Follow your heart

Lexi gets kidnapped by one direction, the number one rule is : No Feelings!! She falls in love with Louis and he falls for her too. They break the rules and love grows but not without their ups and downs.


6. Clubbing

We fall on the bed and Louis starts to unbutton my shirt.
Niall walks inside.
“Were leaving in a...” he says.
He cover his eyes and turn around.
“I'm sorry” Niall says.
Louis and I laugh.
“What is it Niall?” I ask.
“In a hour we wanted to go to the club” he says.
“Louis and I will be downstairs in a bit” I say.
“Okay” Niall says and leaves.
“So where were we?” Louis asks and starts to kiss my body.
My neck, my tummy, to my jeans.
“Without clothes you're prettier” Louis says and get a playfully smile on his face.
“I prefer you without clothes too” I say.
“Well, let's remove them” Louis says.
Before I can realize it Louis grabs a condom and we have sex.
This time it's more roughly than the first time.
I moan.
I don't want to but moans just escapes from my mount.
“Louis we... Need to go...” I say.
My breath is really uneven.
“I don't care, I like it here” he says.
“Louissss, were leaving in 10 minutes but if you want to fuck you can do that too, we can hear everything” Harry yells upstairs.
I laugh.
After five minutes Louis and I run downstairs.
“Your cheeks are red miss Tomlinson and your breath is still a bit uneven” Liam jokes.
I poke him.
We get into the cab that we already ordered.
I sit on Louis lap next to Zayn and next to Zayn is Harry and next to Harry is Niall.
The cab is pretty overloaded.
Liam is sitting in the front next to the driver.
“You're quiet Lexi, you weren't a couple of minutes ago, I hear you moan and scream and...” Harry says.
“Harry, you can only heard me if you were in the room and you weren't or outside listening because I don't moan that loud” I say and feel my cheek turn red.
“Aawh, well I wasn't, you just moan loud” Harry says.
My cheeks turn even more red and everyone starts to laugh.
“I moan loud, now happy? I admit it... and about yesterday, yeah me and Louis have sex, problems with it?” I say.
Everybody is quiet.
“That's how I like it, I'm the boss” I say and laugh.
“No you're not you little cheeky blondie” Louis says playfully.
I turn around and kiss Louis.
“Everybody, close your eyes, now” Niall says.
“Guys, do normal, they just are in love” Liam says.
“Liam you understand us” I say.
In five minutes we are there.
Liam pays the driver.
The boys and I walk to the bar.
“Twelve shots and six baco's pleas” Louis says.
“But Lou, I don't...” Liam says.
“Liam, relax, just drink and try it” I say.
“Okay” he says.
We all take a shot and drink it in one time.
The second one is gone in a sec too for me but for the boys...
“You don't drink lots do you?” I ask them.
“Nope” Niall says.
I drink my baco and order a extra shot again.
“Easy girl” I hear a unfamiliar voice says.
“I can handle myself” I say a bit rude.
“Easy, I just wanted a little candy” he says.
“So I'm candy?” I ask.
“Yes you are, can I kiss your sweet candy lips?” he asks.
“I have a boyfriend” he says.
He starts kissing me and carries me outside.
When we were outside I manage to scream something.
“Let me go” I scream.
“No, I want you” he says and starts kissing again.
He is so strong.
Too strong for me.
“Leave my sister alone!!!” Zayn screams.
He lets me go and runs away.
I fall on the ground.
Zayn runs towards me.
I start to cry.
“Shh, it's gonna be okay, shh Lexi shh” he says.
He carries me bridal style and call a cab.
After two minutes there is a cab that takes us home.
“Zayn I... Louis” I stutter.
“Louis is probably okay, just calm now” he says.
“What if Louis saw it and dumps me?” I ask.
“I will talk to him” Zayn says.
“Thank you” I say and fall asleep on his chest.

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