if you want it too” he says.
“Take your job back, I don't care, I'm going to take a shower” I say and want to walk away.
He grabs my wrist so I can't walk away.
“Let me go” I scream.
“Shut up, if you don't like it then we just don't do it” he says.
“You just don't like me anymore” I scream while trying to escape from his grip.
He grabs both of my wrists.
“Calm down” he screams.
“Let me go!!!” I scream.
“What's wrong?” Niall screams while he runs downstairs.
Louis let's my wrists go.,
“Louis is an asshole but I don't mind, I'll leave” I say.
Louis walks upstairs.
I walk to the door and open it.
Goddamn locked.
“Niall, can I have your keys?” I ask him.
He is shocked of what just happened.
“Louis and I are both single again and I wanna go now, can I have your keys” I ask.
“You can go after we talked” he says.
We hear a knock on the door.
Niall opens the door.
She walks inside upstairs.
“Who is she?” I ask.
“No one” Niall lies fast.
“Where do you wanna talk about?” I ask.
We go sit on the kitchen table.
I explain everything.
“I'm sorry but I need to go, I can't stay” I say.
We hear a girl yell.
“Is that the girl?” I ask.
“I guess” Niall answers.
“With who is she?” I ask.
Niall doesn't answer.
I want to walk upstairs.
“She is our...” he says.
I stop to face him.
“Who?” I ask.
“She is our make-up assistant but she has a really bad past and she can talks really good with Louis but I guess they're fighting” Niall says.
“I understand it, I better get going” I say.
“I'll miss you” he says.
“Niall, thanks for everything, I wish you and Ashley the best, tell everyone except Louis that I'm sorry for leaving and that I love them” I say.
Niall hugs me.
I stop hugging Niall and walk to the door.
Without turning around for the last time I open the door.
“Wait, one last thing” he says.
“Here, this are the keys of the beach house, we have a extra car in the garage, it's for emergency's and this is emergency. You have to take it because you have nowhere else to go” he says.
“Thanks Niall, if you want you can call me anytime” I say.
“I will” he says.
I walk to the garage and take the emergency car.
I ride to the beach house.
I park the car in the garage from the beach house.
I walk inside.
It feels so empty.
I feel so alone in such a big house.
I text Niall.
'Thanks for helping me
I plug my iphone is the speaker.
It's a boys house so there is a Xbox, Tv and huge speakers.
My bikini still lies upstairs.
I run upstairs and put my bikini on.
I dance on 'year of summer' and 'star ships’.
A lot more numbers follow and I decide to swim in the inside pool.
I jump into the pool.
The pool is lovely hot.
I hear the music stops and my ringtone starts to play.
I walk out off the pool and grab my towel.
I walk to my phone.
It's Niall.
“Hello, Lexi here” I say.
“Hi...” he says.
“Zayn?” I ask.
“Yeah, I'm sorry but on my number you never would've picked up” he says.
“Your right, what is it?” I ask.
“I wanted to know how you are? Where do you stay?” he asks.
“I'm fine, I'm at the... ehm... ” I stutter.
“You're lying... You know where you are” he says.
“I'm just walking outside” I lie.
“I don't hear cars, birds, wind, people, you're lying again but if you're okay then it's fine by me” he says.
“Thanks for understanding me but I really need to go know” I say.
“Be carfull and if you need me, call me, I just wanted to say I'm a bit scared but I trust you” hessys.
We say goodbye and hung up.
I walk upstairs and take a shower.
After I showered I put on my sweatpants with on of Louis' sweater who was still lying in the closet.
I walked downstairs for the last time to lock all the doors and then I walk upstairs again and fall asleep.
Louis' P.O.V.
Niall and I faught about where Lexi was.
After I went upstair I grabb my iphone.
I see the picture of me and Lexi.
I feel tears coming into my eyes.
The door slowly opens.
“I'm so sorry of what happend” Niall says.
I start to cry.
Really cry.
“It's going to be okay Lou” he says.
He goes sit next to me and put his hand on my shoulder.
“She's gone... I lost her, this time I lost her for real” I say.
Niall hugs me.
“Louis... It's going to be okay, she can't leave you for forever, she loves you” he says.
I wipe some tears away.
“You could call her” he says.
I grab my iphone and see our picture, I unlock it and click on contacts.
I search for the contact 'Lexi'
I klick on her number.
I hear a beep followed by another beep.
After four more beeps I'm scared of her voicemail but she pickes up.
“Hello, Louis is that you?” she asks.
She sounds really tired.
“Yes, it's me” I say and try to sound happy.
“Why are you calling me?” she asks.
“Well... I... I was just... Are you okay?” I ask.
“Yeah, I was sleeping” she says.
That's why her voice is so sleepy.
“I'm sorry, can we maybe meet and talk soon?” I ask.
“Well, I want to think about it” she says.
“That's greet, I love you” I say.
“Goodnight Louis, love you too” she mumbles.
My eyes are getting watery again.
“Babe?” I say.
Lexi's P.O.V.
I saw Louis was calling me and I just picked up.
We had a simple conversation and I was just wanted to hang up.
“Babe?” he asks.
“Yeah...” I say.
I feel my eyes getting watery.
He probably doesn't care that it is over, he just want to stay 'friends'.
“I miss you” he says.
I could hear off his voice he was crying.
He really cared and he means it.
“I miss you too” I say and start to cry too.
“Babe... Are you crying?” he asks.
His voice is really soft.
“Uhm... Yeah” I mumble.
“Me too, I want you back, my job sucks, I don't care about it anymore because you're my diamond and I wanted to pick up a stone” he says.
He makes me cry even harder.
“I don't know... I need some sleep and time to think” I say.
“That's okay bye me babe” he says.
“Louis... I really miss you but I'm going to sleep know” I say.
“I understand you, sleep well, bye” he says.
“By my Louis” I say and hung up.
I lay my iphone under my pillow again and start to cry even harder.
Louis is my everything... I can't just leave him.
I turn around and fall asleep.
Louis' P.O.V.
I found out where she was with 'find my iphone'.
She was in our beach house.
I didn't know how she get there.
It was tree o'clock.
I only found out because I was missing her too much and because I was thinking about her.
Niall was the quiets off all today.
He is usually active and happy but today...
Zayn was quiet too.
I understand them all because it was my fault.
I grabbed the keys of my range rover and klick on the unlock button.
I step in and start the motor.
I see Niall runs outside.
“Why are you going to her?” he asks.
I slowly turned of my motor.
“You know she don't wants you their, she is thinking of what she wants” he says.
“I know but...” I say.
“Just stay home pleas” he says.
“But I really can't live without her” I say.
“Can I come with you?” he asks.
“Sure” I say.
Niall sits next to me and I ride to the beach house.
The hole ride nobody say something.
I park my car for the house and step out of my car.
Niall steps out too.
“How late is it?” he asks.
“Uhm, half past six” I say.
Lexi's P.O.V.
I couldn't sleep because I was thinking of Louis.
It's almost half past six and I hear a car.
I slowly walked to the window and saw Louis' car.
“How late is it?” I hear Niall ask.
“Uhm, half past six” Louis answers.
I quickly run upstairs and lie down in bed.
They would probably think I am sleeping.
But what is they would wake me up.
“Shh Niall” Louis says.
“I'm looking for food” Niall says.
I think Louis mumbles something because then I heared Niall speek again.
“It's not only for me but Lexi need some breakfast and you need to eat to, you didn't eat after your break-up at all” Niall says.
“I know but... I am nothing without her, she is my everything and I love her so much” Louis says.
“Lou, go upstairs and wake her up, tell her you her for her, how much you love her and that you can't live without her, you can say all of that to yourself or me or one of the other boys but she is the one you should tell it and if you don't want to wake her up, go take a sleep than because you're a... Really tired” Niall says.
Niall... You make it really hard for me.
I want to forgive him but he really broke my heart.
But he is here, in the morning, didn't ate, didn't slept, all for me.
I hear footsteps walk upstairs.
I close my eyes like I'm sleeping.
I slowly breath in and out.
He grabs the little chair from the corner and goes sit on it.
He softly strokes my hair.
“I love you so much” he whispers.
“I can't live without you, I should tell this to you when you're awake but I don't want to wake you up. You're so cute when you're sleeping. You're my everything” he says.
I hear a soft tear falling on my bed.
I hear him cry.
With his hands he covers his face.
I slowly sit up.
“Louis” I say.
He looks up.
I hug him and go sit on his lap.
“I love you so much” I say.
“I... I...” he stutters.
“I know you miss me and love me, I've heared everything, the conversation with Niall, when you were stroking my hair” I say.
He hugs me tighter while he start to cry a little bit more.
“Louis... It's going to be okay” I say.
I slowly stop the hug and wipe some tears away.
“I love you” I whisper and kiss him.
He kisses me softly back.
I stop the kiss.
“You know... Even you broke my heart but everytime I kiss you it still skips a beat” I say.
“I'm so sorry, were ment to be, we can't live without each other” he says.
“You know... You're so totally right” I say.
I stand up and grab his hand.
“We should go downstairs to Niall” I say.
Louis gives me a weird look and then lifts me up over his shoulder.
“O my gosh... Louis” I say and laugh.
“Yeah, hello too” Niall says.
“Hi Niall” I say.
Louis sets me on the ground again.
“You're okay again?” he asks.
“Yeah, he told me everything he told you before” I say.
“You heared it?” they both ask.
“I was drinking tea when I heared Lou's car” I say.
“So you went upstairs and act like you were sleeping?” Louis asks.
“Actually I did” I say.
“You're crazy” Niall says and laugh.
“I think we need to punish her Niall” Louis says.
“What are you going to do?” I ask.
Niall grabs my feets and Louis grabs my arms.
“The pool” Louis says.
I laugh and scream.
“Your sweater is going to be wet” I say.
“I don't care, it will be dry soon again” he says and laugh.
“Pleas Louis” I say.
“Too late” Niall says and let my feets, Louis let my hands go and there I lie, soaking wet in the pool.
I pull my trouwsers off and my shirt and lie on the edge of the pool.
“Sexy” Louis says.
“Can you help me out?” I ask.
“Sure” Louis say and hand me his hand to pull me up.
Niall slowly steps after Louis and pushes his in the pool too.
I laugh.
“Jump in too Niall” I say.
He jumps into the pool too.
Because Niall's and Louis' clothes were wet to they pulled it of too and I swimmed with two guys in there boxers.
We had really much fun and soon Zayn called.
We explained what happend and he offered to bring dry clothes.
Niall was showering.
We sat on the floor for the fire until we heared a doorbell.
Louis opened the door.


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