Follow your heart

Lexi gets kidnapped by one direction, the number one rule is : No Feelings!! She falls in love with Louis and he falls for her too. They break the rules and love grows but not without their ups and downs.


3. I love your sister bro

A week later. “Lexi, the results are there, I'm in the kitchen” Louis yells upstairs. “I'm coming” I yell. I walk downstairs to Louis in the kitchen. “Where is everyone?” I ask. “They went to an interview with some fans... So we have time alone now” Louis says and wink to me. “I first want to see the results” I say. I turn around to the table. “I already check them, I'm in love with my best friends sister” he says. “Really, Zayn is my brother” I say and smile. I hug Louis. “But because Zayn loves me now as his sister you can love me to, the rules are already broken” I say. Louis lifts me up and put me on the kitchen table. “Louis, wherever this is gonna take us.. not on a kitchen table” I say and laugh. Louis kisses me again and then lifts me up again. “I'm on my way to the bedroom with you, do you like that?” Louis jokes. “A lot” I say and give him a naughty smile. “If your brother would know this... he would kill me” Louis says. I start to laugh. “Forget it and just... kiss me” I say. He does what I say and kisses me. After a few minutes of kisses we're both ready for the next step. I pull Louis shirt and his jeans off. He does the same by me. First my pyjama top and then my pyjama pants. We`re both only wearing underwear. Well, we have both naked chest's. After a minute or something... Louis is thrusting in and out me. I scrats my nails in his back. My breath is really uneven. A moan escapes from my mouth. “Louis I... I think I heard a... A DOOR” I scream because the door opens. Louis and I cover our bodies with a blanket. Louis starts to laugh loud which makes me laugh. “So what happens here?” Zayn says. Zayn’s eyes wide open. “I'm sorry, I didn't know that you were...” Zayn says. “It's okay” Louis says. “I will see you downstairs” Zayn says and walk away. “I love you and I'm going to tell it everyone” Louis says. “If you’re not getting problems” I say and smile. Were in my room so I walk to the closet. I grab some underwear and put in on. “This is the new set you liked” I say and turn around. “Lexi... You're so damn sexy” he says. I grab my sweatpants and a sweater and put it on too. “Ready?” I ask. “Ready” he says. Louis kisses me and walk downstairs with me. “Zaaayynnnn” Louis screams. “What is it?” Zayn asks. He is sitting on the couch with the others. “I love your sister bro” Louis says. Zayn jumps up and hugs me. “I knew you would be my sister, I love you, like brother and sister love” he says. “Zayn... can't breathe” I say. “Oow sorry but I'm just so happy” he says. “Louis, I'm disappointed in you, no feelings was the rule” harry says. “I'm sorry but there is even more than feelings” Louis says. Everyone starts to laugh. “Be right back boys and sister” Zayn says and walk outside. “Be right back too” I say and run after Zayn outside. “What are you doing?” Zayn asks me. “While, I'm going after my brother” I answer. “I was just going to... Uhm” Zayn stutters. “I don't care, can I have one too?” I ask. “You’re not going to say that you smoke do you?” Zayn asks. “Well actually, I do... A lot” I say. Zayn gives me a cigarette too. “I hate it that my little sister is smoking” he says. He takes a cigarette and grab his lighter. He inhales deeply. “Here” he says and gives me the lighter. “Thanks” I say. I try to light my cigarette. It goes good in one time. I inhalate. I blow the smoke out again. “You really smoke, I thought you was lying and that you even couldn't inhalate and would stick or something” Zayn says and laugh. “Well, believe it, I hate smoking, I guess, this is my first time” I say. “You shouldn't smoke, Louis hates it by the way” he says. I want to answer again but then Louis walks into the garden. “You’re not letting her smoke, do you?” Louis asks. “No” Zayn answers. Louis comes closer. I still have smoke in my mount and really can't hold it anymore. I blow it out in Louis face. Zayn starts to laugh. “I'm sorry” I say laughing. “Seriously? You smoke?” Louis asks. “It's my first time” I say. “I was just telling her my idea to stop” Zayn says. “Yes, I'm so proud so I ask if I could try it once” I say. “You're going to stop, so good” Louis says and hugs Zayn. “Thank you” he spells.

I wink back

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