Battle For Hogwarts

A boy named Marcus and his best friend George are in their Seventh year at Hogwarts the same as the famous Harry Potter. Marcus was in Ravenclaw and so was George. But the year turns out into a battle involving Lord Voldemort. They must help and stop him reaching Harry...


5. Voldemorts Last Breath

Marcus was inside the Great Hall checking on the girl who was called Heather, they were friends now and Marcus just helped people out inside there. George was on the floor behind rocks outside the hall in the courtyard hurt with three other students the same. He looked down the bridge and saw no Death Eaters, then he fell back down to the ground and his jumper was ripped from hitting stones and sharp parts aswell. Harry came through the doors and walked mumbling stuff to himself, he walked past George and the others ignoring them but hoping they would get help. "I want to go home",A boy said a started to cry. George looked back over the rock and saw Harry half way down the bridge fighting off a bunch of Death Eaters. George then saw that they circled him without shooting back. 

"So your going to the Dark Lord", a Death Eater mumbled, "he will be glad to see you". Harry ignored them and tried to walk faster towards the Forbidden Forest. When he entered the forest he saw behind a little rock a bright light coming out of it, he tried to walk faster again but couldn't his leg was still in pain. Harry eventually caught up with the light that was around the corner. He was very happy to see Lily and James his parents floating around smiling at him. 

"What are you doing here, can only i see you, are you really there",said Harry rushing up the path.

"yes Harry we are here" Lily spoke. "we never left Harry we will always be here for you". Harry turned again to see Remus Lupin as a ghost floating ahead. Harry caught up with him and saw Sirius Black aswell a ghost and here too. 

"Harry you are brave to face him",James smiled. "You are doing the right thing". Harry smiled even more and knew he should hurry.

"I know I'm going to defeat him tonight",Harry yelled. "please stay". The ghost all separated into different directions and vanished, except Lily.

"We will always stay with you Harry". She left aswell and entered his heart where she will be remembered.

Harry saw Voldemort behind a tree with Hagrid tied to another tree that was opposite. Lucius Malfoy  was standing with a bunch of Death Eaters watching and laughing at Hagrid. Harry walked right into there and waited to be seen.

"Harry no", Hagrid squeaked. Then that made Voldemort turn and smile at Harry. Harry kept walking closer to him wondering how it will fell to die. He knew he was brave and could stand the pain.

"Harry Potter come to die, Avada Kedavra",as Voldemort spoke those words Harry saw green flashing light and fell to the ground and shut his eyes.

George woke up inside the Great Hall and saw Marcus and Heather looking right into his eyes smiling.

"You're alive", Marcus screamed. "wow you had a bad accident".

"Accident, that was no accident", George smiled. "wait Harry went to the Forbidden Forest". George sat up quickly and was worrying around the Great Hall. "Harry's gonna  die". George ran out the Great Hall and saw other people already standing their. Marcus and Heather ran after him. Everyone saw Hagrid holding someone.

"Harry",Ginny screamed. Everyone looked at Hagrid. Harry lay in Hagrid's arms with his eyes closed. Then a bunch of Death Eaters appeared and Lord Voldemort stood at front of them all in the middle. Voldemort smiled and thought that he had won. Students were sure Harry wasn't dead, because they know he always had a plan. Students were know worrying even more that Harry hasn't even moved or breathed yet. 

"It's over now step up and join us, the victory side" ,Voldemort called."Aha yes Draco very good". Draco walked up with a wand in his hand. "Now who's this, oh Nevile Longbottom uh OK". Everyone Laughed as Nevile walked up to Voldemort. The Death Eaters stopped laughing when Nevile grabbed the Sorting Hat from the ground.

"Because we lost harry tonight it doesn't mean we lost, it's not over",Nevile argued at Voldemort as he pulled out the Sword Of Gryffindor, he blocked Voldemort's Avada Kedavra cast. Harry threw himself up and went to stop Voldemort, Draco past harry his wand. Harry grabbed it and stood in front of Voldemort waiting to duel.

"Expulso",Harry cast."Protego, Confringo", Harry kept casting at Voldemort trying to finish him off now forever. Voldemort finally stood still a one moment and flew at Harry, Harry ducked but it was to late and he was took up to the top of the castle and Voldemort dropped Harry on the empty attic that had bridges around the top hanging around. Marcus and George watched the hole thing happen before their eyes. Ron and Hermione ran up to follow Harry but was stopped by Voldemort's snake. Marcus and George were stopping the last few remaining Death Eaters from entering the castle and it was down to Harry and Voldemort to finish things off. Fire was thrown at them as the last Death Eaters came walking towards them slowly whilst controlling the fire balls. Marcus ran inside with George and took off into the Great Hall where they sat waiting to hear the end of Harry or Voldemort. Heather came and sat with them listening to the loud sounds of spells firing at the remains of the castle. Harry looked for Voldemort up high above Marcus George and Heather, and saw Voldemort near an broken window that was smashed just now.

"Let's finish this now Tom Riddle",Harry shouted and ran at Voldemort. Harry grabbed his long dark green robes and they fell. together to the ground. They split and fell at different ends of the courtyard. Inside the castle it was so silent of sadness and maybe hope, that everyone heard the clicking sound of Harry and Voldemort's wands click against the ground. Ron and Hermione ran out the castle and turned towards Harry worriedly, they both turned and the snake was leaning at them reading to bounce at them. Nevile came bursting out the doors and cut the head of the snake in half so it fell right off and to the ground. Moments later people were coming to see the last battle. Marcus watched with George and Heather, as Harry stood on his knee's as he held his wand tight and Voldemort clenched the Elder Wand towards his chest hoping he will survive but not showing it. "Expelliarmus",Harry went first.

"Avada Kedavra", Voldemort coughed, from the smoke. The two spells connected moving back and forward towards Harry then at Voldemort. Harry pushed harder and managed to keep the spell at Voldemort's end, Voldemort felt the Elder Wand starting to crack a little and then he stopped, Harry finally pushed the spell with all his might and in a flash the whole spell disappeared, leaving Voldemort falling apart from piece to piece. Everyone cheered and the Elder Wand lay on the ground waiting for Harry. Lucious and Draco left the battle and Voldemort aswell.           




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