Follow your heart

Lexi gets kidnapped by one direction, the number one rule is : No Feelings!! She falls in love with Louis and he falls for her too. They break the rules and love grows but not without their ups and downs.


8. Kissing other people

Warning : sexual scene!!


“Fack you Louis!!!!” I hear my brother screams.
“I can't help it, I'm so sorry Zayn, I would never want to hurt Lexi” Louis says.
I walk downstairs.
“Hello boys” I say and try to smile.
“Sit down pleas” I ask.
I go sit between them.
“And now fucking tell me what there is!!” I say.
“Louis kissed another girl” Zayn says.
“You too Lexi” Louis says.
“I didn't kiss him, it was more like raping or something, that guy was drunk” I say.
“I was facking drunken too and I'm sorry” Louis says.
“I fucking don't care!!! JUST SHUT UP” I scream.
Louis and Zayn are looking with big eyes.
I stand up and walk to the kitchen.
“What's wrong with you?” Zayn asks with a mad voice.
“First you guys fucking kidnap me but I don't care, than after weeks my boyfriend has kissed another girl and...” I stop with talking and take a deep breath.
I walk upstairs and dress me up.
I walk downstairs to the door.
“Where the fack are you going to?” Louis yells.
“I don't know” I say.
I walk outside and slam the door.
I run across the street.
After walking and walking I find a park.
I walk inside the park and go sit on the bench.
“Can I sit here?” a familiar boy asks.
“Yeah sure” I say.
“You know, I was watching you when you walked inside the park and...” he says.
“Why were you watching me?” I ask while looking at him.
He is so familiar for me.
“I don't know but I have the feeling that I know you” he says.
“Yeah me too, what's your name?” I ask.
“Dylan” he answers.
“Woow, I know you, you were my boyfriend when we were twelve, six year ago” I say and start to smile.
“Oow yeah, I remember when I tried to, yeah you know” he says and laugh.
“You didn't tried, you just asked it and I said no” I say and laugh.
“I still want it” he says.
“I have a boyfriend” I say.
“I don't care” he says and kisses me.
Happily it's just a normal kiss, not a....
Well now it is.
Our toughs are dancing around each other full passion.
“Lexi” I hear a familiar voice says.
I stop the kiss and see my brother running to me.
“Is that your boyfriend?” Dylan asks.
“Nope, my brother” I say.
“You come home with me right now” he says.
“Dylan, I need to go but maybe I will see you again” I say and walk with Zayn to home.
Before we walk out of the park I turn around one last time but Dylan is already disappeared.
We walk inside the house.
“You are a whore” Zayn yells at me.
“I'm not a whore” I say angry back.
Louis come run to me.
“Zayn, the boys had a idea to go to the beach house and give me and Lexi some private time, they waiting for you outside” Louis says.
“Well, I didn't wanted to stay here so god thank” he says and leaves.
“Louis I...” I say.
“I saw it” he says.
“Lou... I never wanted to hurt you or something, I will do everything to make it better” I say.
“Well, you are moaning loud and we`re home alone now and...” he says.
“Okay, I understand what you want, is that everything?” I ask.
“Well, the last times we had sex it was really good and I liked it but we can do it a lot rougher” Louis says while biting his lower lip.
I laugh.
“So you want really rough sex? That's it? I can handle that” I say.
“Really really rough... And I think you can't handle it” Louis says and laugh.
“Maybe we should find it out” I say.
Louis unbutton my shirt and then rips it off.
I take his shirt off too.
As fast as I can I take my trousers and underwear off and Louis too.
I'm a bit scared that it will hurts.
“Kitchen table? Couch? Floor? Bathroom? Bed?” Louis asks while sucking my neck.
A little moan escapes from my mount.
“Just... Bed” I say.
Louis carries me upstairs.
He gently pushes me on the bed and come lie on top of me.
He slowly enters me and goes out again.
“Louis.. This is... Slow... You said you... Wanted rough” I mumble.
Still he goes real slow which is a bit else than I expected my breath is uneven and I like it.
“Oow yeah, I forgot” he says.
You can hear that he jokes and wasn't forget it at all.
Louis goes faster and faster and my breath is really uneven now.
“LOUISS!!!” I scream.
I moan.
I moan again and again.
Sometimes I scream his name.
The other times I moan and I'm still trying to catch my breath too.
It really hurt but I don't show it.
“Are you okay babe?” he asks.
“It hurts but... I love it... I love your way being... So rough” I stutter.
“We can stop if...” Louis says.
“Nooo, I like...  It” I stutter.
I don't admit it but it hurts really.
I moan a bit.
“Can you still.... Handle it??” he asks.
I scrats my nails in his back.
I moan in pleasure again.
“Louu... It hurts... a bit” I say.
“Do you wanna... Stop?” he asks.
“It's your... You wanted it” I say.
He stops and lays down me.
“I have had my revenge” he says.
I try to catch my breath again.
“Are you okay?” Louis asks.
I role so I'm on top of Louis.
“I'm okay” I say.
“I never know this side of you” I say.
“Sure it didn't hurts?” he asks.
“I'm sure” I say and smile.
I don't know how fast things can happen but I know Louis falls asleep immediately.
I role besides him and fall asleep too.


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