Follow your heart

Lexi gets kidnapped by one direction, the number one rule is : No Feelings!! She falls in love with Louis and he falls for her too. They break the rules and love grows but not without their ups and downs.


12. Going to the beach house

I wake up, stared to dress and walked downstairs.
I looked around in the room and see that Harry is sitting on the kitchen table.
“Morning” I say.
I walk to the refrigerator.
“Goodmorning” Harry mumbles.
He didn't looked at me at all.
I grab the milk and some cornflakes.
I grab a bowl and make some cornflakes with milk.
“How are you?” Harry asks.
“What the fack do you think?” I scream.
“I'm... I'm so sorry Lexi” he says.
I hear footsteps and Louis walks downstairs.
“Goodmorning darling” Louis says while hugging me.
I sit down at the table against Harry.
Louis sits next to me.
“Maybe we could go swim today” Louis says.
“Yeah, good idea, I love swimming” I say and smile.
Harry still hasn't looked at me at all.
After I ate my cornflakes I walked upstairs to get my bikini.
A week ago I guess I went shopping with Louis and bought a bikini too.
It's a dark-blue with white stripped bikini.
I put it on and put a little dress over it.
I liked it.
I put my flip flops on and grab a bag.
I put some towels in it and Louis' swimming trunks.
Louis walks upstairs.
“Got my swimming...” he asks.
I hold it up.
“You're amazing” he says and kiss my cheek.
“I'll wait downstairs” I say and walk downstairs.
Niall comes out of another room.
“Goodmorning Lexi” he says and smiles.
“Hello Niall, your okay?” I ask and smile too.
“You're a good kisser... I feel so bad... Too much alcohol” he says and laugh while his hand went through his hair which is really sexy.
“Ooh boy, walk with me downstairs, I will make some tea for you” I say and walk downstairs followed by Niall.
I make the water warm and grab some English tea.
It's a normal natural tea so it will be good for Niall.
Louis walks downstairs and see Niall.
“Are you okay bro?” he asks and walks to Niall.
“Your nice girl is making some tea for me” he says and smile.
He sounds really tired.
“It's done, here is your tea Niall” I say and give him the tea I made for him.
“Thanks” he mumbles and takes the tea.
“If you need anything, Zayn and Liam are still sleeping but they can help you and Harry is already awake so he can helps you too” I say and give him a smile.
“We will be back at midnight” Louis says.
We walked outside to his range rover.
“At midnight?” I ask.
“Serious? I wanted to make this day special” Louis says with a smile on his face.
“I believe you're serious but what do you want to do?” I ask.
“Were going to the beach house” he says with a smile.
“Lou... The picture's... what did they do with it?” I ask.
“They deleted from the internet” he answers.
“Good” I say and smile.
“So... The beach house you said” I say.
“Yeah...” he says back.
“What are your plans?” I ask.
“I'm taking you to the beach house to have some alone time, we will watch movies, kiss, cuddle, swim in the inside pool, maybe go to the beach to watch sunset and...” he answers.
“Louis... Just being with you makes me happy” I say and smile.
“Thanks” he smiles.
“Louis... What if... I would be pregnant off you?” I ask.
“I don't know, maybe we should keep it then” he mumbles.
After 40 minutes of driving we arrived at the beach house.
“So babe, what do you wanna do first?” he asks when we are inside.
I hug him like a thankful hug.
I look into his sea blue eyes.
“Alexis Adriana Malik... You look so damn innocent... But you aren’t” he says and starts to kiss me.
His hands disappears under my t-shirt.
“So... You want to show me the bed, right?” I ask.
I pull his shirt of and he pulls my shirt off.
“You know... You...” he says.
“Shut up” I say and kiss him.
I unlock Louis' belt.
I feel he unlocks my bra.
I pull my trousers of and so Louis does.
He carries me upstairs and throws me on the bed.
It's comfortable.
Louis lies on top of me.
“Were just like a movie... perfect” Louis says while out perfect hour starts.


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