Follow your heart

Lexi gets kidnapped by one direction, the number one rule is : No Feelings!! She falls in love with Louis and he falls for her too. They break the rules and love grows but not without their ups and downs.


19. I'm pretty wasted

Louis' P.O.V.
“Can I have a pure vodka pleas?” she asks.
Lexi was already pretty drunk and only wanted more and more.
“Isn't it enough? You still have you baco” I say.
I was pretty drunk too but I can still think clear.
She drinks her shot vodka.
“Where is my baco?” she asks.
I hand her baco and step closer to the bar.
“Can I have a mojito?” I ask.
“Sure” the bartender says.
She hands me the mojito and I pay.
I walk back to Lexi.
“Babe, when do you wanna go home?” I ask.
“Never” she says and laugh.
“A half hour okay?” I ask.
“A half hour? can't we just stay till two o'clock?” she asks.
“Babe, it's already three o'clock” I say.
“I'll have one more drink and then we can go” she says.
Her baco is empty.
My mojito is half-empty.
I take a nip.
I see Lexi walking back.
“You like tequila right?” she asks.
She can barely stand on her heels.
“Yes thanks” I say.
I first drink my tequila and then my mojito.
I called a taxi to go home.
Lexi wanted to stay but she was so drunk that I could take her to the taxi.
I open the door for her and she steps in.
I go sit next to her.
I tell the taxi where to go.
Lexi lies with her head on my lap.
“Are you okay babe?” I ask.
“I feel... Everything spins and I... I don't know” she says.
“You're drunk babe, you will be okay” I tell her.
I stroke her hair.
“Is there anybody home?” she asks.
“Zayn with is one night stand and Niall with his one night stand” I answer her.
“Harry and Liam are still in the club” I say.
“Hmm, okay, and we?” she asks.
“What we? Were going home, yes but I don't get it babe” I say.
“No silly, are were going to have sex tonight just like Zayn and Niall?” she asks.
“What you want but if you're too drunk you're getting a cup of coffee and you're going to lie on the couch and watch Tv” I say.
“But I prefer sex with you than sex on the Tv, it's night you know” she says.
“Babe, relax, everything will be fine” I say.
“Okay” she answers me.
We went inside the house.
She kicked her heels off.
“Louis” she says.
“What is it babe?” I ask.
“I'm tired” she says.
“Let's go upstairs” I say.
“Can you carry me?” she asks.
I lift her up and carry her upstairs.
“Thank you Louis” she says.
Lexi's P.O.V.
“Can you carry me?” I ask.
Louis lifts me up and carries me upstairs.
“Thank you Louis” I say.
He puts me on the ground.
“You're okay babe?” he asks.
“Yeah, only a bit too much alcohol, I'm sorry babe” I say.
“I don't care, you can sleep if you want” he says.
I start to unbutton his t-shirt.
“Maybe sleep together?” I ask.
“I guess you want something else” he says.
“Yes I do” I say and laugh naughty.
“Okay but just simple” he says.
“Deal” I say.
I rip his shirt of and pull his trousers off.
He unlock my belt around my dress and pull it off.
Were now both in our underwear.
I kiss him and he kisses me back.
I feel his hands glide from my neck to my back.
He tries to unlock my bra but he is quite drunk too so it isn't that easy for him.
He finally manage to unlock my bro.
He stops the kiss and gently pushes me in the bed.
He gently lies on top off me.
We hear a loud moan from another room.
I guess it's from Niall's room.
I ignore it and pulls Louis' boxers down.
“Relax, we have all the time” he says while he pulls my undie down too.
“Yeah Louis, we have all the time” I say on a bit irritated voice.
He laughs which makes me laugh too.
“Sure you wanna have... You know... You look really tired” he says.
“I'm never too tired for sex” I say.
I open my eyes.
I look at the clock on the wall and see that it's half past five.
I feel so wasted.
Louis is so peacefully sleeping.
I sit up and step out of bed.
I grab one of Louis' sweaters and grab my undie.
I walk out off the room downstairs.
I walk to the couch and lie on it.
I start to cry.
Not because I'm sad but because I feel so miserable.
That's why I left Louis.
I hear footsteps walking downstairs.
I got sit up and watch the stairs.
“Lexi, are you okay?” a sweet soft voice asks me.
“Yeah of course” I say and wipe the tears away.
“No your not” he says and come sits next to me.
“I'm okay Niall” I say.
“You're feeling ill right, you have a hangover right?” he asks.
“Yeah, I have the feeling I have to throw over” I say.
My throat is burning.
“Do you have too?” he asks.
“Well... ” I say and feel that I really have too.
I run upstairs and Niall follows me.
He holds my hair while I throw everything up.
“Don't drink so much anymore, it's really bad for you” he says.
After everything is out Niall hugg me.
“You really need to be careful with yourself, you're going to shower now while I make tea for you” he says while looking into my eyes.
“I don't want to shower, I'll clean my face and come downstairs” I say.
“Okay, if that is what you want” he says.
“I don't want tea too, I want ice cold water with ice if you want to make that” I say.
“Okay, that's fine, I'll see you downstairs in some minutes” he says.
Niall's P.O.V.
I decided to make two cups of tea and grab some ice and pour some cold water by it.
Tea is always good and I like it too.
I hear footsteps walking downstairs.
“Thank you Niall, you always care about people, you're so nice” she says.
“No thanks, I'll just make sure you're okay” I say.
“Here is your water put I made tea too” I say.
“Thanks” she says.
I drank my tea and she did too.
After she drank her tea she grabbed her glass water and take a little nip.
“You woke up early” I say.
“You too, I have a hangover, I have the right to be awake early” she jokes.
“I just wanted a glass of water” I say.
“Okay” she says.
“I think I'm going to sleep again” I say.
“Wait a minute, I will drink my glass water and walk upstairs with you” she says.
She drinks her glass water and walk with me upstairs.
“Thank you Niall, thank you so much” she says while hugging me.
I walk to my room.
Lexi's P.O.V.
“Thank you Niall, thank you so much" I say while hugging me.
He walks to his room while I open the door to mine.
Louis is still asleep.
I lie next to him and close my eyes.
“Goodmorning beauty” a tired Louis says.
“Morning hottie” I say.
“Don't you have a hangover or something? You sound happy” he says.
“Niall helped me through the night. I woke up and... Yeah... It's okay now” I say.
“I guess you were pretty wasted this night” he says and laughs.
“Yeah... I'm going to shower” I say and stand up.
“Do you want tea of something?” Louis asks.
“Hot chocolate milk pleas” I say.
Louis' P.O.V.
“Hot chocolate milk pleas” she says.
She walks to the bathroom.
I hear the shower and walk downstairs.
I'm wearing my underwear but the boy have seen me in this before so I don't really care.
I look around the room but everyone is still asleep.
I make some water warm and grab the chocolate powder.
Lexi' P.O.V.
I put on my American flagged short with my black shirt.
I walk downstairs and smell my chocolate milk.
“It smells delicious” I say.
“Thanks” Louis says.
He hand me a cup chocolate milk and take one for himself.
We go sit on the couch and I lie on his chest.
I'm still half sitting so I can drink my chocolate milk.
“What do you wanna do today babe?” he asks.
“I don't know, play games with the boys, there are now more girl because Zayn and Niall have there one night stands” I say.
“We will ask them later” he says.


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