Follow your heart

Lexi gets kidnapped by one direction, the number one rule is : No Feelings!! She falls in love with Louis and he falls for her too. They break the rules and love grows but not without their ups and downs.


10. Alcohol... You can call it Problem maker too

After were ready we walk downstairs.
“Lexi... You have to come with us” Liam says.
We get into the car and I sit on Louis' lap.
We ride to the house of the manager of One Direction.
Their manager is happy to meet me.
Zayn's little sister.
Then he turn into a serious man.
He opens his laptop and show some pictures.
“They are online” he says.
It are pictures of me and Louis having sex.
“Were they spioning us?” I ask.
“Yeah, that's what we think” the manager says.
“And now?” Louis asks.
“Well, we need to separate you and tell the world it's over and that Zayn's little sister never existed” he says.
A tear role down my cheek.
Without thinking I run outside.
No one's P.O.V.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” Louis screams.
“I want out of the band” Zayn screams.
“I fucking hate you” Louis screams and runs away too.
Followed by Zayn, Harry, Niall and Liam.
Lexi's P.O.V.
It's raining outside.
I start to run and run.
Just run away from everyone.
Two strong hands grab my arms.
“I weren't done with you” A mad voice says.
My face turned into a scared look.
“Oow ewh.. Sorry I tough you were someone else” he says.
“You can let me go then” I say.
He let me go.
He look over my shoulder and screams something.
“A car” he screams.
He lifts me up and try to run away from the car.
He fall so were rolling over the ground.
“Are you okay?” he ask.
“Yeah and you?” I ask.
“Me too” he says and laugh.
Out of the car jumps a cute brown haired boy.
I recognize it's Louis.
“I'm so sorry, did we hurt you? Or your friend?” he asks and looks at the guy who saved me.
“I'm okay but I need to go... I guess you will take care of her” he says and leaves.
Louis carried me in the car and we ride home.
Niall ride this time.
Actually Louis was the only one with a driving licence.
But no one cared.
No one didn’t said a word the whole ride.
We arrived home and everyone was still quiet and upset.
They hated their manager.
I grabbed some other clothes and dried my hair.
That night we drank alcohol... A lot.
“So let's play a game, who wins can get a kiss, on the mount and only Zayn plays for the cheek” I say.
We were all drunk so no one cared.
We stared to play the game but no one actually won.
The boys decided they all could get a kiss.
I kissed Liam first.
He was a bit nervous I guess.
But he was a really good kisser.
The next one was Niall who just kissed good, fast, roughly... But that was because of the alcohol.
“Cheeeerrsss to the freaking weekend!!!!” Niall sings.
Then was it the turn to Harry.
He was a bit shy and nervous.
“Relax Hazza” I say and kiss him.
Harry's P.O.V.
This morning I saw her naked.
And now I can kiss her.
My feelings are getting too much.
Hazza... just kiss her.
So she comes closer.
She smells so nice.
Our lips are touching and our toughs are dancing.
Pff... This is the best kiss I've ever had.
Lexi's P.O.V.
The last kiss is of course for my Louis.
Harry is a really good kisser I admit but a bit too good.
With too much love.
Was he in love with me?
Could he...
Lexi and Harry?
It's Lexi and Louis and no one else.
I don't want Harry.
He is cute and nice to me but I like him as a friend.
Lexi... Back to reality now!!
They will notice.
“Lexi?” Are you okay?” Louis asks.
Everyone looks at me.
“Lou... I want to talk to you” I say.
“Okay” Louis answers and stand up.
We walk upstairs to our room.
“So, what's wrong?” Louis asks.
“Well... I think Harry is in love with me” I say.
Louis starts to laugh.
“Louu, this is serious” I say with a mad voice.
“Ask him, I bet he will say no” he says.
“Yeah, why would he admit it” I say.
“It's ridicules” he says.
“I will prove it. You go downstairs and call Harry upstairs... I swear he will kiss me or something” I say.
“Okay” he says.
“I will film it” I say.
I grab my iphone and places it on the desk.
I hear Harry walk upstairs.
“Hey, Louis said you wanted to talk to me” he says.
“Yeah but wait two seconds, I have to change my top” I say and put it off.
I stand in my bra and feel Harry looks at me.
“You don't mind, right?” I ask.
“Nope” he says.
I laugh a fake laugh.
I grab a sexy shirt with an open back.
I turn around so Harry can look at me.
I put my shirt on.
Harry stand up and walks to me.
“You know I can't resist you, you're so hot” he says and try to kiss me.
I kiss him back.
“You like me, don't you” I ask while playing with his hair.
“I can't help my feelings” he says and starts kissing my neck.
I really can't resist that.
“So you're in love with me?” I ask.
“Yeah, actually I am” he says.
“We need to go downstairs, Louis will notice us” I say serious.
“Us?” Harry asks.
“Yeah, Harry and Lexi” I say.
I feel he's getting an erection.
“Harry...” I say.
“Mhh” he mumble's.
“Hazza you have a...” I say.
“I don't care” he says and holds me tight.
I know he is drunk so alcohol plays a role in this story too but I'm a bit scared that we end up having sex.
He pushes me so I have to step back.
I'm leaning against the wall while Harry's long fingers disappears to my trousers.
“I know you can't resist that” he says and smile playfully.
“No Harry, pleas don't, I have a boyfriend” I say and try to escape.
I feel my trousers is unlocked and Harry's fingers are into my undies.
“Harry” I moan.
I still try to escape but he is too strong.
His fingers go in and out.
He add some speed.
“Harry!!! Stop!!!!” I scream.
A tear roles down my cheek.
It's my own fault I have letting this go so far.
“Harry!!!” I scream.
“Relax” he says and smiles a cheeky smile.
I don't know how I did it but I get the change to hit him in his place.
He falls on the ground.
I close my trousers.
I start to cry and run downstairs.
“What happened? Your cheeks are red and you're crying” Louis says.
“It's my own fault” I say.
Louis hugs me.
His arms are strong so I feel safe.
“What’s happened Lexi, tell me” Louis says.
“Harry... He...” I stutter.
“I will go upstairs to Hazza” Zayn says and walk upstairs.
“Harry... First he kissed me and he admitted that he is in love with me... That was okay but... but then he pushed me... up to the wall and started to... to fin...” I say and start even cry louder.
“Wait!! What? He fingered you?” Louis asks while his eyes widen up.
I nodd.
“That fucking bastard” Louis screams and I hear his anger in his voice.
“I will go upstairs, be right back Lexi” Niall says.
I give him a smile.
“Do you want something to drink Lex?” Liam asks.
“A baco pleas” I say.
“Just make some tea for her” Louis says.
He goes sit on the couch.
I go sit on his lap.
“Are you okay?” he asks.
“I feel... Dirty or something” I mumble.
“How.. Was it?” Louis asks.
“Louis, serious? Can't you say something better? I really don't understand you” I say almost screaming.
“I'm sorry babe but I don't know, maybe you liked it or something” he mumbled.
Liam walks in with three cup of tea's.
“Thanks” I say and grab the cup.
“I've filmed it” I whisper after a long silent.
“Can I see it?” Louis asks.
“Lou... I don't think it's a good idea to see your girl while... You know” I whisper.
“Maybe I can look if you prefer that?” Liam asks.
“Yeah maybe” I mumble and go lie against Louis' chest again.
Zayn's P.O.V.
Would Louis know Lexi was flirting too?
Well that's what Hazza says.
We walked downstairs included Harry.
Downstairs I say Lexi scared a bit when she saw Harry.
Harry kept looking at the ground.
“Maybe you and Liam should do it know” Louis said to Liam.
They walked upstairs.
“So Hazza... What happened between you and my girl?” Louis asks.
“Louis, I'm so so sorry but...” Harry says.
“You were getting a erection just my kissing here so then you decided to finger her against her will in” Louis says.
He tried to keep calm while Niall and I follow their conversation.
“She liked it” Harry almost screams.
“No you liked it and you may think that she had cum because you were fingering her but fingering is her weakest spot and with your fingers she absolutely couldn't resisted it” Louis says almost screaming.
“Louis, I'm fucking sorry” Harry yelled.
Their just felt a silent for like five minutes.
Then we all heard a cry.
It was from upstairs.
I run upstairs.
I was her brother, I couldn't do something else that just run to her.
Louis follow me.
Niall followed to.
Harry even followed.
He never should've followed us but I would've do the same.
We came upstairs.
I saw Liam was carrying her.
Probably because she was too weak to stand on her own legs.
She was crying and he was just trying to calm her.
Niall, Harry and I decided to go downstairs.
Liam and Louis were helping her.
That was okay.
I hope.
What Harry did...
I don't know how she can take it.
First the boy in the park.
Then I called her a whore.
Then she couldn't stand because the sex with Louis.
Then the manager...
I almost forgot him.
Then the almost car accident and the boy who saved her and now Hazza.
I respect her so much.
Lexi's P.O.V.
Seeing the film was horrible.
It really looked like someone was getting raped.
I cried and fought against Harry but he was to strong.
I even moaned like I liked it but I really didn't.
Harry was gone way too far.
I started crying and Liam hugged me.
I barely couldn't stand on my own feets so Liam picked me up like he was carrying me.
I felt safe.
He made me relax.
The boys came and left after a few minutes.
Louis stayed.
Liam putted me on the ground again because Louis definelly wanted to see it.
Liam and I sat on the bed while Louis was watching it.
I heard myself scream again and bite my lip hard.
I tried not to cry again and it worked.
“This is terrible” Louis says after watching the video.
He hugged me and I felt safe again.
Louis and Liam tried to make me laugh again but fast enough I felt asleep.
I was exhausted.
Louis stayed by my side that night while Liam said goodbye and went downstairs.


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