Follow your heart

Lexi gets kidnapped by one direction, the number one rule is : No Feelings!! She falls in love with Louis and he falls for her too. They break the rules and love grows but not without their ups and downs.


23. Going home again

Warning : sexual scene.
“Zayn!!!” Louis screams.
“Louis!!!” Zayn screams back.
I run to the hall and jump into my brothers arms.
“Zayn” I say and smile.
I see that Louis is hugging Liam and Harry too.
I hugg them too.
“The girls are still in the car, we hoped you would come home with us” Liam says.
“Yeah, I'm okay with it” I say and look at Louis.
“I'm okay with it too” Louis says.
“Call the girls and come inside pleas, Niall is showering” Louis says.
“I will look if he is already finished with showering and dressed” I say and run upstairs.
“Niall...” I say and knock on the door.
“Yeah, what's it” he says.
I slowly open the door.
“Liam, Harry and Zayn are here, they wanted to bring us home” I say.
“Were is Ashley?” he asks.
“In the car with Perrie” I say and smile.
A huge smile appears on his face.
“I'll be ready in five minutes” he says.
“I'll go” I say and walk out off his room.
“Niall is ready in a half hour” I say and laugh.
“That's pretty long but we can wait” Liam says.
“I'll go upstairs” Ashley says.
“Upstairs first door in front of you” Louis' tells her.
She walks upstairs.
After some minutes we hear some moans.
“She definelly moan's louder than you” Zayn says and laugh.
“Shut up... I don't moan that loud and I don't care either” I say and role my eyes.
Ashley and Niall came downstairs a little later.
We went home and Niall and Ashley decided to get some nando's for us.
Well, it was Niall's choose.
At seven o'clock we are all dressed up and went to the club.
Perrie and Ashley were dancing all night long.
Harry and Zayn were talking and laughing.
Liam and Louis were talking and laughing too.
I'm with Niall.
Were at the bar ordering a shot tequila.
We say cheers and drink our shots.
“I'm tired” Niall says.
“Yeah, me too, maybe we should go home” I say.
Niall takes my hand and we walk to his car.
We went to the club with four cars so  it wasn't a problem that we left.
“Louis and I... We a good couple I think” I say.
“Yeah, I love Ashley very much” he says and smile.
“I love you and Ashley too” I say and smile.
“I love Louis too” he says.
“And you don't love me?” I ask.
“Of course I love you” he says and parks his car for the house.
We walk inside the house.
We both walk upstairs.
“Goodnight Adriana” he says.
“Just call me by my first name” I say.
“Goodnight Alexis” he says.
“Now my nickname” I say.
“Goodnight Lexi” he says.
I smile.
I walk to the room of me and Louis and I put my dress off.
My shoes I already put off downstairs.
I walk to Niall's room.
“Niall...” I say and opens his door.
“What’s wrong Lexi?” he asks and stands up.
“I... I...” I say.
He looks into my eyes.
Without thinking I kiss him.
My tongue enters his mount.
He pushes me slowly away.
“What the fuck Lexi...” he says.
“Niall, I want you” I say.
Oow god damn.
I'm with Louis and he is with Ashley.
I can't do this.
“Lexi... You're drunk...” he says.
“I don't care” I say and pull his shirt off.
He sleeps in a sweater and sweatpants.
I sleep in a shortie with a thin t-shirt.
He pulls my t-shirt off too.
I'm drunk so I know why I do so stupid but Niall almost drank nothing.
I pull his sweatpants off with he pulls my shortie and underwear off.
I take Niall's boxers off and he pushes me on the bed.
“Niall” I say and laugh.
“Shh” he says and lies on top of me.
“Do you have a condom?” I ask and look a bit nervous.
“Nope” he says and smiles a naughty smile.
“I guess you're using your pill” he says.
“Everyday” I say.
“Good” he says.
“May I?” he asks.
I nodd and Niall enters me.
I screams.
“I'm sorry, did I hurt you?” he says fast.
“No, keep going” I say.
He enters me again and adds some speed.
“Oow Niall” I scream.
“Shh” he says and smile.
I feel him cum inside me.
“Niall...” I laugh.
“I'm sorry” he says and laugh.
After were done we walk downstairs.
“I'm not really that tired anymore” I say.
“I think the rest will come home soon” he says.
“It's good that were dressed up in our pyjama's” I say and laugh.
“I'll make a baco, do you want one to?” I ask.
“Yeah thanks” Niall mumbles.
“You're feeling guilty right?” I ask.
“Yeah, for Ashley” he says.
“I'm sorry Niall, I feel sorry for Louis too” I say.
The door flies open.
“Hello” Zayn screams.
“Louis, she is here” Zayn screams.
Louis runs inside and hugs me while lifting me up.
I feel guilty.
“I just wanted to go sleep” I say and kiss him.
“I'll come soon” he says and kisses my cheek.
I walk upstairs.
I go lie in my bed and tears stream down my face.
What have I done?
I hate myself.
“Can I talk to you Niall?” Louis asks.
They walk upstairs.
Louis' head appears around the door.
“She sleeps” he says and closes the door half.
I still can see the hall light.
“What did you do when you went home?” Louis asks.
“Well... ” Niall says.
I hear them hitting each other.
I run out off my bed.
“Stop, pleas stop” I cry.
One of them pushes me against the wall still hitting each other.
“STOP” I scream.
They make a kind of turn and one of them pushes me again.
This time into the air.
I fall from the stair and I can't remember what happened.
Louis' P.O.V.
I was beating the shit out off Niall but they we pushed Lexi and she falls from the stairs.
I hit Niall one last time.
He falls on the ground and I run downstairs.
Zayn, Perrie and Liam are sitting around Lexi.
I kneel down next to her.
Harry and Ashley run upstairs.
Perrie calls 9-1-1


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