Follow your heart

Lexi gets kidnapped by one direction, the number one rule is : No Feelings!! She falls in love with Louis and he falls for her too. They break the rules and love grows but not without their ups and downs.


17. A long night... Ends with a fight

I didn't know how we started fight and where it was all about but we stared fighting.
It was a real fight, different than other fights I had with him.
No one's P.O.V.
“Lexi, why didn't you told me?” he yells.
“Because the past hurts and...” she yells back.
“Shut up, Zayn loves you, your his sister. Niall and Liam are just like brother for you too. Harry, he likes you too but the accident... It doesn't matter and I... Your my girlfriend, I love you more than anything else in the world. And you especially should have told Zayn” he screams.
“You may all care about me but maybe if you were a bit more mature than I might have thrust you guys” she yells back.
“So you don't thrust us?” he asks.
“You read my diary... How can I ever thrust you again?” she screams.
“You should have just told me, this isn't normal, it's a fucking miracle your still alive” he screams.
Louis screams at Lexi but he didn't like screaming at her.
His eyes getting watery.
“I never want to see you again, I'm leaving” she says.
She is dressed so she has luck.
She grabs Louis' car keys.
“Lexi, what are you going to do?” Louis asks while running after her.
She jumps into the range rover.
It's actually a too big car for her and she even haven't got her driving license yet.
She starts the motor.
Louis is too late to stop her.
She starts the car and ride away.
Louis feels alone.
It's four o'clock at night so he decides to go inside and call Harry.
He search for his Iphone but then he remembers it's still in the car.
He sees Lexi's Iphone.
He knows her code and calls Harry.
Lexi's P.O.V.
I didn't drove that far away.
I drove to a wood.
In the middle of the wood stands a house.
Her grandma owns the house.
There are horses too.
I park the car right for the house and knock on the door.
I see that my grandma's car isn't there so I decided to leave again but before I reached the car... Everything went black.
Harry's P.O.V.
I really didn't understand why Lexi has left Louis.
We were all worried because she didn't pick up Louis' phone which was lying in the car but 'Find my Iphone' didn't worked too.
She was just disappeared...
Zayn's P.O.V.
After Harry and Louis came back home Lexi wasn't there.
Louis explained what he did, that she left and that she now is disappeared.
I was worried about her.
I didn't know her that long but long enough to know that Louis was more growing up than her because he knows the consequences and she is a stupid young teenager that thinks she can do everything she wants.
I was angry at her for doing this but fucking worried to.
Lexi's P.O.V.
I slowly opened my eyes.
It was dark.
I was still in the woods.
I was lying on the ground and I have a huge headache.
I'm managed to stand up and walk to the car.
It was a miracle that my grandma wasn't home yet.
Something hit my head.
It's hurts so much.
I see Louis' Iphone and call Liam.
“Hello with Liam” he says.
“Hi with Lexi” I say.
I put him on loudspeaker and lay the phone besides me.
I start the car and ride out of the forest.
It's pretty dark and I'm a bit scared.
“Lexi, are you okay?” he asks.
“Yes but I had a black out and lied in the wood for three hours I guess” I say.
“And? Is there something happened? Did you hurt yourself?” he asks.
“I hurted my head... ” I say.
I placed my left hand on my head and back.
“Liam... My head is bleeding, I think I felled on a stone” I say.
“Are you riding now?” he asks.
“Yes, I'm on my way too... I don't know where” I say.
I felt disappointed.
I had nowhere to go.
“Come home pleas, you don't have to see Louis or Harry, I can say I meet with someone and then you have to see no one” he says.
“Okay, I haven't got a choice” I say.
“Pleas ride careful” he says.
“You can still talk to me, you don't have to hung up” he says.
“Okay, I'll stay” he says.
“With who are you calling?” I hear Louis ask.
My eyes wide a bit.
It's his phone of course.
I'm so scared he would recognize his name or number.
“This is Louise, she wanted to come tonight but she wanted to talk to me first” he says.
I'm so happy.
Liam would never betray me.
“Yeah, have fun” Louis says.
I heard he was a bit disappointed.
“Lexi... You broke his heart” Liam says.
“Liam, I'm almost there so I'm going to hang up, open the door for me pleas” I say and hang up before he can even answer.
I walk to the door and ring the bell.
Liam opens the door.
“Go to my room” he says.
I walk upstairs.
“Boys, me and Louise are going to do some things” he screams.
Everyone nodd and Liam follows me upstairs.
I stop a sec seeing Louis' room.
“Come on” Liam says.
I walk to his room.
I go sit on his bed.
He closes the door and go sit next to me.
“Pleas, explain me what happened” he says.
“Louis read my diary, we started a fight, well I started it and I ended it by leaving and then I told him I never wanted to see him anymore. I left with his car to my grandma's house in the wood and there I got a blackout” I say.
“I know your mad at Louis but he is...” he says.
“I don't want to know it” I say.
The door opens.
“Liam I know your with... Lexi?” Niall asks.
“Shhh” Liam shushes Niall.
“But why? I was so scared!! Lexi” Niall says.
“Shh, Louis can't know I'm here” I say.
I stand up.
Liam stands up too.
“Louis has to know, he is crying, he... Lexi, you need to go downstairs, he needs you” Niall says.
“Niall, I know how much you care about Louis but I... I can't” I say.
I start to cry.
“I can't hurt Louis” I say.
“Louis will be fine” Niall says when he sees me cry.
“Niall... You can't lie” I say strong.
“But Lexi...” Niall says.
I push him away.
Not in a mean way or something.
Just to run downstairs.
“I'm sorry Louis” I say.
He sees me and jumps up.
He hugs me tight.
“I'm so sorry” I cry.
I hear Niall and Liam walking downstairs.
“Was she upstairs all the time?” Zayn asks Liam and Niall.
“Babe, don't ever leave me again” Louis says while looking into my eyes.
“Never” I say.
“I will never read your diary again, I'm sorry for that” he says
“I don't care, I'm sorry, I never should have left” I say.
I look into his eyes.
I  kiss him.
“I love you so much” he says.
“I love you too” I say and smile.
Louis lets me go and Zayn hugs me.
“I was scared” he says and hugs me.
“Everything is okay now” I say.
“Here are your keys Lou” I say and hand Louis' his keys.
He gives mine Iphone back and I give his.
“Lexi!!!” Louis says.
“What?” everyone asks.
He shows his Iphone.
I changed his background.
When he unlocks it he sees us, together.
I was in my pink bra and my sweatpants when Louis decided to make a kiss picture.
Everyone laughs.
I walk to Harry who still sits on the couch.
“Harry...” I say.
“Hi” he says.
He didn't even look at me.
“Harry look at me” I say.
He turns his head slowly up to me.
“I'm sorry” he says.
He still didn't look in my eyes.
“Harry, it's okay, look into my eyes pleas” he says.
He looks into my eyes.
“You're sorry, I know that and I accept that, you're my friend Harry” I say and hugg him.
“Thank you” he says and hugs me back.
“Eey Zayn, maybe we still can go out” Niall says.
“Can I come with you?” I ask.
“We wanted a boy night but...” Niall says.
“No pleas, go go. I will be fine if I just can stay here. I'll play Fifa or watch a movie” I say.
“Well, we wanted to find some girls but because Louis and you are together you can come with us too” Niall says.
“I need to change clothes” Louis says.
“Me too, I will walk with you, my dress and heels are still upstairs” I say and follow Louis upstairs.
Zayn disappears into his bathroom while Liam, Niall and Harry are changing clothes too.
“Do I look good?” I ask.
“Yeah” he says.
“Maybe we need to make some rules for tonight. I don't know. Maybe you want that?” I ask.
“I don't have to kiss other girls or something” he says.
“Great because your everything I need” I say and smile.
We walked downstairs.
Zayn called a taxi.


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