Follow your heart

Lexi gets kidnapped by one direction, the number one rule is : No Feelings!! She falls in love with Louis and he falls for her too. They break the rules and love grows but not without their ups and downs.


26. Alone

Lexi's P.O.V.
I slowly opened my eyes.
I see a blurry person.
His head lies on my bed.
He is sleeping.
As everything is clear again I see it's Louis.
“Mhh” he says.
“Louis?” I ask.
“Lexi...” he says.
“How are you?” he says.
“You were fighting with Niall... You, he... I fall of the stairs” I say.
“I... I'm sorry but we can't go further” I say.
My eyes getting watery.
“Lexi, I forgive you for what you have done with Niall” he says.
“Seriously?” I ask.
“I want to help you trough this time” he says.
“And then dump me” I say.
“Well, you really broke my heart” he says.
“Louis, I don't mind, you don't want to be here, I'm awake now, everything will be fine with me, just find a girl that is good for you and treats you well” I say.
He softly kisses my forehead.
“Still, I'll be always there to support you” he says and leaves the room.
A nurse walk to me.
“You're awake, you can go tonight if you want” she says.
“Is now an option too?” I ask.
She checks me and tells me than to go.
I needed to call her is something was wrong.
I went to the beach house.
I still had their key and I only needed the bathroom and a sleeping room.
I stand for their beach house.
The only point is, this wasn't where I belonged.
I called a cap which brought me to a hotel.
I got some text.
From Nialler :
'You and Louis broke up? It's all my fault, I hate myself, I'm so sorry x'
From Lexi :
To Niall :
'Niall, I'm okay, it doesn't matter, you haven't done anything wrong and we will still be friends xx'
From Liam :
'I'll always be there for you, call me when you need me xx'
From Lexi :
To Liam :
'Thank you Liam, for being such a great friend xx'
From Ashley :
'First I was really mad on you but I forgive you, Niall feels bad because you and Louis broke up, I hope everything will be alright xx'
From Lexi :
To Ashley :
'Tell Niall that I'm perfectly alright, it isn't his fault, I'm happy you aren't mad anymore, thanks xx'
From Louis :
'I'm sorry for how we ended, I hope you will be alright x'
From Lexi :
To Louis :
'I'll be alright, I'm sorry too, if I could do it over I never made the fault which separated us x'
From Zayn :
'Lexi, are you okay? I've almost cried when it was over, were still will see each other right x'
From Lexi :
To Zayn :
'Zayn, I'm alright. Don't cry, we will meet soon x'
From Harry :
'We all will miss you, bye Lexi x'
From Lexi :
To Harry :
'I'll miss you all too, bye xx'
From Perrie :
'You have to be kidding me. You and Louis were perfect together, why in god sake did you break up? Everyone makes faults, I'll miss you, were soon going to drink something okay? love yaa x'
From Lexi :
To Perrie :
'Perrie, it will all be alright, I just made to many, to big mistakes. I broke his heart more than once and now it's just over, we can drink something soon, I'll see you them, love you too z <3'
They really miss me.
I lay my iphone on my nightstand.
When I almost fall asleep I got a call.
“Hello with Lexi” I say.
“Hello with Sophie from the hospital, can you come as quick as possible?” she asks.
“I can be there in a hour” I say.
“That’s good, see you then” she says.
Perrie's P.O.V.
Lexi calls me.
I take up my phone.
“Hee” I say.
“Can you pick me up? I need to go to the hospital” she says.
“Sure, can I take Zayn with me?” I ask.
“Yeah fine” she says.
“Where are you staying?” I ask.
“The Hilton hotel” she says.
“Be there soon” I say and hang-up.
Lexi's P.O.V.
I was scared.
And my stomach hurts.
What would happened.

I sat on my bed waiting for Perrie and Zayn.
I... I didn't know what to think.

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