Follow your heart

Lexi gets kidnapped by one direction, the number one rule is : No Feelings!! She falls in love with Louis and he falls for her too. They break the rules and love grows but not without their ups and downs.


15. A long night

Warning : Sexual scene.
I didn't know how Louis and I made it to the bed.
My hair and body wasn't wet so he dried me too I guess.
“Lou... ” I whisper.
“What is it love?” he says while he turns around.
“I can't sleep and I'm a bit bored” I say.
“What do you want to do then babe?” he asks.
“I don't know, cuddle or something” I say.
“Come here babe” he says.
I go lie into his arms.
“Wanted to have some fun?” he asks.
“Well...” I stutter.
“Go lie on your back babe” he says.
I do what he says.
“My turn” he says and gives me al little wink.
He pulls my too off and slips my undies down.
“But Louis... Can you...” I say.
A tear roles down my cheek.
“That hurts Louis, I wasn't prepared” I yell at him.
“Babe you're never prepared, just relax otherwise it hurts” he says while adding some speed.
I love it when he fingered me.
He did it very much because he know how much I liked it.
“LOUISS!!!” I scream.
“Relax, just relax Lexi” he says.
He added some speed while putting a third finger in me.
I moan a bit too loud.
“You're... Perfect” I say.
His fingers go out again and his head is coming closer.
He starts licking my clit.
“Fuck” I moan.
“When is it... your turn?” I ask.
“Right now would be great” he says.
“Go stand” I say.
I kiss him while my hand slips in his boxers.
I kiss him while playing with his balls.
“Stop teasing just give me a blowjob” he says.
“I love to teasing you” I say.
“Come on Lexi” he says.
I kiss him again.
“Okay okay, you win, I will stop teasing you” I say and kneel down on my knees.
“Thanks babe” I say.
I pull his boxers down and look at his erection.
I breath in deeply and takes his dick in my mouth.
I start licking it.
He moans.
I suck his dick hard so he moans loader.
I smile.
Louis breath starts being uneven.
“That feels so... So good you... You bad girl” he moans which makes me laugh.
“Babe...” he mumbles.
“I'm going to cum” he says.
“Can't you just wait for the sex” I ask him.
“I'll try but not going to be mad if I” he says.
“Just cum, I don't mind” I say.
“You're too sweet for me” he says.
I start licking again.
I play a bit with his balls while sucking.
I taste a bit of sperm.
I really didn't mind.
“I'm almost done” I say.
After two minutes I stop.
“Liked it a bit?” I ask.
“Did you? Because I enjoyed a lot” he says.
“Of course I enjoyed too, you did it perfect” I say and kiss him.
“Do you wanna sleep or still want to have sex because I would love to sharing a bed with you without sleeping if you know what I mean” he says.
“Louis... If you want sex, than make me want you” I say.
I feel three fingers enter me.
“Aawh, it hurts” I scream.
“Want sex?” he asks on a naughty way.
“Yes of course, I can't imagine me doing something else” I say and laugh.
His fingers go out again.
“How do I taste?” I joke while Louis licks his fingers.
“I have one finger left, taste yourself” he says.
I laugh while I'm licking his finger.
“How did I taste?” he asks.
“You know... really horny and that tastes well” I say.
Louis grabs my bum a bit surprised and carries me to bed.
He enters me without I even expected it.
I moan but yeah, he is the man, he is the boss.
Even if I would beg him to stop, he would only stops when he wants it.
I love him inside me.
“Don't stop my Louis” I say while my fingers are going through his hair.
My breath is starting to get really uneven.
“Still can handle it babe?” he asks.
“Yeah just... do it fast and rough” I almost scream.
“What you want” he says.
As I asked he did it fast and rough.
He falls on his back next to me.
Were trying to catch breath.
He can catches his breath a lot faster as I can.
“You're okay babe?” he asks.
“I... I feel a bit ill” I say.
“Did you drank much yesterday babe?” he asks.
“I... I don't know, well, it knocked me out completely” I say.
I have the feeling I have to throw up.
I run out of bed to the toilet followed by Louis.
He grabs my hair while all the alcohol of yesterday comes out of my throat.
“Babe...” Louis says.
I started to cry.
I felt so miserable.
“You need to shower right now” Louis says after I puked everything out.
“Can we shower together?” I ask.
He helps me stand up.
“I'll help you” he says.
He starts the shower and go stand beneath it with me.
He washed my hair and my body without even thinking about having sex with me or kissing me of licking me or fingering me.
The only thing he thought about was that his girl felt ill.
After he washed his hair and body fast too he grabbed a towel.
He dries first himself and put on his Calvin Klein underwear with a grey sweatpants and a white t-shirt.
He walks toward me with a towel and hands it too me.
“Dry yourself and pick some clothes, I will make a latte for you” he says.
“Thanks” I mumble.
Louis walks downstairs and makes some coffee for me.
I dry myself and grab my grey sweatpants too.
I grab my with bra and put it on.
Just like Louis I grab a white t-shirt.
It's quite funny.
I walked downstairs.
“Here is your latte” he says and smiles.
“Thanks” I say.
I take the hot glass with latte between my hands to warm them up.
I take a nip off my latte.


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